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Product Review: Enhance Your Life With Coconut Oil & Crystals

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Call me basic, but I’m #TeamCoconut. I. Put. That. Shit. On. EVERYthing. No lie. I think I discovered the magical holy grail of coconut oil around like 5 years ago? I’ve learned so much more about that lovely magical unicorn species recently, and only fell more in love with it. Got frizzy hair? – Coconut oil. Don’t have anything to shave with? – Coconut oil. Got some cavities or plaque? – Coconut oil. Having poo problems? – Coconut oil. Ran out of lube? – Coconut oil. Chakras not aligned? – Coconut oil. Bad credit score? – Coconut oil. That boy ghosting you? – Coconut oil. Bad day? – Coconut oil.

Magnetically speaking, I don’t know two things I’m more drawn to that I trust to change the world. Vibes are LIFE you guys, and crystal healing helps draw out any negativity we may be experiencing on the outside, and act as a conduit for positive energy to FLOW in. Meanwhile, coconut oil helps pull out those toxins we may be suffering from on the inside too, and protects and nourishes our whole outside. Walaa, what more could you ask for as an everyday essentials to your being?

Give this bitch a crystal: bitches LOVE crystals. I’m actually surprised I didn’t start collecting crystal things earlier in life – was I just avoiding it because I knew it would take all my money? Hmm. Nothing makes me feel more badass than being armed with a layer of high -energy -mystical -glowing -gemstones in every nook and cranny of my being and personal space. I like enhancing my magic with all kinds of different accessories. From nail polish, necklaces, rings, bracelets … I even saw some new hair dryers built with tourmaline technology and I totally want one! [Does this make me a #HippieChic ?]

Life Happens.

Coconut Oil & Crystals Help.

My horizon is broadening and I’m finding so many amazing things that I want to share with you! (You’re welcome.) Accessories don’t have to be basic, you can be bold in your own empowering way. Natural and stunning, coconuts and crystals have enhanced my life.

*pours coconut oil over entire life*

1. Kopari Beauty: Coconut Lip Glossy

The 90’s called, and they want this lip glossy! You can’t deny it, it’s great to have a nice go-to gloss. I think this is the only one I ever care to use ever again. I’m ordering the new Mai Tai color as I write … #MultiTasking

Kopari Beauty is my current favorite company to worship. I couldn’t love everything they are about more than I do right now. Gigi Goldman, their founder, is a Queen, and Kopari Beauty is the number one coconut oil based beauty products you can find. From specially picked coconuts from the Philippines, Kopari practices sustainability in all their products and utilized the whole coconut in different ways throughout their line.

Their ultra hydrating Lip Love Gloss is non sticky and highly absorbable, but keeps those glossy pouty lips PLUMP. This gloss is made with shea butter and coconut oil, and packed with antioxidants to nourish your lips. Dudes it TASTES good too. I apply this multiple times per day, and leaves my lips so smoooooth!

Plus I love all their other products too and use daily their Coconut Oil Cleanser, Coconut Rose Toner, Coconut Face Cream, and Coconut Melt. I can’t wait to eventually try one of everything (DUH). If you want to read more about my product reviews of Kopari Beauty, head on over to the lifestyle online magazine called Life Goals Mag, and check out my recent product reviews.


Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Coconut Oil

2. Woo For Play: Coconut Love Oil

Got lube? Don’t be embarrassed or anything, it’s only natural. But yes, we are going to talk about sex right now … well, kind of. But this IS what ‘better sex’ can be made of. Their slogan says it all, ‘because everything is better with your pants off’. This company believes we all can have really good sex, (and not harm your body with harsh toxins in the process.)

Woo For Play’s coconut oil personal lubricant is 100% organic, won’t mess with the PH levels of, and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Made from beeswax, vanilla essence, stevia, and coconut oil (the only true virgin here), the product is natural and safe. IT EVEN TASTES GOOD TOO …. #FoodForThought

Did you know coconut oil is a natural antifungal and antimicrobial? YUP. So that means that it can actually kill germs like bacteria and viruses, making for a smooth ride. … The oil can even help SPARK things on FIRE in the bedroom because it’s packed with so many antioxidants that help remove free radicals in your body and in turn can help increase your sex drive. The best part is that coconut oil doesn’t contain any harmful preservatives or toxic chemicals. So keep playing with coconuts!

