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A&A Things We Would Do Differently After Full-Time RVing For Two Years

End of Week #106

Moochdocking, Stone Lake WI

Miles traveled since last week's post = 0

Total miles traveled to date = 15,766 with trailer

We are over our 2 year marker, of living in the RV and traveling across the USA. Just like with anything else in life, there are always changes to make over time, new learning curves to adapt to, and things you would probably do differently the more experienced you become.

All in all, there honestly isn't much I would really need to change, because I am a firm believer that things happen the way they are supposed to and that when the time comes for things to be a different way, they will. Of course there are still some things I would like to have done differently, based on the experience I've gained, but I want to preface by saying I do not ultimately think anything is wrong with our current set up, or the way we have been living.

In case you missed the the things we would have done differently after ONE year, you can find the post: here.

A&A Things We Would Have Done Differently After Full-Time RVing For Two Years

Worked more online

The intention to work online was always there, it just never initially worked out exactly how I wanted it to. I always aspired to have my "online work" involve my blog, my social media and direct sales, however it still hasn't taken off in the way I desire, yet! :) Now, this summer I am working fully remotely from our moochdocking spot in Stone Lake, Wisconsin, and I absolutely wish this was something we established much sooner - to take with us wherever we go. Working online is so convenient, and definitely the type of work I would prefer to partake in in comparison to taking reservations and working in the office at campgrounds. Although I've enjoyed that work too, I feel as though it is not something I want to pursue long term on the road.

Moving forward as nomads, we will do our best to establish online work for me, that can be done from anywhere we may be, and stick to just Adam when it comes to workamping jobs. The only exception to this will be with our Christmas Tree lot in South Florida, where we will both continue to manage this together.

With all of the goals and dreams we have in the pipeline for the future of RV life, it will also be beneficial to us to have an established online opportunity to help us achieve the financials. And I will continue to work hard on my other forms of online passive income, as one day they just may take off in the way I hope they do!

Did some RV renovations & interior decorating

When we bought our Grand Design trailer we did not complete any changes to the interior, or any renovations to make it more a certain style. Having now been in the RV community for the past two years now, you come across a lot of really amazing renovations that others have done and it starts to inspire you to want to do the same to your own rig. Now, we are also at a point where some things are becoming more worn in and in need of some updating, so it continues to inspire me even more!

Some of the ideas that I would have for our rig would include fresh paint on cabinets, the kitchen table, and other trim. I also think we would need to replace some of the trim entirely. I would love to add some sort of backsplash in the kitchen and remove the wallpaper that is there, as well as to add some new and fun wallpaper on other walls in the rig. Eventually, I'd also like to update our furniture, and add more decorative pieces such as rugs, new window blinds, and other things that make it feel like home. The only thing I always keep in the back of my mind is how long do we really think we will keep this trailer, before upgrading to something new, and is it worth it to put this time and effort into changes if we do so highly wish to upgrade.

Aside from bigger changes like I've already discussed, you can also do smaller things to make it feel more like home or to capitalize on the space that you do have. Some ideas I have for that include hanging yarn baskets to place on the sides of the island to hold fruit, to get that off the counter. And as always, other forms of organization that could replace current forms of organization we utilize - in the cabinets, cupboards, and on the counter.

Found a way to fit a king size bed in...

I am forever missing my king bed from our 'old life' and how much space that gave us to sleep at night... and that was even back when the cats didn't even sleep with us! Now, it sometimes feels like we are cramming an entire zoo onto the bed at night, and I often already have to share my side of the bed with 2 large Bengal cats, all while Adam is trying his hardest to sleep like a star fish. I have no idea if we would have been able to find a trailer to meet all of our needs AND provide us space for a King bed, but I feel like it is something I should have considered and looked into maybe just a little bit more.

I really don't have much complaints about living in a small space, but I absolutely know that the one thing that would make it better is having a larger space to sleep in!

Installed solar panels & batteries

I think something that could be a huge game changer in our lives would be the addition of solar panels on the roof, paired with the proper amount of batteries to power all kinds of things in our trailer. If we had the ability to generate enough electricity to run all of our outlets, charge our devices, power our fridge, our electric heater, or even somehow our A.C. - then we really would be SET for off grid living. This would also then reduce a lot of costs spent in RV parks and other places we try to stay at to ensure we do have power. It would also give us a lot more freedom and opportunity for where we go and where we stay.

Started new social media accounts / blog just for RVing

I still go back and forth on this one, and wonder if I would have been more successful in growing my social media accounts and blog if I would have just created brand new ones dedicated to RVing. It's hard for me, because I already had an established blog, "brand" imagine, and Instagram account when we went full-time and after all the work I spent on both I did not want to have to start over from scratch. Plus, I didn't want the added work of having to maintain two of everything, if I wanted to still continue with any of my other personal interests. At the time, I instead choose to combine it all and I'm not always sure this is the best way to go about it, but it's the way I've been doing it!

In the grand scheme it could be hindering my growth, or maybe I'm just overthinking it and it's not - we may never know for sure. But it's something I keep in the back of my mind, especially as I see so many successful RV only accounts and blogs!

And just like I already said a year ago, I still think...

Different rig, different truck

This was something I mentioned when I made this same post last year, and it's something that I still feel is very true! You don't know what you don't know until you don't know it - but Adam and I both agree that if we could go back in time we would absolutely have pursued a 5th wheel or at the very least, a truck, instead of our current set up. Everything we have has treated us extremely well for the past 2 years, but we know for sure that we want something else someday when it is possible.

When we are able to get to the point of a new truck and a new 5th wheel, I feel we really truly will be set for our nomadic lifestyle. A 5th wheel will allow us to have more separation of space and of the different rooms, to give it more of a real home feel. It will also give more space for the Bengals and probably allow more quiet for me when I go to bed earlier than Adam. And having a truck will allow us to tow better and not feel like we are cruising around in a creepy white candy van, ha!

Needless to say, we are very excited and highly anticipate the day we are able to make these changes!

Boondock more

Paired along with the idea of having an effective solar set up, I still believe it would be nice if we would have spent more time boondocking in the past two years, and preparing to boondock. As a nomad, when you boondock you have the ability to experience this lifestyle so much differently than when you are always in RV parks instead. I still would obviously enjoy a combination of the two, but would have liked to pursue boondocking options more.

In the long run it is something we will pursue more heavily, and even more so when our dreams of owning a 5th wheel do come true - as 5th wheels can come set up with a generator already in them and allow for an even easier boondocking time. Plus, as time goes on you continue to feel more comfortable boondocking and figure out the best ways to make it an overall comfortable experience. It's a work in progress, and we just continue to take it one step at a time!


Living an unconventional lifestyle like this will always come with different options and ways to go about things and there is never one right way to do it. In fact, everyone will always feel differently about what is best for them and how they want to live. The best thing is - you can always continue to make adjustments along the way and continue to learn about new ways to make this lifestyle the best it can be!

NEXT WEEK: I am in the process of putting together my summer ideas for blog posts, so next week will still be a surprise. But moving forward I should be able to gage a good plan for what kind of content I will be bringing you over the next few months!

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