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Party in Puerto Vallarta [Mexico: Part 2]

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Intro: The Heart of the West Coast

Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita are both very lively cities, with a lot of good vibes and commotion going on around you, but they are lively in very different ways. If you are from Minnesota, it’s almost like comparing downtown Stillwater to downtown Minneapolis. Both are full of life, full of adventures, and offer plenty of places to eat and drink, but they both offer a much different experience of the day (or night). It’s like one main street of nightlife, compared to 30 busy streets of nightlife. Puerto Vallarta is hustle and bustle, but amplified.

Anywhere you go in Mexico is bound to have a lot of tourists, but Puerto Vallarta is the second largest urban town in its state, with only the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area being larger. This area has always been a thriving village, even long before it become an international tourist destination.


Once a mining town called ‘Las Penas’, Puerto Vallarta is known for its warm multi-cultural experiences, strong traditions, exotic biodiversity, exquisite international restaurants, romantic natural landscapes, and it’s vibrant artistic scene.

It makes sense why it’s so popular destination for tourism, doesn’t it?


I’ve been to PV before, roughly 15 years ago …. [Yes, I was only 13 years old the first time I went to Mexico … hence the obsessions I have with travel] … and I remember it being a lot different. It was less built up of course, less tourists (less people overall), and I remembered it having a lot more beach line. Unfortunately, I can’t recall at all where we would have stayed, but I know we were in an average hotel. I also remember spending a lot of time on a pretty expansive beach, experiencing all the vendors going by.

Puerto Vallarta started it all for me, my love affair with Mexico that is. The trip I took with my mom and her boyfriend to this beautiful, authentic pueblo on the Pacific Coast, dug itself deep, forever pulling at my heartstrings. I fell so in love with the culture, the people, the place, and I just knew I’d be back.

From tequila, to parasailing, to the obsessive way the locals raved about my hair, Puerto Vallarta lit a fire in me, totally igniting my passion for the beach and the ocean. The first time I can recall having alcohol ever in my life, was also in Puerto Vallarta, and was nothing less than a tall shot of tequila paired with guacamole made right at my table. [If this offends you, you might want to stop reading my posts … It isn’t going to get better, it will likely only get worse. #NotSorry]

  1. Drinking the water, and several glasses of it

  2. Passing out on the beach while getting my hair braided

  3. A kind woman who only spoke spanish, running around the beach trying to get my mom for me

  4. Posting up in our hotel room, dying

  5. Going at least 10 years without being able to drink pina coladas again, because it was the last thing I had before going into a throw-up-apocalypse

  6. Accompanying my mom’s boyfriend as he bought one of everything, from every vendor that passed us by on the beach. [I literally mean everything, he even bought a horse shaped wooden napkin holder]

  7. Going on a sweet pirate themed cruise on the Bay of Banderas

  8. Eating lots of great authentic Mexico food

  9. Walking through the shops of Old Town, being pursued by many older men, sending my mom into panic mode

Sayulita to PV

Back to 2018: We traveled to Puerto Vallarta, from Sayulita, by taxi. It took roughly an hour to get to our hotel, mostly due to the fact that we had to travel down a main street and encountered a lot of traffic lights. [I literally thought I was going to pee my pants on the drive over, and a few times I came very close to asking the driver to pull to the side of the road so I could go in the jungle …]

The drive was also longer for us because we stayed at the far South end of the Bay of Banderas, in the Zona Romantica … which at the time of booking meant nothing more to me than a good place for couples and singles, and I also knew it was near Old Town. Well, apparently Zona Romantica is a specific area of PV known to the LGBT community.

Specifically, this area is known as the “Gay Zone”, no joke. We didn’t know this at all prior to arriving, but we had a few ah-ha realizations as we figured things out.


Next, on the bottom of a map insert, were details such as “gay guide”, “gay beach”, “gay zone”, and many bars with flirty names such as “Daiquiri Dicks” and “Blondies” were located near us. (This was clearly clue #2)

We sort of went all out on our sleeping accommodations here since we were only going to be here for a 2-nights stay. I was able to get some killer deals though my Expedia account, (and even a free bottle of red wine!) Our hotel was luxurious, and featured a rooftop infinity pool and bar, and several rooms even had jacuzzis on their balconies. [Ours was SUPPOSED to have that. But somehow there was a mix up -____- ].

After getting settled, of course we wanted to go check out the rooftop views and the infinity pool, and while venturing up we quickly realized that we may be the only straight group of people in the entire hotel. In fact, us ladies in our group were amongst the only other woman that we saw in the hotel at all. We also seemed a bit … younger. All four of us stuck out like sore thumbs. (…Clue #3)


Sidenote: Those damn steps!

Speaking of exercise … I didn’t mention much about this (did I mention anything?) in my Sayulita post, but I DID do daily workouts almost every morning, with the exception being if I knew we were planning to hike for the day. My go to was to do sets and routines I know from Beach Body On Demand, from memory, however in PV I used this staircase to my full advantage. One morning I got up early, grabbed my headphones, and climbed in a full circle (there were two sides, I used one for up and one for down), for 10 full sets. This had to have been hundreds upon hundreds of steps. You guys, the staircase was HUGE. It took me almost 30 minutes to fully complete 10 sets, and I’m telling you, I was sore from this for like 5 days straight afterwards.

[They did have a ‘shuttle’ service for the steps, a manned cart that would take you up and down for only the cost of a tip, but I tried to convince the group to walk up them when I could.]


Puerto Vallarta wears its heart on it’s sleeve, beating strongly from every rooftop, garden, and street. The vibe is very artistic, yet still boldly authentic. It’s the perfect combination of big city, meets beautiful sea, surrounded by exotic jungle and mountains. Considering how tourist driven it is, it never felt overpowering. There was still a very healthy mix of diversity all around.

Bae is a real looker. ♥

CHEESY. No seriously, the Bay of Banderas is beautiful blue and turquoise water surrounded by city and mountains on all sides. This is literally a breeding ground for biodiversity from the nearby jungle and sea life living or dropping by this inlet. January is considered winter in Mexico, but just so happens to be the middle of humpback whale season. As they make their migration, they stop here, often seen with new calves. [ One tour company was even soliciting a 99% guarantee that you will see a whale if you use their service. ]

We were VERY fortunate to be in the right place at the right time and got to be apart of a whale spotting, right off the circle pier our first afternoon. Some guys waiting to book people in boat rides pointed it out to us, [right after one of them offered us some drugs]. A mother and baby were spotted off quite a bit in the distance, but visible none-the-less. Incredible moment, as we saw the baby do a little dive, with its cute little [BIG, cause these whales are huge …] dorsal fin in the air.