With added benefits of mood enhancing (arousing) vanilla and relaxing beeswax, I don’t know how you could go wrong here. P.S. My favorite podcast in the World (Almost 30 podcast) offers a solid discount code for Woo For Play, so it’s worth listening to them just for that!

How to use: Apply liberally.

*hey baby, you got a nice aura*


1. Love By Luna: Mystic Mani Nail Polish

So naturally, I came across Love By Luna on Instagram, (I swear that app has changed my life), and fell in love as I do all things associated to La Luna. This brand brings modern astrology together with fashion, beauty, and self expression – all tied into a unique lifestyle that I can stand behind. Their motto, “Live by the Moon, Love by the Moon”, resonates with me in ways I can’t even put into words. #MoonChild

All of Love By Luna’s beauty products are 100% organic, plant based, and made without preservatives or harsh chemicals. Everything is vegan and cruelty free too! The nail polish blends first caught my eye because they are INFUSED WITH CRYSTALS geared towards each zodiac sign. Each set has micronized crystals to encourage personal growth and healing (and empower you as the straight up witchy badass babe that you are!)

I first purchased the “Gemini”, and “Goddess” nail polishes and fell in love with their beautiful pastel colors. (Yes, I’m a Cancer – but I’m a Gemini rising and my favorite color is green. Plus it was Gemini season when I bought it so it was a natural given). I love flaunting my gemstone manis and when I wear it I feel like I have some sort of cosmic secret power going on.

Just last night, I purchased two more sets – the “Cancer”, and the deep dark black “New Moon”. Get your #MysticMani on so you can be more powerful too!


2. Ezzy To Eden: Handcrafted Wellness Jewelry

I’ve always struggled to find jewelry that I felt represented me correctly, that is – until I found Ezzy To Eden’s healing crystal jewelry. It started out as an Instagram giveaway that I was so fortunate to be the winner of, and has turned into full incorporation of my personal style.

Through her path to find good health, Rebecca created Ezzy to Eden, symbolizing a place of happiness, peace and delight. With her passions for natural wellness, Rebecca now creates anything from beautiful lava rock diffuser bracelets, to crystal gemstone necklaces, to hand made wooden crystal boards. I jokingly say that one day I will own one of everything from her shop, (but the truth is I don’t think I’m joking anymore). Her products are so simple, but unique, and so affordable too! (Crystals aren’t typically cheap you guys – all that power comes with a price!)

I literally feel more self confident wearing my crystal necklaces, as if I have emotional strength that I didn’t have before. My favorite go-to pieces right now are my Titanium Quartz and Solar Quartz necklaces, both activating your Crown chakra, acting as a master healer for physically and psychologically. Quartz helps clear the mind of negative energies, and I feel like I can never have enough of that protection in life. I also have a Tourmaline necklace, activating your Root Chakra, and great for absorbing negative energies and turning them into something positive. #WatchOutImArmed

When In Doubt, Just Add Mass Amounts of Coconut Oil & Crystals To Your Life

Me, coconut oil, and crystals are a thing. Yup, that’s my throuple situation and I think that you should start to get involved with us too. This is my self care world, and this is what works for me, but I truly think that everyone could benefit in some way or another from the otherworldly powers of the C-words. (Maybe adding in Cannabis too … )

#CoconutsCannabisAndCrystals …. OKAY, maybe adding coffee too, but now we are getting way off topic! C-words for life.

There are many more aspects I would love to get into about both Coconuts and Crystals (AND Cannabis, AND Coffee) with you all, but that’s all the time we have for today! Be sure to follow my blog and stay tuned for more in depth opportunities to learn more about each.

– – –

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