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A&A Travel Plans, Workamping Jobs, & RV Life For 2021 | Special Announcement

End of Week #85

Neapolitan Cove RV Resort, Naples FL

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Hello! Is everyone hanging in there? January 2021 is already proving to be a wile ride! I hope you buckled your seat belt. In the astrology world, it is said that January is going to be the worst month of the year, and things can only get better from here. I keep telling myself this every morning, and look at that we are already just about half way through the month!

This year is already unique for us as nomads, as we actually have a pretty well put together plan in place for how things are going to go. At this same time last year, we were nowhere near this level of preparedness and didn't even know yet that we would be doing our first ever workamping job (as that commitment came later in February). Right now at this point, I have at least a high level plan for just about the entire year of 2021!

Keep reading to find out what we will be up to...

A&A Travel Plans, Workamping Jobs, & RV Life For 2021

Finishing up our first 'Winter in Florida'

We will remain in Florida for another couple of months, until about mid-March. Our stay here in Naples runs through January 25th, and from there we will have another month stay in Palmetto, Florida (just south of Saint Petersburg/Tampa area) from February 7th - March 7th. The in between time will be filled around the Fort Myers, Sarasota and Fort De Soto areas. From there we will head up to Crystal River/Ocala, and back to the east coast before heading up to Georgia.

Although it's been a bit chillier than we expected lately, we have still been greatly enjoying our time south for the winter. Adam and I both enjoy the tropical, beachy climate of Florida and find it a great place to escape the snow and ice of winter. I think we both also agree that it would be a hard state to live in full time, especially since it's so flat and doesn't have any mountains - as well as because the summers could involve an extreme amount of heat and humidity.

Visitors coming to Florida

A really exciting thing about our remaining time in Florida is that we will welcome a couple of groups of visitors in February - both in which we have not seen for over a YEAR! It's hard to believe I have gone that long without seeing people I love, but it's just how the cards have fallen. We look forward to some fun in the sun and many new adventures to come next month!

Summer in North Carolina

Just like last summer, we will again spend the summer of 2021 secure in one place, while committing to a workamping position at a campground. After a lot of thought and debate, we have decided to stay on the east coast and have taken a look at a lot of different jobs. One in particular, that happened to catch my eye during the Christmas tree lot season, was in North Carolina. Now this wasn't just any job in North Carolina - this was an opportunity in the Outer Banks! Yes, that's right - the islands right off the coast! I applied immediately and we had our interviews one slower morning at the lot. We were offered the position after a reference check with Gualala (our previous workamping campground gig), and we definitely accepted!

Camp Hatteras

From about mid-April to just after Labor Day in September, you will find us at Camp Hatteras in Waves, North Carolina - right in the Outer Banks. The beach is accessible THROUGH our campground, as it is right on the coast. There are literally beach front RV sites in the park. This will be a much larger campground than we experienced in Gualala, and a lot different of an experience as there will be around 30 other workampers there with us! That's a LOT - in Gualala we only had like 6 others aside from us. We will be working primarily the same type of jobs, as in I will be doing reservations in the office, and Adam will be checking people in and doing odds and ends with maintenance/security. But we will only be working 4 days a week instead of 5 like last summer. It's mostly the same deal in terms of - we get our RV site for free, full hook ups, free laundry, other perks at the park - etc. But the hourly pay is a bit less than it was in Gualala... sometimes you have to take a hit for certain types of desirable locations - that's just how it works.

In a lot of ways we will be dealing with the same types of situation as last summer: we will be on the coast, we will have a lot of humidity, we will be quite rural and a long drive from larger chain grocery stores, or whatever. But that's half the fun in it all and we know it is going to be one heck of an amazing experience all in itself.

Here is a link to the Camp Hatteras website: https://www.camphatteras.com/

Fall in Minnesota

The next stop in our 2021 travel plans brings us back through our home state - MINNESOTA! We haven't been through there since July of 2019 and would greatly look forward to a return. We were already planning a way to get to Minnesota this year anyway, because of needed drivers license renewals, however the plan got a lot more exciting when we found another great workamping experience to apply for too!

