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A&A Week 91 Life Updates | Visits With Family & Friends

End of Week #91

Frog Creek RV Resort, Palmetto FL

Miles traveled since last week's post = 0 miles

Total miles traveled to date = 12,191 with trailer

We are in the midst of our busy February social life and shenanigans, and just got to spend an awesome long weekend with my mom and her grade school friend Kae here in Palmetto, FL. With not much more than a 24 hour intermission, we are now welcoming our friends Zach, Tasha and their son Eli, to our campground for the next week! I've been joking that our social life hasn't been this strong in any other state on the road so far, aside from back when we still lived in Minnesota! Between family, friends, and old acquaintances, we sure have been keeping busy this winter!

I am keeping things short and sweet this week, and will go over some of the things we did this past weekend, and touch on some of our plans for the upcoming week.

A&A Week 91 Life Updates | Visits With Family & Friends

Spending time with my mom

After going almost a year and a half without seeing my mother, we were definitely due for a visit! Thankfully her partner in crime, Kae, was able to convince her they needed a beach getaway this winter - a nice long weekend on the gulf. Out of sheer luck (fate), I found an Airbnb rental available just a half of a mile down the road from our RV park, in another RV park. The rental was a mobile home unit that came furnished with 2 bedrooms and a kitchen and living space - perfect to not have to stay in a hotel during Covid and to allow them to be as close to us as possible!

While they were here, we spent a lot of time traveling the nearby beaches on Anna Marie Island, Fort Desoto, St. Pete Beach, and Clearwater. Of course, the weather fluctuated a lot from rain, to sunshine, to wind - but we made the most of it and got outside as much as we could. We also got to explore John's Pass Village in Clearwater, and saw multiple dolphins, which was Adam and I's first time seeing dolphins this winter. They were hard to catch on camera, but it was still awesome watching them!

*More to come of where we ate, and other information on these travel destinations to be featured in my upcoming travel review of the Greater Tampa Bay area.*

Aside from our daily adventures, we would come back to the Airbnb at night and make a nice family style dinner, with some intense games of Yahtzee to follow. We even had another visit from our extended family on my mom's side, Tim and Kimber, as they joined us the last evening for some drinks and pizza.

Even though the weekend was long, it still absolutely flew by and just like that we are right back to "see you later" again... The only difference this time is I already know when I will see her again, and it will be at least two more times this year - with the next time only being a few weeks away! My mom and some friends and family will be returning to Anna Marie Island in just a few weeks and we have extended our stay a few days to be able to see her again. Then, later this year, we will be coming through Minnesota to work the Sugar Beet Harvest.

It makes such a huge difference knowing the next time you will be able to hug your mother (or any of your loved ones), instead of leaving things so open ended and unknown!

T&Z (&E) join us on the road

More and more people are buying RV's in the US and to add to that list are now our good friends Tasha and Zach. We were stoked to hear the news that they got their very own RV for camping adventures, and that they were going to make the drive down to Florida this winter to escape the Minnesota tundra and hang out with us at the beach!

We have not gotten to see our friends T&Z (& baby E) since September of 2019 when they flew down to Moab, Utah to spend a long weekend with us in the desert. This is the longest gap of not seeing each other that we have had in our group friendship, and in mine and Tasha's friendship - which dates back to 6th grade! Not to mention, it's now been almost half of baby E's life since we saw him last, and he has grown so much!

The best part about them coming to visit us is that they are staying right in our RV campground with us! In fact, they are right across the street from us. I am so excited to spend the whole week with our best friends as neighbors, after going so long without seeing them at all! While they are here we will absolutely spend time at the beach, hopefully do some snorkeling, and we really have our eyes on taking the ferry from Fort Desoto to Egmont Key. We also hope to rent a pontoon to spend half the day hanging out in the Gulf of Mexico!

Tasha will be celebrating her birthday this week as well, so we will absolutely be making the most of that and going on as much adventures as possible. Zach already keeps telling us how bad he wants to find a shark tooth too, so we may even return to Venice - as it is the shark tooth capital of the world!

Needless to say, we are really enjoying ourselves and having a blast with all of the visitors we have already had this year. It is such a relief to see all these familiar faces after so many plans were cancelled in 2020!


After spending about a month in the Greater Tampa Bay area of the Gulf of Florida, I will compile a good overview of the region, the beaches, places to eat, and things to do! The funny thing is that we have not even been to Tampa yet... but we sure have spent a lot of time in all of the cities that surround the Bay. Stay tuned for more!

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