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A&A Put Trust In The Universe To Guide The Nomadic Journey

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

End of Week #24

North Texas Jellystone Park, Burleson TX

Miles traveled since last week’s post = 0

Total miles traveled to date = 4,570 with trailer

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We are entering our second full week of life in Burleson, and it’s another COLD, windy, rainy day here. Right now we are being blasted with the arctic force from the north, the same one that’s all over our friends and family in Minnesota right now too. It’s so mind boggling to me how it can stretch all the way down to Texas, but today our warmest temperature was when I woke up this morning and it’s been decreasing ALL day.

Last night we had the privilege of attending the MN Vikings game against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. What a game to be at! We had standing room “seats” but our energy was high and our spirits were THRILLED to see the Vikings take home the victory. I’m so thankful we have been able to carry on our tradition of going to an away game every year for 5 years straight now. This was the first original way we traveled the country together! [See my Facebook post here.]

And in other exciting news… we booked another MONTH stay for the month of December, but this time it will be in Galveston, TX – right on the island! From our doorstep the beach and the ocean will only be about a 15 second walk away and I’m SO EXCITED. I had come across this incredible newer RV park down there, and somehow we magically secured the LAST SPOT available. I’m pumped for (hopefully) warmer temps, the ocean, and another month of relaxation as we ride out the holidays and the rest of 2019!!

Today we moved site locations, at our same campground. We did not have to and choose to do so – to have a bigger, better site with a concrete pad and a fire pit and covered picnic area. This part of the campground is called the “red carpet” and we could have originally stayed here when booking our site and arriving, but it was really hard to tell the quality of the sites online and the night we arrived it was dark by the time we got here. Our site was just fine too, and in a wooded area that was heavily shaded and full of birds. But it was a little more crammed and with all the cooler temps lately I for one really wanted to be able to have direct sunlight! The funny part is that now it’s super windy out today and we have no tree coverage…. so yeah. All in good fun. 🙂

But I guess that’s the point right? Stop trying to control everything and just surrender to the flow of the Universe. So here I am not letting any of it get to me and I’m just rolling with the punches…

Which brings me to today’s topic! Spirituality. Trusting the Universe for guidance. How we have utilized the stars to help us transition through this whole nomadic journey!

A&A Trusting The Universe

Since day one of this journey, we have had to plan, and shift, and adjust, and work hard to make our dream come true. Ultimately, none of it would have happened or turned out the way we wanted it to if we also didn’t learn to trust the process and allow the Universe to guide us through it. Every part of our planning and our journey has had its own time to happen, and it’s own way of unfolding. And more times than once, things did NOT go according to plan!

Did you know that I suggested the date for us to sell our townhome based on guidance I received in a spiritual reading from a psychic medium? I consulted the best dates supported by the planets and the stars to list a home for sale and we picked one that fit our timelines.

Or how about the time way back last winter when I went to a Spiritual Fair with my step mom and we had readings done and the lady told me that I was going to be moving cities, far away from friends and family as I paved the way for my new future?

Or the idea that we manifested our entire future by writing it all down on huge post it notes and hanging them in our kitchen for over 6 months. We stared at them every single day, and added to them too. We talked about them over dinner. We visualized. We constantly thought about it and talked to each other about it multiple times a day – putting it into the Universe and letting the powers of our own minds come up with how we wanted our future to look like.

I am a firm believer that everything happens the way it is meant to, the way that is best for your highest self and your path to get there. I also believe we all have free will and ability to interact with and engage with our own destiny, but ultimately the choices we make are there to either guide us to a higher part of ourselves, or to teach us some sort of lesson first.

This nomadic journey that we are on has been nothing different. All the way from the dates in which things took place, to where we stayed and when we stayed there. Everything has been tied together as part of the bigger picture and has happened exactly as it should.

Mercury Retrograde

I know I’ve lightly brought up Mercury Retrograde before in my blogs, as I’ve written a published article about it for a Lifestyle magazine over a year back. (You can find that article here.) I believe I also mentioned it back in July, when we had our first Mercury Retrograde experience while living in the trailer.

But just for those who aren’t super familiar – here is a quick run down. Mercury Retrograde is an extremely popular term and phenomenon in the Astrology & Spiritual communities that has to do with celestial changes happening in the Universe, roughly ever 3-4 months. All of the planets in our Solar System go through a period of time when they appear to “backspin” in the sky, thus going “retrograde”, and are said to energetically affect us here on Earth as we are energetic beings ourselves. Each time this happens there are themes and meaning to the period of time, based on what that planet represents and what other astrological conditions we have going on in our skies at the same time.