Sugar Beet Harvest

The Sugar Beet Harvest, that takes place every year in Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana, is another short term workamping gig that is known for both it's long hard days, and it's pay. It is a job that could only last 10 days, or it could last a whole month, but it's a grand way to make a lot of money - fast! We have heard a lot about the Beet Harvest in the past few years, and met people that have done it, but we hadn't really ever considered it ourselves before. That is until we REALLY started talking to more people about it while we were working Christmas trees - as a lot of those lot managers have been working the Beet Harvest for years!

There are several locations to choose from, but we will have our eyes on Crookston, Minnesota, as it's the least far north/west. We have already begun our initial stages in applying and speaking with a recruiter. Our next step will be a more in depth phone call in early February to go over logistics, expectations, locations for our assignment, etc. The harvest would start the very end of September and run until it's complete - however you commit through the end of October, just in case there are delays in operation due to weather. Anytime the weather makes it impossible to harvest, we would have to close down and take the day off. There have been years this has happened a lot and there has been years it has not and the entire harvest was done in 10 days - you just never know!

Our plan would be to stop through Lake Elmo Park Reserve for sure, and hopefully Stone Lake, WI as well, prior to beginning the harvest!

Here is a link to the Sugar Beet Harvest website: https://www.theunbeetableexperience.com/

Fall & Winter in Florida

Christmas Tree Lot Managers

After completing the Sugar Beet Harvest, regardless of when it would actually end, the next step would be to head back down to Florida again. I have already mentioned that we have been invited back to be Christmas Tree Lot Managers for Hart-T-Tree Farms, and we have every intention on returning. The season would call for us to be back to the Fort Lauderdale area by about mid-November, so just depending on when the Beet Harvest would end we would either have a nice slow jaunt south again, or a mad dash. Either way we are very thrilled about two things: the first being a second year on the tree lot as we will be so much more experienced and knowledgeable on everything it will make it insanely more smooth; and second being another winter in Florida!

We will likely do our second round of 'winter in Florida' a little differently, trying to primarily stay on the east coast and south, and probably skipping a return to the Gulf coast (although who knows, that could definitely change). We have realized we are much bigger fans of the turquoise waters on the east and that outweighs the white sands on the west. This time around we also want to entertain the idea of staying a week in the Keys, as it was an idea we abandoned this year. And there is a chance we would even cut the full 'winter in Florida' a little bit short and actually head back towards the panhandle or Texas... who knows! The possibilities are endless.

RV Routes

So, as you can gather from our planned destinations for the year, we will be doing a bit of a circle/oval from the south to the east to the north and back down to the south. This rough route will get us through at least 9 more states to cross off the RV map, and take us to a handful of new National Parks. In general, I estimate the 2021 travel route to end up being around 5,500 miles, or a little less. There are several options for routes to take to each destination and depending on how we tackle that will depend on how many miles we go - but either way it will be FAR less than we drove in 2020. Last year we put on like almost 8,000 miles in travel and the difference is going to make a huge difference on RV maintenance, and costs for gas and travel stays.

RV life in twenty-twenty-one

This year is already starting to feel so much more organized than last year and that is something that makes me feel secure. In a lot of ways the year feels like it will be less busy, even though we will be working more jobs throughout April to the end of the year. It just feels different than 2020! And if 2020 taught me anything it is that I should not make plans that I am completely attached to and I should remain 100% open to anything that life might throw my way. But at the same time I feel good knowing I have a plan, I am able to start looking at travel routes and cities I want to go to, all the while trusting that the Universe will take me exactly where I need to be.

Let's make it a great year everyone!


This week we will be hitting our 600 days on the road marker, and it will be time to go revisit the challenges of mobile living. Every 2 months I go over what types of challenges we are dealing with as nomads, how we are dealing with them and any previous challenges that may still come up.

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