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A&A Discuss How To Overcome Fear & Embrace Opportunity

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

End of Week #28

Jamaica Beach RV Resort, Galveston TX

Miles traveled since last week’s post = 0

Total miles traveled to date = 4,884 with trailer

One week has already gone by in Galveston, and it’s been a really nice change of pace on our end! Sunshine & 70’s, palm trees, ocean breeze … yeah, I really can’t complain. #SorryNotSorry. We have even been sleeping with the windows open – WOAH, we haven’t really done that in a few months!

Today it’s been SUPER humid (like we are talking 95%), and I love it. (We are expecting rain tonight and some cooler temps the next few days so I’m really enjoying this humidity now!) I’m so grateful we choose this RV resort to stay at – it’s such a beautiful place and all the people here are so kind! On Friday night we went to our first social mixer at the outdoor pavillion and it was a ton of fun. There were probably 50 people there, a ton of snacks, a huge cooler full of margarita mix, little campfires, and a good time. We got to know a few different groups that night, and everyone seemed to flock to us – probably because of our age. 🙂 By far, 1000%, we are the youngest people here at this resort right now! There are a few other families with kids, but not as many younger people as we had seen last month at Burleson, TX. Everyone wants to know our story and what the heck we are doing, ha!


Let’s get into things today – I’ve been really excited to share this blog post and talk about this topic for this week. It’s time to conquer some fear this Monday!

5 Steps To Conquer Fear

Conquering fear has been really important to me this year, especially the past 6 months and more so over the past 3-5 years of my life. I’ve done a lot of work to step outside of my comfort zone in jobs, in my relationship, in my own self-talk, self-action, and experiences. From giving 30 minute presentations to a room of 30+ people at work, to supporting a team of 20 leaders in a corporate organization, to selling my home and 80% of my belongings – conquering new fears has been my new favorite thing to do!

But it’s not always that easy for people. It’s hard to do something new, to step outside of comfort, or to do something that friends and family might not agree with. It’s hard to quit something familiar to us like a job or a relationship. And it’s even harder sometimes to do something new that we know will benefit us a lot in the long run, but can be really difficult to initiate!

Site #209 at Jamaica Beach RV Resort

So let’s break it down into steps, and into tools we can use to conquer any fear in our lives, & to just DO THE DAMN THING already. 🙂

1. The ‘5 second rule’ by Mel Robbins

The first step is a countdown step – super effective to get you to start doing most anything, (especially getting up when you’re alarm goes off). Mel Robbins is a host, author, and motivational speaker, and used the 5 Second Rule in her own life to get her out of a rough time. I believe this rule could also be utilized anytime you are fearful to do something to trick your brain into just doing it now and not avoiding or procrastinating the idea, or potentially talking yourself out of it.

It’s simple, really! All you have to do is count down from 5, either outloud or in your head, and when you hit 1 you jump into whatever it is you are afraid to do! 5-4-3-2-1-, and you make that post you wanted to make but were worried about what other people would think. 5-4-3-2-1- and you call that special someone, or you end a toxic relationship or end a toxic job. 5-4-3-2-1- and you jump into your public speech or presentation! 5-4-3-2-1- and you do your first go-live on Instagram, like I just did tonight!

If you have an instinct to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 second or your brain will kill the idea.

5-4-3-2-1- and DO IT!

2. Go inward

Write down why you’re afraid! Write down all the reasons you have for being fearful to do xyz, and recognize that all of the things you wrote down are just excuses. You are letting yourself doubt your own abilities. You are letting fear win, by assuming the worse or by making EXCUSES not to do it in the first place.

We must also realize and understand that fear is just another emotion – it’s ultimately excitement in disguise. We get excited to do something, to achieve a goal, or to make a move, or do something we really want to do – and then we let fear and the darkness take over our light and infiltrate us with excuses and doubt. This isn’t really us, or we wouldn’t have been excited by the idea in the first place. We must understand that fear is just an illusion, its TEMPORARY.

It will come and it will GO!

3. Practice OR do your research

This one was huge for us in preparing for our nomadic lifestyle change and preparing for our journey. We spent about 7-8 months doing our hardcore research before we spent a few months this summer practicing. All of this leading up to the final moment when we actually took off on the road away from friends and family. Of course all of those milestone moments were still scary for us, but by practising and doing SO MUCH research for many months leading up to it – we were able to take away from a lot of the fear we had around doing it.

The more you know about something and can understand it, the less fearful of it you will be! We need to get to the point of understanding something so well that we don’t get anxious about it anymore when we think about doing it.

The beach was super moody this afternoon!

If you are able to practice doing what it is you’re having fear around, it will help you gain a sense of confidence in your ability to tackle it! If it’s a speech – stand in front of a mirror or gather a group of people to listen. You could even write it down too!

4. Just breathe

Take a deep breath – in and out. Relax. Pause. Release your jaw, and your shoulders too. Take a moment to shake off your tension, your anxiety, and rest your wandering mind. Just breathe for once!

This is a great technique to calm yourself before giving a speech or presentation or before doing something extreme like quitting a job or having a tough conversation with someone. Center your body and your nerves so that you can FOCUS on the task at hand and at what you are trying to achieve.

We are always on the go-go-GO and overstimulating our nervous system – which doesn’t help our bodies understand how to handle the fight or flight responses that fear brings up. It’s important to spend more time grounding yourself or pausing to take a nice big deep breathe during moments of stress and anxiety and FEAR.

5. Overcome your blocks

& your limiting beliefs too!

Our blocks and our limiting beliefs are more of our excuses showing up from all the things we have been programmed to think, feel & believe from childhood. These could also be blocks we have been conditioned to from society or from our environment, and they may have even been passed down to us from generations!

