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A&A Finances, Budgets & the Energetics of a Positive Money Mindset

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

End of Week #23

Fort Amarillo RV Resort, Amarillo TX > North Texas Jellystone Park, Burleson TX

Miles traveled since last week’s post = 376

Total miles traveled to date = 4,570 with trailer

So in our typical “plans change” fashion, and amongst all the crazy weather we have been having, we really had ourselves a big week last week! First, we extended our stay in Amarillo extra long because of more snow and freezing temps. And then we also skipped our stop in between Amarillo and Burleson, and just drove ALL THE WAY to Burleson last Thursday, October 31st. [Halloween was spent driving, moving and RESTING, with pizza & beer.]

We had planned to stop for a few nights in Wichita Falls, and continue the rest of the way on Friday, November 1 for our reservations that were starting in Burleson that day. But instead, while driving along to Wichita Falls, we decided to just totally GO FOR IT and make it our longest travel day ever! Thankfully, our Burleson reservation had our same spot open Thursday night, and allowed us to come in late. We traveled for over 7 HOURS & almost 400 miles, and arrived just as the sun was setting. That night we had to complete our first set up in the dark!

Our new home in Burleson, TX for the month of November!

Needless to say, we were all VERY tired, and the cats were very over it all! But at least we did not have to travel again on Friday and do two back to back days, to include traveling on Adam’s Birthday! We got to sleep in on his birthday and do a little celebrating for his 31st trip around the sun, and for our 23rd week of nomad life!

Now we are here, settled in Burleson, until December 1st! It is going to be a great month of rest and relaxation, and a great time to catch up on online projects (and all my travel reviews!!) It’s also a great time to buckle down and do some work, so we can create more abundance in our lives to close out 2019, and prepare for a new year of travels.

Adam’s 31st Birthday celebrations!

A&A Finances, Budget, & The Energetics Of A Positive Money Mindset

Since it is a common question that gets asked of us, I wanted to circle back to the topic of money and finances while living full-time in an RV. As most of you know, we sold our townhome in Woodbury, MN at the end of July and have planned to live off this profit for roughly 8-12 months time. During all of our prep work prior to going nomadic, we did rough estimates of budgets and amounts to spend on food, gas, camping, and adventures throughout this journey. That is also how we came up with the estimation of how long the money would last.

A few months have gone by now since selling the townhome in July, and I figured this was a good opportunity to revisit the concept of money all over again!

An update on finances the past 3 months

In our perfect travel world, we were really hoping to spend about $1,000 a month to include everything we need – campground reservations (combined with a lot of boondocking), groceries, gas, and any other pet or human supplies. I do believe that we hit this budget marker for the month of August, but along the lines of September and October things started to increase for us!

First and foremost, we found that we really didn’t like boondocking as much as originally planned. We found that it was more of a hassle to have to plan ahead for things like water and enough electricity or battery charge to power the trailer and all of our devices. [And we went through too many nights of issues with all of the above.] This all is especially more difficult with pets to look after too! We also found that when we were only in certain places for a few days that we wouldn’t really get to explore if we were boondocking because then we wouldn’t feel safe or comfortable leaving our trailer somewhere unattended, in the middle of nowhere.

Living the budget life

SO at the end of the day here, we have probably come close to doubling our original budget per month, at least for these past few months. We have spent more on campgrounds than we ever thought we would, as they really aren’t that cheap. (Especially in popular destinations throughout the west!) But it is also something we are okay with, as having simple luxuries like water, electricity and WIFI have proven to be more important to us than sticking to a super strict budget. Whenever we can, we stay in National Parks and “boondock” there without hookups, but then we get into the park for free and have the safety of guarded park entrances and campsite hosts to protect us.

We have also maybe over indulged a little bit with things like comfort foods, or the occasional beer at a brewery. A few times we have even had to pay to get into recreational places because our Annual Pass wasn’t covered there. When we grocery shop we are very mindful on prices and do price comparisons at various shops we go to. But unless there is absolutely no other choice, we are not keen on giving up our healthy lifestyle and still pursue organic products as much as possible. If we have a Costco nearby, we will buy stock there as it’s a LOT cheaper, and they have a ton of organic options. But in some of the smaller towns we encounter the options are more scarce and even more spendy too!

Another expense that has been adding up is the cost of gas, as it fluctuates and heavily varies state by state. In Colorado we were paying close to $3.50 in some places just for one gallon, and Mr. Frank holds 30! Now we are down here in Burleson, Texas and gas is only $2.15 a gallon. The fluctuations and all of the driving through the mountains the past few months, have ultimately racked up our gas bills more than expected!

Burleson, Texas

Disclaimer: A lot more in depth and detailed information regarding our budgets and finances will be included in this Friday’s November Nomadic Newsletter! If you want to learn more, be sure to sign up with the link at the bottom of this post!

Money for the rest of the year

Thankfully, in staying put in one place for an entire month, it is actually WAY cheaper than continuously moving from place to place. Not only on gas prices, but on campground costs! Our ONE MONTH reservation for November is less than HALF the amount we have been spending in past months. *mind blown* And since we plan to stay another full month near Houston during December, the goal is that we will even out our original budgeting and end the year not too far off from what we planned.

This is our time to recover and work hard at spending less, and making more!

Resting fur babies.

The energetics of a positive money mindset

We are all conditioned, right from early childhood, to feel a certain way about money. At no fault to our parents or families, as they really haven’t known any better, most of us grew up being exposed to a very negative mindset surrounding money. I’m sure you can relate, but as a child I was told that, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, and “you can’t do that, we don’t have the money for it”, or “we can’t go there, it’s too expensive”, and “you must work hard to earn your money, it won’t just fall in your lap”. Unfortunately all of these type of comments come from a negative money mindset and set us up to have poor relationship with money and abundance overall. It makes us feel like we don’t deserve it unless we work ourselves to the bone, and even then it might not come to us. (And I’m sorry, but that is NOT HEALTHY or an ideal way to spend life.) It teaches us that money is evil, instead of this beautiful blessing we are given in life. It tells us that we are not worthy of money and that we ourselves are not valuable.

A lot of people have to work really hard their entire lives to SHIFT this mindset around money, and if they