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These past few weeks have got me feeling spiritual AF you guys! Am I the only one that feels a huge shift happening lately??! Honestly, the last few weeks haven’t really been totally easy on many personal and professional levels, but I’m finding new ways to align my SOUL and it just feels SO right. I can feel the pressure lifting from Mercury Rx’s first ride of 2018. Things have still been pretty challenging, but in some sort of special way I also am starting to feel a BIG release. Thankfully, the recent challenges have brought me to admit that I’m in need of some SERIOUS soul searching these days. Something triggered me, although I can’t quite pinpoint what (but it was likely work related), and I decided it’s time to pursue some change, instead of just wait for it. Everything has just felt so stagnant, so stale. It was cold and snowy for like 8 LONG MONTHS, and I’ve been feeling so unsettled. I’ve felt stir crazy, bored even, and I absolutely hate it when people say they’re bored. I also absolutely HATE feeling so out of alignment. I literally crave change, I need it. I need periodic change of pace to really keep my vibes going strong. Just as the seasons do here in the Midwest, I need to undergo self-transformation every few months too. Now the weather has finally caught up with itself, the sun is shining and all that white cold shit is gone! 🙂 It’s long overdue time for me to burst out of my [crabby] shell and get myself centered again. The weather is definitely like 9300% to thank for the recent jump in my motivation, enthusiasm, tolerance, good vibes, and overall wellness. But the other 700%. … That’s where the new morning podcast rituals come in. Almost 30 Podcast I recently caught wind that one of my new favorite Astrology guru’s, Spirit Daughter, was a guest on the Almost 30 Podcast, and HAD to give that episode a go. I’ve been an Astrology nerd since I was like 10 years old and have always been drawn to this energy. I also recently decided that since my daunting commute was now averaging 45 or more minutes each way, I might as well use half of the time to be productive. I decided to listen to podcasts in the morning to put me in the right mood to start work. THIS EPISODE WAS AMAZING YOU GUYS, I learned so much. Aside from Spirit Daughter’s infectious laugh and personable vibes, I learned new things about the powerful meaning behind Full Moon’s, New Moons, my Rising sign, Moon sign, and so much more! The information was high level beginner but yet still SO detailed and intriguing. As soon as I heard Jill’s background I fell in awe of her even more as she described so many things that I could relate to. It gave me goosebumps to listen to! … Grew up astrology nerds, deep love for neuroscience and understanding human behavior. Love for science, and evolution. Moon in Scorpio and a strong desire to hide or retract away from others, but yet filled with so much passion and emotion! Goosebumps, the WHOLE drive to work. This woman is amazing, and I can FEEL her energy even through my radio. One of my favorite parts was when Jill was talking about the way the Full Moon affects people, almost as a gravitational pull on our bodies. Yes, just like the effect it has on the tides! Our bodies ARE made of like 70% water after all … [And guess what? We have a Full Moon in Scorpio that JUST happened. Like, a few nights ago! Sunday April 29th.] I also learned that Full Moons are actually a better time for cleansing (especially your crystals) your life and New Moons are about charging (your crystals) your soul! Jill also reminded us how powerful New Moons are for starting new ventures, new projects, and planting our seeds of intentions. We had a New Moon in Aries a few weeks ago, and it was a powerful time in the cosmos for making big changes to have exactly the life you want! That’s So Retrograde Podcast These guys (ladies) have been my favorites for several months now, thanks to my rad co-worker and soul sister Emily Skeels for introducing us. From their sarcastic vulgar humor, to their amazing knowledgeable guests, and their health, wellness, and spiritual focus – these guys have had my heart since the start. I’ve been following all of their episodes (religiously) lately and a recent one featured Lacy Phillips from Free and Native. Lacy is a manifestation advisor and all about manifesting with intention by healing subconscious blocks in your way. This episode was exactly what I needed to hear, at exactly the right time. Lacy talked about a concept I had never heard of before in the astrological and spiritual World, but I immediately fell in love with it. You’ve heard of astrology, but have you heard of HUMAN DESIGN? Be prepared to have your mind blown as you go on a frantic google search into a deep dark tunnel of the unknown, ha! Like Astrology on steroids. Like a combination of Astrology with Myers-Briggs mixed with Chakras. Astrology, Chakras and Quantum Physics. A BodyChart calculating your genetic design. Your purpose, your contract with the Universe. Why you are here! … Dammmmmmmmmmn. Right!? No, for seriously though, as I was listening to Lacy explain high level the different categories of this deeper version of astrology, I knew immediately that I was going to be a Projector. Lacy herself is a Projector and was telling us what that means for her and her best analogies to explain it, and I just had a feeling that was exactly who I was. Human Design is ultimately the contract your soul makes with the Universe  on who you came to be, what you came to do, and what karma you came to deal with. As I’m newly on the journey to find my highest self, I couldn’t have been introduced to this concept at a better time. Projectors, like myself and Lacy, are here to be the ‘guide for the Tribe’, so to speak. They can see things the way that others just can’t, such as reading people, looking at new ways to do things, formalizing systems, and other special abilities of their own. What hit home the most for me was learning about how Projectors have inconsistent energies and easily beat themselves up for not being able to ‘make things happen’. I learned that Projectors don’t often know how their energies operate and this can become a huge challenge for them to overcome. The Journey Begins .. My whole entire life I’ve felt lost, like I just don’t quite belong where I am. As if I’m constantly on this deep rooted mission to figure it out. Nothing has ever just been decisive for me, or easy to figure out. There’s always been 10 things I’m interested in at once and no focus. I’ve always grown to hate every job I’ve had. I always thought I had to have a long, expensive, scientific, life sucking career in order to be ‘successful’ and satisfied with life. I’ve always felt I think a different way than others, that I just see and feel things differently. My whole life has been about trying to learn from this, to understand it in the least bit, and to figure out what it all means. Astrology has always been my guiding light, here to help me understand the bigger picture. But now there are so many more resources at my disposal, and so many more opportunities to learn and grow. I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me on a personal and spiritual level these days, but it’s exactly the therapeutic homework I’m looking for right now. I am excited to continue to report back my findings and I hope it helps others on a journey of the same kind. ❤ Resources Podcasts:

Almost 30 – Episode 107 – with Spirit DaughterAlmost 30 – Episode 110 – with Peta KellyThat’s So Retrograde – Episode Manifest Guestiny – with Lacy Phillips, Free and Native – mentioning Jenna Zoe, Human Design


Material Girl, Mystical World, by Ruby Warrington – The NuminousMeet Your Soul, by Elisa Romeo – Your Soul Is WaitingWomen Who Run With Wolves, by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes – Book InformationRise Sister Rise, by Rebecca Campbell – Work Your Light

Human Design:

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