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[Amateur] Astrology 101

*Astrology says that we are not only influenced by heredity factors and our environment, but also by the position of the solar system at the moment of birth.* 

For as long as I can remember, the Moon and the Stars have been my guiding light, my ruling deity. I grew up mesmerized by the Universe and in love with the bigger picture of Life itself. Science has always been my jam, and I'll never forget the day we learned about the Planets, the Sun and the Stars in 6th grade. That moment was everything to me, and from then on the Universe had me in the palm of it's hand. I realized there was SO much energy out there, and I could learn to interpret that energy!

*Astrology is as old as time (literally), and derived from the Greek words Astra (star) and Logos (logic or reason). *

I've always naturally felt that all things are connected to one another, that there is meaning and purpose to all we experience. Everything taking place for a reason, no coincidences. I've always felt the energetic vibes of the cosmos and dreamt to understand all of their secrets. I've always had an incredibly natural and smooth love affair with the Universe.

From an early age, I also became captivated by an explanation for the human behavior, and I soon also fell head over heels in love with Astrology. It started out as a simple addiction to my horoscope to get me through the deep dark depths of middle school, and it turned into so much more than that, a real cosmic religion.

In a nutshell, astrology sees the planets as tools we can better live by. The forces of the planets mean different things depending on their position and their relation to one another. By studying the roles of each planet, and interpreting all of their elements and qualities, you can paint an overall picture of a person and their potential.

Astrology has taught me many things, but specifically a lot about self-love and self-awareness that Wednesday night religion class never could. It's taught me about myself, and given me relatable guidelines for why I am the way I am. Astrology has taught me self-acceptance, and how to ride the yin-and-yang waves of life.



Okay, so here is the gist - there are 12 astrological Zodiac signs, starting with Aries and ending with Pisces. The astrological New Year begins on Spring Equinox, March 20th. Each sign belongs to a different element and brings different qualities to the table. Each person is born under different planetary positions, setting the 'back drop' to their demeanor. This makes things very individualized and complex, and is a combination of many (moving) parts. Every Zodiac sign is also associated to a describing animal, tied to the key qualities of that sign.

Zodiacs (in order): Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

I am a Cancer, born July 13th at 3:16 am, with a Rising sign in Gemini, and a Moon in Scorpio. Cancer's element is Water. Cancer's describing animal is the Crab.


Cancers tend to be very emotional, sensitive, and intuitive, and are known to retreat to their 'shells' often. Cancer are typically home bodies, needing a lot of love and security.My Rising sign in Gemini makes me very active by nature, enjoying meeting people and doing different things. I tend to need to be involved in several projects at once to keep my mind stimulated.

You could say that I like to read books, write letters, and talk - CONSTANTLY.

With my Moon in Scorpio, this just adds a level of intensity to everything. I tend to either be VERY angry, VERY sad, or VERY happy.  My moods are extreme and they are deep, and not always understood by all, not even myself! I tend to push boundaries and reactions and can be easily jealous or suspicious. I am naturally curious about dark mysterious things, especially human nature and motivations. (Ahem, mentioned above!)I was born during what's called the "witching hour", between 3:00 - 4:00 am. In folklore, this is the time of the night associated to supernatural events. Creatures such as witches are thought to be the most powerful during this time. People born during this time are said to have stronger sensitivities and intuitive vibes.Cancer is one of the (3) Water signs of the Zodiac. [Ruling element] Scorpio and Pisces are the other two, and those with the same ruling element tend to be more naturally drawn to each other. Think 'like attracts like'. Water signs are also associated as deep, and mysterious, similar to a flowing body of water.

From an astrological perspective, there are many more Cosmic pieces that go into your personality, and not just your Sun, Rising and Moon signs. Every person has what's called a Birth Chart, essentially what was 'written in the stars' for you the moment you were born. So as you may have guessed, yes it's depicted off the time (AND place) you were born. There are tons of free resources online to have your Birth Chart mapped out, and you can even pay to have more in depth analysis done. I calculated mine through the AstroTwins website [here].

"The Stars are as much our teachers as they are our guides." - AstroTwins


Each month (sometimes even twice) La Luna graces us with her full beautiful beaming presence. The Moon's cycle is something we can learn to grow with and use it's rhythms as our guiding light. Most people know the Moon's gravitational pull affects the tides of the Oceans, but did you know it also affects our bodies and our minds? [Being made up of 90% water how could it not!] Often times women's fertility cycles will also sync with the rhythms of the moon. Years and years ago, people would plant, harvest, and fish by the seasons and cycles of the Moon.

