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Product Review: The Importance of Natural Skincare

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Living a natural lifestyle, to include products, services, and FOODS, (plus all that’s in between), has been really important to me for many years. I enjoy doing research on what new products are out there, what new wellness trends might be the best for me, and what new companies are using the least amount of chemical shit-storms to make awesome goods. The good news is that I am sharing the best things I find with YOU, on a variety of different topics. My hope for you is that the information I provide will help guide you down your best personal wellness journey.

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“I regret taking such great care of my skin.” – said no one EVER

I’m not going to lie to you guys, I haven’t always focused as much as I should on my skincare routines. I’ve had fairly ‘okayish’ facial skin throughout my adulthood, and always been a speckled, freckled canvas everywhere else. I’ve been more of a here-and-there kind of skincare routine follower, and it wasn’t ever really getting me anywhere.

Within the last year I sort of made a promise to myself to start caring about my skin care routines MORE, and to focus on making them better. I started researching (and paying more attention to) good products I would find right on social media, and from there whole new opportunities were born. There are SO MANY great new skincare lines out there these days that are vegan, cruelty free, plant based, and do amazing things for you! You just have to find the right options for you, and apply daily!

Having trouble finding wellness balance? Just start with your skin.

Our skin is a direct reflection of what is going on inside our bodies, especially when it comes to our face. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to really know where to start when you are trying to achieve overall wellness and balance in your body. Diet and exercise are always GREAT, but sometimes you can even do smaller simpler steps each day, and adopt them into your normal routine for ‘getting ready’. Small steps can start to make a big impact overall.

Basic Natural Skin Care Products

1. Night Cream: Herbivore Botanicals – Moon Fruit

I basically fell in love with this product before I even took it out of the box. In came in an adorable little full moon box with soft pastel purples and greys. The product itself is a continued variation of a soft pastel purple, and it’s super rich and creamy.

But let’s talk about Herbivore Botanicals, this company is NATURAL. Every ingredient they put in a product is there for a special. therapeutic reason. They don’t use any fillers, their ingredients are pure and concentrated, and are never tested on animals. Their emphasis is on organic, high quality ingredients, that are effective. Check out more about their natural ingredients, here. The Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment is packed with superfruit enzymes and rich antioxidants. The enzymes help to brighten your skin’s appearance and allow you to wake up fresh and hydrated.

This product is meant to be applied before bed, to a clean face, and works it’s botanical magic throughout the night while you’re sleeping. The product IS very thick, but that means you really only need a little bit to go a long way. The jar is small but the product lasted me several months. You do have to get used to spreading it throughout your skin, and making sure to rub it in all the way, but it’s so worth it. My skin is SO FUCKING SOFT when I wake up in the morning, and it just looks more evenly toned and glowing! I love this product so much that I will absolutely spend $58 through my Amazon prime account to get another jar, and get those rewards points in the process. I love this purple potion!

Now some reviews out there will definitely tell you that people experience this product ‘going bad’ or changing colors. Mine did too, but I can’t confidently say if it’s because of whatever reason other peoples did, or if it’s because one night I accidentally dropped the jar on the bathroom floor and the cap busted into a million pieces so I had to find alternative ways to cover it for the remainder of use … Either way, I really don’t even care. It’s a NATURAL product, I would rather know that it does and CAN go bad, versus last for the next trillion years. It makes me comfortable to know my product has a shelf life because it reinforces the fact that the ingredients are PLANT based. It’s something I’m 100% willing to deal with to continue to treat my skin well.

P.S. Did you know that going to bed with your makeup on can ultimately age your skin 7 times faster? Even more reason to incorporate a night time facial routine ASAP!

BONUS: Face Oil: Herbivore Botanicals – Lapis

I aspire to one day try the entire Herbivore Botanicals line, but for now it’s one at a time for me. The next product I have purchased is their Lapis Facial Oil. The oil is a deep beautiful blue, and comes in a few different size options. The oil can be applied for your morning or evening routine, or anything in between. Lapis is a favorite stone by the ancient Egyptians and contains a precious oil called Blue Tansy. This oil holds components that help alleviate dry skin, reduce the appearance of redness, and balance your skin overall.

I’m so into putting oil on my face, even though I’ve had my fair share of oily skin! Oil helps combat oil people, I’m not even kidding. More to come on this product after I get a chance to use it for a few months!

