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A&A Challenges Of Mobile Living (180 Days)

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

End of Week #25

North Texas Jellystone Park, Burleson TX

Miles traveled since last week’s post = STILL 0

Total miles traveled to date = STILL 4,570 with trailer

Hello & happy Monday! We have been in Burleson for going on 3 weeks now, and have just under 2 weeks left here. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been going a little stir crazy without the constant moving and adventures, but I’m trying my best to take this time to just breathe.

The weather has been a bit better for us lately, with several days in the 70s and with sunshine. Adam has been working a cash job here and there, and I have been catching up on a lot of work on my computer (& working on exciting new things to come!) The Bengals have been getting a lot of sleep in and enjoying the occasional walk around the park.

The Water Gardens downtown Fort Worth.

Today, Adam and I ventured into downtown Fort Worth to Sundance Square, and walked around looking at the Water Gardens and the tribute to JFK. There are a few State Parks fairly close by, but they cost money to get into, and I just haven’t decided if they are worth the admission fees or not yet. I am hardcore missing on the mountains and the National Parks these days!


Every 2 months, I like to write about some of the challenges we have encountered while living on the road, and revisit any previous ones we have had too. It seems only fitting to compare another 60 days into the journey with those challenges to see how they have changed, have been solved, or if they continue to persist. It totally blows my mind to think that we are now just about SIX months into it. I remember day dreaming about this moment, back in like July, and it felt so foreign and out of reach. And now it’s HERE!

Over 1500 miles and 2 months since our last “challenges” post… WHAT. Time (& miles) have just flown right by.

Our first fire (this past weekend) in over a month and a half!

If you missed my previous post about the challenges of mobile living at 120 days, you can check it out here.

If you missed my previous post about the challenges of mobile living at 60 days, you can check it out here.


Like I’ve said time and time again, the adjustments to minimalism, tiny home living, mobile living, and full-time travel have really not been all that difficult on us with all things considered. We have adjusted to everything really quite well and continue to adapt more along the way. When I talk about the challenges we encounter it is to shed light on what we deal with, but also to show you that the challenges that come with this lifestyle are things that you can completely overcome no matter who you are or where you are at in terms of experience. Things could always be worse, and quite frankly a lot of the time we experienced FAR WORSE challenges in our “old life” than we do now on the road.

Cold weather

This one goes hand in hand with a few that will follow below, but boy oh boy – I feel like we have been outrunning the cold probably ever since my last challenges post! Dealing with cold weather presents SO many new challenges, especially in trying to stay warm! If we are boondocking, we don’t have an electricity supply and have to run off of our RV battery – which only last so long when you are running the furnace. Plus we have to use propane in order to make the furnace work and we absolutely eat it up when the furnace is kicking on all night to maintain temps. What a battle! There were definitely a few miserable nights in there – specifically when we were at the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado and it got down to in the TEENS at night and we ran out of RV battery. No RV battery means NO FURNACE, and holy shit that was cold! The cats were cuddled under the blankets with me.

Even when we do have an electricity hook up, dealing with cold weather is something you feel at every corner of the “house”. You can feel the cold coming in through the walls and the windows. You can feel it in the bathroom when you’re trying to take a shower. I can feel it at the desk when I’m trying to get work done. It follows you everywhere!

Humidity in the trailer

Another huge issue we have ran into with the cold weather is the humidity inside the trailer. This had never previously been an issue for us, but when you are trying to maintain heat inside and when the temps are pretty cold outside, it builds a TON of condensation on the windows, the walls and we have noticed it in the cupboards too! We are frequently trying to wipe it all down and have been leaving the cupboard doors open, but it worries me to have that buildup as it’s obviously not good for the trailer and can create undesirable challenges down the road if it were to persist.

Thankfully, we just ordered a mini humidifier to try out with this issue, and it should be arriving tomorrow! Oddly enough, while we were in Amarillo, TX, Adam went to 3-4 different stores looking for a humidifier and they didn’t sell them anywhere…

Kitties new toy from Grandma Sandy!

What to do when we are stuck inside all day – trying not to go stir crazy

There sure have been a lot of days IN the trailer in the last month, and that is something that came as a huge adjustment after the previous several months on the go, go, GO all the time. The space never feels that small until you are stuck inside of it day after day and Adam is trying to watch football or play video games and I’m trying to read or write or work, or sleep! Ha, that makes for a small space feeling! As well as just not having the ability to walk around and stretch your legs or exercise or adventure is really tough when in a lot of ways that is the whole purpose of what we are doing. We really hope that the worst of the weather is past us and that from now on we maintain at least highs in the 50’s!

Original supply stock piles running out

Prior to ever moving full-time into the RV, I stocked up on a ton of different supplies for us, in anticipation it would last up to a year. Most of the items I stocked up on most definitely will, especially our deodorants, toothpastes, shampoos, conditioners and soaps. But some of the other goods have ran out or are running out and now is the time we have to utilize funds to restock. This includes things like toilet paper, dry cat food, and cooking essentials such as avocado oil and ghee butter. We use the oil and butter for just about everything we ever cook (in replacement for “regular butter” and olive oil or cooking oil). It is a good thing that we have an address we can ship these items to right now, but it is an expense we have not had since being on the road and something we have to then rebudget for!

