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A&A Week One As Christmas Tree Lot Managers in South Florida

End of Week #78

Hart-T-Trees Christmas Tree Lot, Margate FL

Miles traveled since last week's post = 0 miles

Total miles traveled to date = 11,823 with trailer

Today is our year and a half nomadiversary!

It has already been a smooth 18 months living that nomad life in the RV, and honestly sometimes it feels like it's actually been longer! The time has gone by crazy fast, and there is so much we have already seen and experienced. The decision we made to full-time RV was both the scariest thing we ever did, and the absolute best! Thinking back to everyone we have met, all the challenges we have overcome, and all the incredible backyards we have had - it just leaves me feeling speechless and grateful. I can't wait to see where another year and a half on the road brings us!

Week one as Christmas Tree Lot Managers

Today we are hard at work at the Christmas tree lot, so there is no time for really reminiscing too much on our journey, or celebrating our accomplishments. But we both know in just about a months time we will have plenty of opportunities for both. Today is our 4th day of this workamping position and we are both already feeling so tired and worn out. This position is a marathon, not a sprint, and we are trying to gear up for this weekend - which is bound to be quite busy. Historically Thanksgiving weekend is the busiest one you will have on the lot, so it's going to be a lot for us to take in. So many south Floridians are already buying their Christmas trees early this year and trying to spread as much holiday joy and cheer as they can!

But the good news is that we are getting the hang of things. This morning we received a humongous truckload of trees from a 50+ foot semi - all for us and our lot. I honestly think there were around 700 trees on that truck and they are all stacked all over under our tents right now. We spent the day rearranging, pricing, and organizing. The lot looks very beautiful, and smells better than you could even imagine! This whole process so far has basically been baptism by fire with everything happening at once... but sometimes that's the best way to learn and jump into things! My only real complaints so far is the 5-6 hours of sleep per night and how much my feet hurt. Everything else is honestly quite fun to deal with and I love how excited families and little kiddos get over picking out their live trees.

Adam and I are super fortunate because we have wonderful lot helpers this year, that have worked the lot a handful of previous years too. These young kids know the processes, they know how this place operates and they are efficient. Not all lots have been this lucky, so I feel extremely thankful! It's a lot of hard work to be hustling and slinging Christmas trees all day, and I definitely couldn't get through any of this without Adam. He has also been working his butt off lugging trees around that weigh hundreds of pounds and helping manage our team and our operations. He even ran the cash register today while I spent some time inside typing up this post.

We hope to sell as many trees as possible, in fact we want to sell completely out - and hopefully early! I don't know how many trees that will take, but my goal is to sell 2,000 of them before this time in December. I hope by that time we are looking back on week one and realizing we totally had this under control the whole time and survived it just fine. (We both have had our moments of doubt already, as panic sinks in when we realize how much is going on at once or how much needs to be done...) I keep imagining a white sandy beach with a pina colada in hand, and that is all the motivation I need!

Updates on Roscoe

I did want to take just a quick minute to provide an update on Roscoe and his feline tooth resorption problem I mentioned last week. I was able to take him into a vet hospital about 10 miles away from our lot and they confirmed what I already knew - that he needs some dental work, gum work, and some more tooth extractions. It was a very stressful moment because I had to wait in the van for them to come out and get him and I was not able to go inside with him for the check up. He was so anxious and scared, meowing and trying to get out of the crate. It breaks my heart to think what he must be feeling!

The worst part is that his procedure is going to be quite out of budget - nearly triple the cost of all the work he had done last summer in northern Wisconsin. It's another unplanned expense, added with our recent wheel bearing explosion and it's enough to make someone like me a bit stressed out. But that's what we do for the ones we love, we take care of them! And I couldn't bear making him wait any longer to get his mouth fixed up. Tooth resorption problems can be so painful for cats and there is no way I can continue to put him through that.

His procedure is scheduled for one week from tomorrow, on Wednesday December 2nd. I'm already freaking out about having to leave the lot twice that day, to drop him off and pick him up, but I know Adam and our team will keep everything in good hands here. It will be a tough day for me, knowing I have to leave Roscoe there all day, and knowing how much Rahja will hiss and growl at him when he gets back, but I am hoping once we get this over with it will be uphill from there!

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's crazy to think it's already Thanksgiving, and it's another holiday away from friends and family. I hope everyone out there reading this has a great week, eats some good foods, and at the very least - I hope you an connect with loved ones over the phone or video calls. We will do our best to take a few minutes to do the same, but there is a good chance we will be quite busy on our lot that day. I think we might make turkey hot dogs for the crew so that we all get a small taste of a Thanksgiving meal, ha!

By this time next week we will be that much closer to our end goal, and the next chapter of our winter in Florida!

NEXT WEEK: Update from last week: So the next 3-4 weeks are going to be a little different around here, as it's going to be a LOT harder for me to produce worthwhile content for my blog. Adam and I are going to be working 12-14 hour days, EVERY day, with potential work related or odd things happening all through the night. We aren't going to have a lot of time to even eat, let alone me sit at my computer for a few hours each week. So while we are here at our workamping job, I will just be providing brief updates each week on how we are doing, how the job is doing, how the cats are doing, and more in depth, organized content will resume towards the end of December!

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