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A&A Wyoming Check-In Point

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

End of Week #13

Ten Sleep RV, Ten Sleep WY > Absaroka Bay RV, Cody WY > Lake Village Area, Yellowstone National Park

Miles traveled since last week’s post = 191 + 173 miles of adventures in just Frank the Tank (364 mi)

Hello everyone! So this weeks Monday update will be a little different as I am unable to sign into WiFi (my MiFi jetpack) on my laptop. I am typing this to you live from Yellowstone National Park, on my cell phone and unable to complete the post I originally had planned for today. [Im also unable to add any photos to this post while writing it on my phone. 😭😭]

Instead, I’ll provide you some quick updates and let you know I will be posting a travel review about hiking and adventuring in north-central and northeastern Wyoming by the end of the week, or whenever I’m able to have WiFi again! The post will include info on Devils Tower, Ten Sleep & the Bighorn Mountains, and Cody.

Wyoming has been treating us REALLY well the past week and a half and we havent had any severe weather. Yay! We are enjoying the mountains and history of the wild west, and have already met some awesome people along the way too. [Shout out to Renee & Gary that we met in Ten Sleep, and Jeff & Karyn that we met just outside of Yellowstone!]

I feel proud of us right now, and like we have really been doing the damn thing lately. We figure stuff out as we go and we conquer it. It always works out in the end and each new day is a new adventure too.


Yesterday afternoon we officially arrived to our campsite in the middle of Yellowstone, and woke up to extremely cooler temps. This morning was in the mid 30s and inside the trailer got down to 45 degrees! Oofta. The kitties were cold and tried to snuggle under the covers. Tonight we will have to use the good ole furnace. Thankfully this will be the furthest north we will be for at least 6 months to come, as the tentative route is slowly zigzagging south from here.

The weather has been beautiful otherwise, reaching high 60s today with lots of sun! We are already seeing wildlife around every corner and enjoying our time here exploring. We will be in Yellowstone until Thursday and then are heading to the Grand Teton area for another handful of days. Next up – Idaho!

Its really hard to believe that it is already the end of August with Labor Day weekend coming up. I am feeling a bit of extreme FOMO right now for everyone back home enjoying the last tid bits of summer, going to the MN State Fair [my first time EVER missing that awesomeness] and hanging out with friends & family at the cabin. But I keep reminding myself that Im never going to regret what Im doing right now and Im having the time of my life too!

Love to you all, we miss you dearly!


A full review of Yellowstone National Park! (& maybe even Grand Teton National Park & Jackson, WY!) I will include all we adventured to, hiked, and learned about America’s FIRST National Park. This really is some of the most beautiful country out there!

Future Updates: I will talk about the best things we never knew we would need on this journey, and all the things I thought I would miss, but don’t. And I will finally get on that update on traveling with the Bengal cats – I STILL owe you guys that one – and do I dare say that things have been marginally improving?? … Unless Im just being hopeful & positive (or getting more used to their meow death cries) …🤣

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