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Wellness Hacks: 10 Things I've Started Doing To Increase My Health

I am constantly growing, and evolving - always passionately curious about new things. (It's that Gemini rising sign, I tell you what!) I will forever seek out new ways of doing and understanding things, with a totally open mind of course!

Lately I've been learning a lot of new wellness hacks from podcasts I listen to, and I wanted to take a moment to jot them all down to share with you, and explain why I think they are so important.

Sometimes the littlest adjustments to your day can make the biggest ripple effect!

Wellness Hacks - 10 Things I've Started Doing:

Drink my damn celery (or green) juice.

Celery juicing is the one of the biggest new health trends and green juices to focus on. [Have you read my latest article on Life Goals Mag about my experience with it yet? If not, check it out here!] The benefits range from a reduction in inflammation, healing gut flora, balancing your bodies PH levels, fighting off and killing viruses and pathogens, improved skin, and so much more. It's definitely an acquired taste, but mornings I include celery juice in my routine are mornings I am better focused, I have better control of my appetite and cravings, and I feel more comfortable in my own skin.

Spend the last few minutes of my shower on COLD, especially rinsing the conditioner out with cold water.

Improve circulation, awaken your lymphatic system, rejuvenate your senses, close the pores of your hair follicles - so many benefits! Obviously taking a completely cold shower is not ideal for most people (even though there are TONS of health benefits to it), but I'm trying to incorporate at least a few minutes of it at the end of every shower. I hate nothing more in life than to be cold, so it's really not one of my all time favorite wellness hacks - but I DO always feel better afterwards. You don't have to start out with a full blown cold shower, just start with 1-2 minutes of it and go from there. Sometimes I have no choice because I run out of hot water anyway, ha!

Make better use of and be more productive with my mornings.

They say the most successful people set their mornings up for success. Your morning sets the tone for the entire day, right away when you wake up. Mornings are so underrated and such a powerful tool to help create a fantastic day for ourselves. I've truly never been a morning person at all, but getting up early and having time to myself is really starting to grow on me. Things that are great to incorporate in your morning routine include: meditation, journaling, yoga, other exercise, reading, connecting to spirit, and enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee or adaptogens. On the flip side of things, if you spend your mornings stressfully replying to messages and emails and scrolling through toxic social media platforms, then that is just the kind of day you will have - always one step behind and accompanied by low vibes.

Not drink any liquids at meals.

Better digestion - that's the only reason I'm doing this. I'm sure there are more health benefits associated to not mixing beverages and food items together in your system, but I'm just doing it for the digestive piece. They say drinking while eating can dilute your stomach acid, the same acid needed to break down those items you're eating. I've had a wide range of digestive issues my entire life (and still do) and am willing to try most all things that claim to help to heal it. Not drinking liquids at meals is not intuitively easy for me, I am literally always thirsty, but I'm getting better at it! This one started for me one day when I just simply forgot to bring my water bottle with me to the break room for lunch, and now I purposely leave it at my desk to avoid drinking during meals.

Turn my brain off for even a few minutes a day. (Meditate)

I should really say, learn to meditate - as I'm still an absolute work in progress. I don't know how people do this thing where they just shut their brains off, my brain is literally never quiet. I know that you have to learn, and in order to learn you have to try, so I still give it the occasional go at it and hope for the best results. One things I'm going to start doing is incorporating at least 5-10 minutes of sitting quiet every morning, and see where it can take me from there. Just like with the cold showers (and next on the list with the reading) even just a few minutes a day can be beneficial and a great place to build from. The benefits of meditation are completely endless and I'm really looking to use it as a way to better connect to my highest self, to source energy, and to my spirit guides!

Read more.

I've always been an avid reader since day one, but lately in life so many other things seem to take priority over cozying up with a good book. I have a handful of amazing reads right now that I'm just dying to dive into and I'm trying to get better at reading even for 5-15 minutes per day, just to get my fix in. Reading helps to stimulate your mind, and your imagination too. A good book can take you away, far away, and anywhere you want to be. I strongly believe that reading is good for the soul, and I think it's a good idea to always have a good book on hand. If you don't already have a library card, that's a really good place to start!

CBD right on my face with new skincare routines.

Plant medicine is absolutely the future (as well as the past), and I'm all for not only ingesting plants and their magical powers, but also using their healing effects topically! I've been taking CBD orally for over a year now, and have just started using CBD face creams and oils now too. Two different face creams I use are from Hempworx, and contain collagen and retinol, and the CBD face oil I use is from Herbivore Botanicals. CBD helps to hydrate your skin and calm it from any irritations or redness. The adaptogenic properties of CBD also help fight off the effects of any stressors on our skin too!

Collagen products.

Healthy skin is IN, and the more ways I can add to it I consider the better! Collagen is the main protein in various connective tissues in your body. It is actually the most abundant protein that is found in animals. Collagen has a ton of important functions, such as improving skin health, strengthening bones, boosting muscle mass, promoting heart health, improving hair and nails, improving gut health, brain health, and even weight loss! A lot of collagen products are commonly sourced from beef or from marine life, and come in a powder form that can be mixed into beverages. Take it daily for maximum results!

Not talk poorly about anyone, not even myself. (No judgement zone & no negativity)

Your thoughts quite literally make up every cell of your being. On a physical scale, your cells listen to you and react accordingly. On a mental scale, you represent the 5 people you spend the most time with just as much as you represent the thoughts you think about the most, and words you speak the most. Our thoughts have the power to completely evolve us, change our entire way of thinking, being, and doing. When you are around a lot of low vibe, negative energy vampires, you start to feel and act just like them. When you are around a lot of high vibe, positive light shining souls, you start to smile more, laugh more, and experience higher levels of overall happiness.  It's that simple! I just don't care to lower myself to the low, toxic vibes of talking poorly about others or judging others, or even talking negative about myself! I just don't need those shitty vibes you guys! Bad vibes truly do not go with my outfit. :)

Only have one cup of coffee per day.

I love fucking coffee, plain and simple. It's actually ironic a bit, because I used to be highly against the "stimulating" effects of coffee and used to shame my dad for drinking it - sorry dad! I never even had my first cup of coffee until the middle of college! I remember taking one sip and basically feeling like I did what I imagine a line of cocaine to be like, ha! I have never gone overboard with coffee, and I still believe it has it's own health benefits when you drink good quality organic - but I just wanted to try to reduce my intake and see how I feel. Too much caffeine increases anxiety levels and anxiety is something I've been really trying to stay on top of lately. Not to mention coffee can irritate your digestive system, and I've been trying to have a handle on that lately too!

The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do

However good your health & wellness routine is, I'm sure there are still always ways to improve it! It's a journey, not a race to a destination. We are constantly evolving and learning more about how to better treat and listen to our bodies and what they need. There are always new discoveries and wellness trends popping up and I consider each one a fun new science experiment towards reaching my best self.


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