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A&A Full-Time RVing During Covid | 2021 Edition

End of Week #102

Moose Hillock Camping Resort, Fort Ann, NY

Miles traveled since last week's post = 0

Total miles traveled to date = 14,491 with trailer

It seems like forever ago already, when I would have written my first post about what it was like to RV during the Coronavirus - back in March of 2020. Everything is already so different now than it was back then, however some things do continue to remain the same too. The craziest thing to get used to when you are full-time traveling during Covid, is how different everything is just depending on what state you are in!

If you missed last year's post about RVing during Covid, or just want to take a second look, you can find it here: A&A Full-Time RVing During The Coronavirus.

A&A Full-Time RVing During Covid In 2021

Finding campsites

Thankfully, finding a campsite in 2021 is nowhere near as hard as it was this time last year. I remember how panic took over me as I learned of one closure after another, Governor's closing all camping options entirely - even BLM land closed (free public land). It was a nightmare in the beginning. Around this time last year we had such a hard time traveling through California to our summer workamping job, as everything we could find was shut down. We had to pretty much bomb through because we lacked options.

Fast forward to this year and things are WAY different. If it's hard to find a campsite now, it's not because of Covid, but instead it is because there are SO many more RVers on the road than ever before. The RVing lifestyle and industry absolutely boomed last year, and there was over a 100% increase in the amount of RVers on the road. It definitely makes it harder to plan out the prime spots, but thankfully there are more options with programs like Boondocker's Welcome, as now hosts are taking RVers again - as even they shut down in the thick of it last year!

Different states, different "rules", different "cultures", different degrees of "open"...

To wear your mask indoors, or to not wear your mask indoors, to be expected to wear your mask outdoors, or to not be expected to wear your mask outdoors... the "rules" seem to vary greatly depending on what state you are in, or even what city you are in. The more rural you get, the less the "rules" apply, and the more north you get, the more the "rules" absolutely apply. It's been quite a trip, literally, traveling from Florida to Upstate New York, and witnessing all of the changes as we go. Each state has been like a whole new culture to get used to. It has most definitely gotten stricter the further north we have gotten, and it seems as though as soon as we have gotten to New York, everyone everywhere is wearing a mask at all times - even outdoors. (Except at the campground we are working at, where no one wears a mask.)

Wearing masks outdoors is not something we partake in, so of course we get some looks here and there. We also do not wear them indoors, unless it is stated that it is required for entry. In states like Florida, we would notice a lot of people not wearing them in grocery stores or other "public places" that it was stated you should, so we stopped doing that as well.

It has also been interesting to see how they handle things state by state, as in Florida you are able to sit at the bar in a restaurant, and only order a drink if you want. But as soon as we got to New York you were not able to sit at a bar at all and you had to order food with your drink. During the trip in between we also saw places in North Carolina where they put signs on the door saying you did NOT have to wear a mask. We noticed more and more businesses closed the further we traveled north, including those that have appeared to go out of business and close entirely. It almost feels as though we went from life in a degree of "as normal as you can get right now", to life back in the twilight zone of Covid as soon as we crossed into New York. (And it's crazy to think back to California this time last year, when you couldn't go to the beach, you couldn't go to any restaurant, and we were barely allowed to leave our campground as to not draw attention to our out of state plates!)

I'm happy to report that what HAS been consistent in each state, is open outdoor recreation. National Parks remain open, and state parks remain open. These are the primary things we seek and the way we spend most of our time, and I don't want to ever return to the time last year when these things were closed!

Overall safety

I can thankfully say, that there hasn't been one single time that Adam and I have felt unsafe during the entire past year or more of Covid in America. We have traveled all the way from Arizona to northern California, back down to southern Florida, and back up to Upstate New York - and never once felt unsafe. We have worked in very public jobs, dealing with people first hand, working closely alongside others, handling large amounts of cash, etc. and we have never felt unsafe. We have done our best to live our life as "normal" as we can, whenever we can, and have tried to stay away from toxic things like the news or what social media has to say on the topic.

We also do our best to take care of our bodies, our natural immune systems, and our overall health. Neither of us has been sick in many years, and this has not changed during the past year of life! Adam and I still do not have health insurance, and have not for 2 full years now, so our health is NOT something we take lightly.

Now we add a gas shortage to the mix

I guess 2020 had it's groceries and toilet paper shortages, and now 2021 has it's gas shortages. I'm trying not to let the fear of this one get to me, even though I know it's an absolutely real problem in the south - including so many states we were just in very recently. I've been seeing a lot of posts from people I know saying they do not have gas available near them, as well as many comments in our full-time RV groups where people are unable to find options too. It's hard to believe that could have been us if our route north would have taken place just a bit later than it did, as we drove right through Georgia, South Carolina and other states directly affected by this right now.

I am doing my best to stay positive that this is not something we will encounter at all in the northern states, as I'm not sure what we would do if we got stuck somewhere. I guess our only option would be to continue to stay at an RV park until things started to improve. Ugh!

Looking to the future

I do feel as though the future is bright. The post I wrote on this topic last year felt like it was still full of a lot of fear and unknowns, and I feel a lot more optimistic this year. It has definitely helped change our outlook by living as much of our dream life as we possibly can (while we can), by connecting with other like minded people and campers across the country, and in not watching TV. Not watching TV has probably been the single most greatest positive factor we have had the entire past year!

I hope by this time next year, I will look back on these posts about RVing during Covid, only to shake my head out of awe and out of the craziness of it all. Brighter days are definitely ahead!


It's time for another challenges of mobile living post, as later this week we hit the 720 day marker! Another two months have already gone by, and it's time to evaluate what kind of new challenges have come up, what we are doing to work through them, and to review if any of our previous challenges are still hanging around. Stay tuned next week for more!

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