We have a Full Moon Saturday March 31st in the sign of Libra. Each phase of the Moon is associated to 'being in' a sign of the Zodiac. This adds specific elements to what we are experiencing and what we should focus on.


What does it focus on:  Full Moon's represent turning points in our lives, manifestations, and closures. They provide us clarity in some way or another. It's a great time for completing things and pouring out your creativity. The Moon is also the ruler of the Zodiac sign Cancer. All lunar energy is associated with feminine energy. Each Zodiac sign is affected differently by the Moon, and everyone takes on a different energy during the different phases.

Do: Make decisions at a Full Moon that you were conjuring up half-way through the month, and specifically -exactly 6 months ago. Full Moon's are times we should stand true to ourselves, be bold, be seen, be heard.  Trust yourself and what you are going after. [Charge your crystals too!]

Dont: Be afraid! Honor the Full Moon, and its energy. You can use it to your benefit! But maybe don't take a shift up in a mental health hospital.... trust me, I've done it and I don't recommend it! I used to work in a mental health hospital and full Moon nights were very notoriously known to drive everybody even more mad.


By definition, a Blue Moon is when there are two full Moon's in one month. While a Blue Moon is not actually blue, instead blue symbolizes communication. Blue Moons connect us deeper to our intuition.

Fun Fact: This year we have already started strong with TWO Blue Moon's in just (3) months. Both January and March had a Full Moon on the first day of the month and the last day. [2018]


"Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. Mercury is about to fuck with all yo shit. Welcome to the retrograde, bitches." - The Universe

If you know anything more about Astrology than just your Zodiac sign, then it's very likely you've also heard of the infamous Mercury Retrograde that infiltrates our lives about 3-4 times a year (because it's the fastest planet in the solar system). Each time this bitch comes he lingers for roughly 3 weeks and also has a shadow period affecting us at the start and end of each session. Mercury tends to get the same bad rap as Monday's do, and everyone usually shames him. Mercury Rx gets so much hype because it is one of few astrological events that affects everyone in a fairly consistent and obvious way.

Retrograde doesn't mean it is actually moving backwards though, it means the motion is an apparent change in movement in the sky, appearing to look 'chaotic'. This signifies a good time for us to take a step back and reflect on things in our lives. What changes do we need to make? How can we do better?

"Be so aligned, that not even Mercury Retrograde can phase you." - Spirit Daughter 

Mercury controls communication in all forms such as writing, reading, speaking, learning, negotiating, and selling. Contracts and agreements are also housed under mercury including wills, leases and other legal documents. Mercury also rules travel and technology so you can expect major surprises in both. Your internet connection may just stop working, computer systems at work may fail, and your travel plans may cancel or change in an instant. It's really important to be self aware when you are communicating with others and don't let glitches in your network connection affect your vibe.


What does it focus on: RE-doing things, anything with the prefix RE in front of it.

Do: Slow down, ground yourself, go EASY on yourself and everyone else. You probably want to think before you speak and don't act irrationally. Basically focus on not losing your shit .. we really are all in this together! Back up your computers and all of your technology. Save, save save! Take your time when communicating with others and think about your actions and consequences. It can be extra easy to get caught up in the moment and lash out.

Don't: It's not advised to make large purchases or sign contracts, as most of the time when those things are done during Mercury Retrograde they end up not working out or failing when the planet goes to 'forward motion' again. For example, starting a new job during Mercury Retrograde may not pan out to longevity for you, for reasons you can't control. Definitely don't make big important decisions as the situation is likely to be mixed up in a chaotic mess. Don't let yourself overreact to situations or lash out when your emotions are running high, you could make permanent damage in your relationships.

We're not even through the tip of the iceberg you guys! There's so much more to learn about the Universe, and in turn - ourselves. The stars give us assignments and push us to look deeper. Hey sometimes it's about the questions, not the answers, right? Sometimes it's all a great code and we have to break down the pieces one by one.

The details are there, there is so much you can learn through books, websites, blogs, the vast INTERNET. It's a science all in it's own, with so many different celestial patterns accounted for. Moon phases. Eclipses. New Moons. Nodes. Chirons. Squares. Trines. Planetary trends. Jupiter's luck! Numerology. Chinese Astrology. Cosmic calendars ... you know, ... just to name a few!

If you want to continue to learn more, on this journey with me through the cosmos, stay tuned for future posts! For those that can handle it, I sure don't mind passionately diving deeper into understanding the Universe.

"Three things cannot be long hidden," said the Buddha, "The Sun, the Moon, and the truth."

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