Confidence Level: Selfie With No Filter

2. RABalance – Jade Roller

Seriously though, the woo-woo stuff works too! (Not to mention woo-woo products have been around FOREVER, with evidence of them as far back as seventeenth-century China!) Gemstone rollers are definitely the new mainstream thing, and they even sell them at Sephora, Ulta, Amazon … It seems like there are two versions people are focusing on, both the jade rollers and the rose quartz ones. (In Chinese culture the Jade stone is the ‘stone of Heaven”.) To ensure you have a better quality product you usually do have to spend a little more, but I found my jade roller from a company called RABalance for just $25.

Gemstone rollers are a great way to encourage circulation in your skin, which improves your skin tone. They also boost the natural collagen in your skin, which increases overall elasticity and keeps you looking young (and tight). Rollers reduce skin puffiness and help push out toxins in your skin, to be drained by your lymphatic system. You can also say goodbye to those pesky undereye circles, and overall using a roller regularly can help your skin absorb your other skin care moisturizers more easily. These rollers help reduce breakouts, release toxins, and ease tension headaches too!

Using a gemstone roller is really easy, I promise! But in case you need some guidance, here are the instruction list that RABalance provides you regarding their roller sets. This company hand makes all of their rollers and sends them to you in a sleek little gift box. It’s not just a luxurious beauty trend you guys, it’s the way of the future! This takes your skin care routine to a whole new (cosmic) level. I also think this is one of those things that you really can’t knock until you give it a try! I’ve only been using mine for a few weeks now, but it definitely helps me feel more relaxed and balanced in my skin care routines. I think it helps to ‘move around’ my other face care routines to make things even. I also enjoy the magical essence of rubbing a gemstone on my face. 🙂 #Witchy

P.S. Special Trick: Keep your gemstone roller in the fridge when you aren’t using it for an extra chill to combat puffiness.

3. Luna Bronze – Natural Tanning Moisturizer

This is sunless tanning – meets skincare. All products at Luna Bronze are 99% organic or naturally derived, and they are also vegan and cruelty free. The products are created out of Australia and are helping spread the word that sometimes it’s better to go #TanningMinusTheSun.

The most common places that skin cancer occur are on our faces and our necks … so it’s extremely important we know what we are putting on ourselves. Now I could get into a whole other debate with sunscreen, because that’s a whole other wellness beast to tackle, but for now let’s just focus on putting safe, natural products, on ourselves to help achieve that beautiful summer glow all year round. (AND WITHOUT THE SKIN CANCER)

Growing up, there was a strange and strong pressure to maintain a tan, always. I don’t know if it’s because we are way up in the Midwest and our winters are brutal, or what, but you were significantly cooler (hotter) if you managed a great tan, all year round. Now mind you, I also have pretty fair skin and have always been a version of naturally strawberry blonde, but I was determined to maintain that tan. Disgustingly countless hours in tanning beds … that’s what happened when I went to high school. It makes me literally sick to think of the damage I did to my skin and the absurd amount of tanning I did. But the good news is that I was able to break completely free of this terrible habit by the time I got out of college. Instead, I’m happy to say I’ve been able to incorporate ways to build a gradual and natural tan, just through the skincare regimens I follow.

Luna Bronze comes in many different options, and variations of tan. I started using the gradual tanning lotion a few months ago, and was able to notice a distinct difference in the tone of my arms and legs after just a few applications. It rubs in smooth, without streaking, and doesn’t leave me smelling like a hot tanning mess all day. While there still is a slight tanning like odor, I don’t find it all consuming or bothersome throughout the day while wearing the product. This product is something I would definitely keep using all through the winter months as it keeps me feeling hydrated!

The Glow Gradual Tanning Lotion has stellar ingredients including mandarin, lemon myrtle, and orange blossom essential oils to help increase your skin’s glow. The lotion is vibrant and refreshing and I feel safe lathering it all over my body!


Hey Girl, Did You Purchase a Skin Care Routine Yet?

It’s time to check yourself guys (and your bathroom counter)… are your skin care products full of toxic cancer laced chemicals? Is it time to clean house and start a new routine to better impact your skin, your organs, and YOUR LIFE? Natural skin care routines don’t have to seem like something so out of reach, and they don’t have to break your bank either. Safe products are out there, and there are plenty of ways to earn rewards, discounts, first time buyer savings, points through certain companies like Amazon or Ulta, or whatever. There are ways to make it more affordable, I promise! It’s also worth the price in a lot of cases because it is your HEALTH, your LIFE, your vitality people! #GetYourPrioritiesStraight

You want more content? I thought so!

To read more natural products reviews, check out a great wellness and lifestyle site I contribute to, Life Goals Mag.

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