Mercury Retrograde has the worst rep out of any of them, as Mercury is the planet that rules communication, travel, plans, large contracts, technology, and so many other things that can wreak havoc on our lives. During these periods it is advised not to start anything new – especially no new jobs. You aren’t advised to buy a house or sign large contracts, especially involving money. And typically if you have travel plans during this time, flights can be changed or delayed, and cause a lot of disruptions to your scheduled plans. Essentially things come out of the blue to inconvenience us and teach us a lesson. Your cell phone might start acting weird, something you wrote on your computer might not save, or you also might accidentally send an email to the wrong person. Everything is there to teach us to SLOW DOWN, to REadjust, REfocus, and REcenter. Mercury Retrograde is all about the prefix RE, in any way it can be used.

What better timing for us, to be going through the middle of another Mercury Retrograde right now, and to be stationed at one campground in Texas. This allows us so much more time to REst, and REcover that we wouldn’t have in going stop to stop on the road. Plus it gives me a lot of ease of mind to know that we aren’t out there on the roads where more unpredictable things could potentially happen to us!

11.11 Today

The number 11 is an extremely powerful representation in the numerology and spiritual world and is said to be an intense time for manifestation. (Especially around money and abundance!) Number 11 is a mastermind and a gateway to all of desires in life. This is our reminder to step into our own full potential and powerful vibrations of our highest self – no matter what anyone thinks about it. The number 11 represents a spiritual path and it is said that those that see this number sequence often are here to uplift the human consciousness as a lightworker. This means that you are a bridge and someone who can bring together opposing energies in this world to weave them together into a beautiful bliss.

I feel this is very symbolic of what we are trying to do out here, traveling the country and pursuing this nomadic lifestyle for ourselves. We are doing our best to live life differently than how we have always been told and create our own freedom, abundance, and opportunity!

[Today is also Veterans Day, and while the focus of today’s post is centered around spirituality, I also do not want to take away from those who have served in this country to make it a better place. We appreciate you. We love you. And nothing can repay you for your sacrifices – thank you!]

Full Moon Tomorrow

Full moons are a time to release and let go of anything that no longer serves us anymore. They are a time to go inward and take a personal inventory of your life, the people in it, your own personal habits, and how all of this strays from the ideal life you are trying to live.

Every full moon has its own “flavor”, it’s own zodiac sign influence with important areas for us to focus on. Tomorrow’s full moon is in the earthy sign of Taurus and asks us to slow things down in our life and remember the power of being PRESENT in the moment. Oftentimes we are so stuck on the things we can’t change in the past and so anxious about the things that haven’t even happened yet in the future that we forget entirely to enjoy the present moment. This is our reminder to slow down and take it all in and stop living life mentally somewhere else.

A full moon is also a great time to set some new intentions until the next full moon, or if you’re into new moons – it’s a good time to see how far we have come since we set those intentions 2 weeks back. The vibe is re-charging, the energy is high and our mental clarity is clear and focused.

I’m taking this time to REflect back on how far we have come, and set my intentions for where I want our future to go. This is my time to shed what no longer serves me so I don’t have to carry it with me anymore in future travels.

Surrender To The Flow

We all must learn to release the tight grip of control that we try to place on our lives. On timelines to do certain things by certain ages. On restrictions. On things not going how we hoped or planned for them to be. Our entire journey, from when the idea was first brought up, to when we actually moved into the RV, to now – has been built around learning to go with the flow. Learning how to adjust and adapt. Of course we plan, in fact I’m a huge planner and NEED to at least have a plan, even if it doesn’t follow that specific course. But this lifestyle has taught us so much about letting go. About trusting that things will work out anyway.

There have been so many stressful moments where the light at the end of the tunnel was hard to see. During the time we were packing up our house it was hard to imagine we would get rid of it all. Then it was hard to believe we would actually sell our townhome and free ourselves from that chain holding us back. We waited for over 2 months, mostly in Stone Lake, WI, for the day to come when we could close on our home and ultimately free ourselves from any limitations holding us back from our lives. But then we were on the road – a completely new experience to us with so much uncharted territory. The days we drove all day and then stressfully struggled to find a campsite or to level the RV. The nights were completely alone. The severe weather. The inability to get to certain destinations. Outrunning the snow. The cold! All of it has been an experience and a learning process that we have learned to just FLOW with.

I challenge all of you to make this your new mantra in life. To learn how to just GO WITH THE ENERGETIC FLOW and try to release your need to control the outcome of everything going on in your life. Trust the process. Focus on the intention and what you want, but let go of the HOW – and just let the Universe handle that part.



By this time next week we will be just a few days shy of our 180 day marker, meaning it’s time for another post about the challenges of living full-time in an RV! What is different now, another two months into things? What new challenges are presenting themselves and how are we dealing with the “old” challenges from before?

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