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A&A Week 20 Life Updates, What We Eat, Where We Stay, Our Travel Route

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

End of Week #20

Ancient Cedars Mesa Verde RV Park, Mancos CO > Pinon Flats Campground, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Mosca, CO > Pikes Peak RV Park, Manitou Springs, CO

Miles traveled since last week’s post = 378

Total miles traveled to date = 3765 with trailer

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A&A Week 20 Life Updates, What We Eat, Where We Stay, Our Travel Route, & More!

What a week it has been! We explored some of the lesser known National Parks in Colorado and survived a few nights of very extreme cold in our trailer (& a few hours of zero heat source whatsoever!) Right now we are sitting in our campground in Manitou Springs/Colorado Springs, where we will stay until this coming Saturday the 19th, before starting to make our way south “for the winter”.  🙂 Thankfully, we have avoided actual snowfall so far and only encountered some of that “white stuff” on a hike today!

While we really enjoyed exploring the dunes at Great Sand Dunes NP, I must say – that was one of the most difficult hikes of my entire life! Hiking in sand is no joke, especially at elevation. Thankfully we bought one of those oxygen tubes awhile back and had it with us on the hike – I used it to stop a full on hyperventilation at the top of the dune!

On Friday we ended the week with a milestone celebration – our 20 week anniversary! It feels like such an accomplishment to make it this far, living in a smaller space, moving every couple of days, and navigating the nomadic lifestyle!

Stay tuned for more travel reviews of National Parks, mountain towns, and more! If you “follow” the blog you will never miss an update. 

Travel Route Updates

Typical to the way life goes, we have been making adjustments to our travel plans as we go. With some recent very cold weather here in Colorado we have had to leave a place early, remove two places from our plans entirely, and learn how to cope to adjustments in our routine to deal with our environment. But all things considered, we are doing really well, cats included! I think it’s safe to say we are absolutely loving this lifestyle, and doing our best to thrive at it.

Our Current Route

Here is a map to show our travel route to date, and all the places we have stopped at along the way:


If you would like to look at this route in a web browser: here is the link.

Our Future 2020 *Estimated* Travel Route

Everything is still very estimated and tentative, but I tried to do a better job outlining the route we will likely take the rest of 2019 and into most of 2020. Again, we are hoping to stop back home in Minnesota around late summer/fall of 2020. From there we will head south again and continue on through the east side of the country!


Winter in Texas

As we are nearing the middle of October, it’s hard for us to contain some


After the month near Fort Worth, we are tentatively planning to sit still for ANOTHER month, during December, just a bit south near Houston and the Gulf of Mexico. Staying near the ocean and being as far south as possible in this area sounds like an absolutely fantastic plan for us for December. It will also be nice to sit still during our first huge holidays away from home. This will give us a travel break, give the cats a travel break, (and catch up on all the blog posts and reviews I am behind on!)


Some of the other things we will be doing during our “rest” time during our winter in Texas includes focusing more on making money online. I am diving into life as a digital nomad, and have a few new entrepreneurial endeavors up my sleeve that I hope will bring us abundance and prosperity. I would also like to spend some time expanding our online presence to YouTube videos, essentially creating a vlog, and write extended travel reviews on areas we have already been.

One super exciting plan we have in the works…. involves going to the Dallas / MN Vikings football game on Sunday November 10th! We will be right in the area, and we have found standing room tickets for very cheap. If you’ve been following along in our journey you may remember me mentioning we had a plan to go to the Kansas/ MN Vikings game, however we rerouted those plans and are thinking this game instead! It is way cheaper, and we ultimately had no other reason to drive through the entire state of Kansas right now so we decided to delete that idea entirely. 🙂

What We “Do All Day”

I get this question quite often, and sometimes I almost get offended by it, but I try not to! Honestly, sometimes I feel I am a heck of a lot more busy in my life now than I was in my “old life”. In fact, a lot of days we are out exploring from morning until dinner time! When we aren’t out exploring we sometimes have to spend the ENTIRE day researching places we will stay next, emailing, calling, looking at websites, discussing travel ideas, and the whole process takes hours to solidify. I feel the question of ‘what we do all day’ will be a heck of a lot more prevalent when we are sitting still for a month in Texas, but for the past several months we have been on the road there hasn’t been a single “boring” minute.

A typical adventure day consists of …. waking up, feeding the cats, making coffee, feeding ourselves. Confirming what the plan is for the day, making and packing up a lunch and snacks. Getting ready, getting the hiking backpack ready. Doing some light cleaning to tidy up, and just make sure the trailer is relatively clean. Then we are off, sometimes driving an hour to get to a destination. We often explore for a few hours to up to 7 hours at once. Then we come back home, discuss what to have for dinner, prepare it. Showers. More light cleaning. Then I usually do some sort of writing or internet work, or even journaling to keep up to date on all our activities and adventures. We also sometimes have phone calls with family members or friends.

A typical “rest day” consists of …. the same morning routine as above, and then still typically some light cleaning. We may run errands to the grocery store, to fill up the van with gas, to get more propane, or what have you. We may spend hours researching our next destination and where to go. Adam may do a lot of work outside in checking our tire pressures, checking every nook and cranny of the trailer and the roof, and our surroundings. I may spend a few hours on my computer writing or doing internet work, or even researching activities I want to do. I would also usually do some sort of outdoor workout. The process of doing dishes usually takes about an hour or so. Sometimes I also take the cats outside or go for a walk too!


A typical travel day/relocation day consists of …. packing things up all morning and checking that everything is status quo. Getting the cats and trailer and van ready for travel. Usually we drive an average of 4 hours to get to a new place, sometimes longer or sometimes less time. Then we have to do the process in reverse and set up, unpack and re-situate everything before having the difficult task of figuring out what is for dinner.

See the thing is, everything we do takes way more time than it would in our “old life” so that already is a way we use up a lot of our days. We are never bored, we are never wishing for more to do. Days when we do get to “rest” are an absolutely blessing and usually very needed to recharge. We have an endless world at our fingertips to explore. We have a new backyard every few days, with new opportunities to learn and grow from our surroundings. There is never a dull moment and there is never “too much time”.

[Not to mention, but writing these blog post updates usually takes me several hours to complete as well! It’s no easy task you guys.]