Bengal Cats

Oh do we love our Bengal fur babes, but I would be lying to you all if I did not tell you that of course they present challenges for us! I have written about this on many other posts so it only makes sense I would share that now too. From their cat hair, to little pieces of carpet from their cat scratching tower, to their overall craziness when being cooped up inside, to trying to share the bed with them, to their litter being flung around the house… they are a challenge all on their own!

We have a lap cat problem around here 🙂

I try not to let it drive me mad that I will clean the house and then minutes later see their hair or little fragments all over the place, because I obviously love them dearly. But probably the funniest part about it all is how they absolutely take over our bed (as they used to have their own entire bedroom at our old house) and Adam and I will find ourselves waking up curled into awkward uncomfortable balls just to not disrupt the cats on the bed from their cozy cuddles. They sure know how to rule the coop!

Trying veganism (Amanda)

If you follow me on Instagram or on my Facebook Business page, you might have heard me announce that I was participating in a Vegan challenge for 21 days this month. I decided to do so because I am being called to do better, to try harder, and to BE better. I’ve always had issues with meat and dairy and the animal industry in general and wanted to give an accountability group a try. However, this has been quite challenging while living in the RV when Adam and I eat basically every meal together, shop for the both of us in mind, and while we live in a small space where I can smell and see everything he is eating.

Our site in Burleson, TX.

I’ve done overall okay in reducing my meat intake to barely any at all, but I’ve struggled a lot to avoid eggs and dairy – especially when I see him making a bomb breakfast right in front of me! I know well and sure that this challenge would be a lot “easier” for me in our old life when I meal prepped and we ate a lot of separate meals and had the allocations to shop for a lot of separate foods, but this time is different and presents more of a challenge for me to be creative!

Of course it also didn’t help that we got a lot of care packages with delicious baked goods from family members that I just could NOT say no to. 🙂

Sitting in one place

New to us, is the idea of being “stationary” in one place for more than a week, our typical longest amount of time in one place since we have left Wisconsin. We have now been in Burleson for 2.5 weeks and still have another 2 weeks to go and this situation is so new for us to adjust to.

It’s weird to not have to think about packing up and heading out again, or even to prepare the cats to do so. It’s foreign to have so much time on our hands to do ultimately whatever the hell we want with the day! It’s weird to wake up in the same place, as I already have a hard enough time remembering where the heck I am at any given moment. And it’s different to be so stable and consistent on this nomadic journey. We truly are learning HOW to be stable on the road, and it’s both a blessing and challenge at the same time!

The laundry facility at our current campground.

Other NEW challenges:

Mail when it can’t be delivered where we are or when there isn’t enough time to mail it to where we are… super strange but our current place doesn’t accept ANY mail and all you can do is chance that the carrier will bring it directly to your RV site.

Fire alarm going off multiple times a day when cooking…. even if the windows are open and the fans are on.

Quarters for laundry and then get to a place and for the first time ever the machine only takes CC… *eye roll*. Well at least we have quarters for next time now!

Smaller bed and going to bed at different times… I already mentioned how hard it is to share the bed with the cats and sometimes going to bed at different times is hard too because I can hear the TV or feel Adam getting into bed and it wakes me back up!

Too soon?

Trim starting to peel off the walls of the trailer... yes, the trim is falling off in a lot of places! We have tried to gorilla glue some places back where we could, but of course we don’t have the most expensive trailer on the market and it is not designed like a house so these things are to be expected!

Small crisis for a few weeks when we were out of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce… as we found out it is only a midwestern thing – BUT crisis averted as we were gifted 4 HUGE BOTTLES in the mail from my family and I’m so happy! #PutThatShitOnEverything

Rahja likes to try to be brave and sneak out the front door any chance she has now… and she has got out a few times on accident! Thankfully, each time she does get out she really doesn’t know what to do with herself and just stands there frozen, so then I can pounce on her and drag her ass back in.

Things we are still working through:

Recycling, missing friends and family HARDCORE, being away for celebrations-birthdays-deaths-milestones-dinners-holidays, being away from people we know and people in general, being away, etc….

Downtown Fort Worth, TX.

Solutions to some previous 60 day and 120 day challenges

Doing dishes = now a perfect time to listen to an hour podcast (which I used to do while I commuted to work).

Finding places to stay = I’ve started to plan out further and build rough estimations on timelines in various places into fall of next year. This helps to search general areas. Being in one spot for a month helps take up time to not have to plan every few days and plan further out.

Deciding what to make for dinner = just keep eating the same general things on rotation. 🙂

Things that are still NOT a challenge another 60 days into it

Smaller Space

Less Clothes

Less Stuff

Full-Time Travel


SO MANY BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING! First – I plan to release x2 new travel reviews this week (as I’m finally catching up!) So if you aren’t already “following” the blog, you want to make sure to do so to not miss an update. Second – I plan to launch the start of a YOUTUBE channel later this week. & Third – Friday marks our 6 MONTH ANNIVERSARY living in the RV! Holy buckets!


So by this time next week, it will be a very special time… we will officially be past our 6 MONTH marker of living in the RV, and it will also be the week of Thanksgiving and our first “bigger deal” holiday away from family! In honor of both of these things, next week’s post will be a life update and won’t be any heavy content, but more inspirational and reflective about this 6 month journey and what we have learned, memorable moments, and what it’s like coping through the holiday season.

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