It’s no one’s fault. But it is our job right now, as a conscious collective, to work through those blocks and release them in order to achieve a high vibe life!

One of my favorite exercises to do with this step is called “Leave Your Excuses At The Door”. It’s a technique where you write down all the excuses you have around doing something and recognize that these are your patterns for not showing up as your full self in life. But then we have the chance to REWRITE these situations without our excuses and take a look at how our life COULD turn out if we have the courage to let it. This is our chance to redo scenarios and step into our full power.

Another really great resource here, for anyone that is feeling a little spiritual, is to join The Pathway courses on To Be Magnetic‘s site, by Lacy Phillips. Lacy has designed actual courses, that can be done in just a week’s time, to help us UNBLOCK so many different things, patterns, and limiting beliefs in our lives. There are specific courses to unblock our inner child, our relationships, our relationships to money, our shadows, and more!

Did you catch my YouTube video also on the topic of conquering fear today? It goes over these same 5 steps, but some people like to listen to it and catch a vibe that way instead. You can check it out HERE.

How To Embrace Opportunity

It’s one thing to learn how to conquer fears in our life, but it’s another thing (another added layer to the process) to learn how to better embrace new opportunities too.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started in welcoming in new experiences with open arms!

1. Say YES! more often

Become a YES person. Say YES to things you wouldn’t normally. Open your mind. Broaden your horizon. Try something NEW. You never know how it will positively impact your life or help you get out of a rut, help you network and find a new job, or even help you meet someone new that becomes the love of your life.

Doing the same things on repeat in life is not going to get you to the life of your dreams. Saying no to new experiences is not going to allow you to embrace new opportunities!

2. Change up your routine

Change it up in any way you can – big or small! This might sound silly to some people – but this can be as simple as ordering something different when you go to your favorite lunch spot or coffee shop. Order something you might not even think you’ll like – but just to try it! Change up the route you take to work. Change up what workout class you go to at the gym. Take showers at night instead of the morning. Whatever it is – just change something! This will help you adapt more, be more flexible to change and to doing things outside of your comfort zone, and it will also help you fully understand where you are lying stagnant in life. It will show you where there are areas in your life that you can better embrace NEW opportunities.

3. Write down your goals

The best way to go after a new experience or embrace a new opportunity is to make a list of what some of those new opportunities are that you would even want to experience. DAYDREAM. And in fact, dream BIG. Write down everything it is you want to achieve, you want to do, where you want to go, and things you would do if you weren’t afraid or if you didn’t have any limitations or excuses holding you back.

The next step would be to post these goals somewhere that allows you to look at them and think about them every day. I like to keep things hung in my desk “office” space in the RV, but in our ‘old life’ I had a vision board in our bedroom. Hang up little notes at your work or around the house. Sit with these goals for at least a few minutes EVERY SINGLE DAY and visualize yourself doing them and achieving the things in your life.

By opening up your mind to the possibilities in life, it will help draw those opportunities to you. Sometimes the first step is just being OPEN to them and showing the Universe that we are ready to receive the things we want in life.

4. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

I know this one is hard for a lot of people, because quite frankly – people just don’t LIKE change, and they don’t LIKE to be uncomfortable. But you see, when we can get ourselves out of our comfort zones, that is where all the MAGIC of possibility happens. Amazing things weren’t created in comfort. They were created by expanding PAST our comfort zones into new opportunities.

If we had stayed in our comfortable shell, our stable paychecks and comfortable townhome in the comfortable city of Woodbury, MN – we would NEVER have experienced the last 6 months, 9 states, 5,000 miles, and 30 campsites in the USA. THATS CRAZY TO THINK OF. And we are still just getting started even! But my point is – we could have just stuck to comfort. We could have kept doing the same things, every day, every weekend – and never chased this dream because it wasn’t comfortable to initiate all the change needed to bring it into a reality.

Take a moment and just think about HOW MUCH your life would change if you did more things that were out of your comfort zone. When we are uncomfortable we learn more, we grow, and we TRANSFORM. We evolve past our old selves into our highest selves and this is where we can achieve the life of our dreams!

It doesn’t take much to start initiating this one. It can be as simple as taking a cold shower instead of a hot one (MAJOR health benefits to that by the way), or by working out in the morning even if you hate doing it and normally do it at night (this is one I need to start doing!) Small steps into discomfort can ripple effect into BIG changes in our lives!

5. & have more fun!

IT IS SO IMPORTANT THOUGH. Stop taking everything in life so seriously. We are balls of energy and mass on a floating BIGGER ball of energy and mass, in a humongous solar system, in a ginormous galaxy, in an INFINITE Universe. We are a spec in the world. Our problems are a spec in the world. The things we spend so much time worrying about and FEARING, are not even important in the grand scheme of things at all. This might be our ONE CHANCE to have a spiritual experience in a human body and there is absolutely no point to waste it in being too fearful to live the life of our dreams. There is no point to NOT embrace amazing new opportunities and experiences because we are too scared or don’t like change.

We need to all spend more time having FUN and embracing the little things that make this experience on earth so amazing. Spend more time doing what you’d rather be doing. Dance more. Laugh more. Experience new things more. Lighten up! Life is precious, and it isn’t guaranteed to any of us for any certain length of time, so it’s important to enjoy the time we do have and HAVE FUN along the way. Have fun on our journey!

We are all floating around the solar system together in this spaceship called Earth – what’s not FUN about that?!


The year is coming to an end and I’m someone who likes to always pause and do some reflecting every December. This year, being so unique, I thought it would be fun to do a “Best Of 2019” type of blog post edition – specific to our nomadic journey. That means – best hikes, best campsites, best backyards, best sunsets, best mountain, best beach, best weather, and whatever else I can think of! 🙂 Maybe a top 10 list? Stay tuned!

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