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A&A Things We Thought We Would Miss While Full Time RVing, But Don’t.

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

End of Week #15

Riverside RV Park, Bellevue ID > Rock Creek RV Park, Twin Falls ID > Bear Lake State Park, Rendezvous Beach, Laketown UT > Canyon View RV, Spanish Fork UT

Miles traveled since last week’s post (on Saturday) = 460 !!!

Total miles traveled to date =  2368 with travel trailer 

Did you catch my new travel reviews I just posted yesterday? If not you can find them here: Grand Teton National Park and also a post on Southern Idaho. Check them out! I was busy working hard on these yesterday, so you could get the full picture of our travels. 

September has been a doozy so far, traveling our most miles in one week yet! We also reached a few milestones in hitting week number 15 of full time RV living, our 100 day marker that I missed last week, and up and over 2000 miles with the travel trailer! Wow!

We spent the weekend at Bear Lake State Park in Utah, basically the “Caribbean of the West” here with sparkling teal blue water that makes you feel like you’re at the ocean. [I plan to post a travel review of this place tomorrow!] It was a bit chillier but we both got sunburnt at our beach day on Saturday and yesterday we had to run the furnace and the fireplace to stay cozy during football.

Today we drove south to Spanish Fork, Utah – a change of plans from originally planning to go to Salt Lake City, Utah. We decided the City seemed too big and too expensive and there were no good options to stay at anyway, so going further south seemed like the best option. We also decided we will only stick around here for 2 nights, instead of the originally planned 4 nights, and then we are heading down near Zion National Park to stay for 7 nights!! We are going to be tackling a ton of beauty and wonder down there before heading to Moab to meet up with our first visitors. The rest of September (& Utah) is going to be super packed full of adventures.

The last few days have had a little bit of loneliness creep up on them, and I’ve felt a bit of emotional homesick feels for my “old comfortable life”. I’ve reminded myself these feelings are only temporary and just that – feelings. I wrote more about my process of working through those emotions on my recent Instagram post – here. It seems only fitting to now discuss all the things we thought we would miss while full time RVing, but don’t – as well as the things I actually am missing right now!

Things We Thought We Would Miss While Full Time RVing, But Don’t

1.) Netflix

Just like anyone, we watched Netflix every weekend and a few nights during the week too. We were always caught up on all the best shows. I thought I would miss this routine more than I do, and I thought it would be harder to adjust to life without constant TV or entertainment – but it’s not. I spend more time with my pets, with my fiance and with mother earth and when we are fortunate enough to stay somewhere with free WiFi then we will stream a few episodes to catch up. The key here is I don’t need it and I don’t miss it, it’s just an added bonus when I have it.


2.) The extra space

Yeah right, I don’t have to clean anywhere near as much guys! Of course it was nice to have your own areas of the house or have more room for working out or for the cats to run around in, but honestly I don’t really think about it all that much anymore. We both adjusted really well to the smaller space and have even talked a lot about how it almost feels like it’s too big, and like it’s too much space for us now. We see all these people in campers and camper vans much smaller than what we have going on and it makes us think we could downsize even more! Not having so much stuff going on in my life is one of the best feelings you could ask for.

3.) Routine

I am totally a creature of habit and routine and thrived on my morning routines before work and my nightly routines afterwards. I had routines every Saturday while Adam would have to work all day and we had our own routines together on Friday and Saturday nights, and Sundays. Sure I think about it, and there are specific things I do miss, but ultimately I don’t miss having to live my life on a clock, only having so much time each day to do things I love or to do things for me. I love the idea of not having to plan vacations to escape my normal life – as I’m living that life now!


4.) “Regular” showers

What I mean by regular showers is taking a shower and leaving the water on the whole time you’re in the shower… ha! We turn the water off while lathering up and in between rinsing because we have to conserve our grey tanks so they aren’t full with just one shower because then you would have to empty it. I’m so used to turning the water off now that I really don’t even think about it otherwise. It hasn’t been that bad to adjust too – even with the huge task of having to wash my mane once a week.

5.) King size bed

I thought this was going to be one of the hardest things to let go of, all that bed space for us and for the kitties! I’m not going to lie, sometimes it is an adjustment as Adam moves a lot in his sleep and now both kitties try to sleep literally on top of me all the chilly nights, but it feels so cozy too. It feels comfortable and doable and totally not too small. Some days I really look forward to going to bed, ha! It’s just such a great nook in the house!


6.) Being around people all the time

I know this is something that will fluctuate more with time, but they always say that traveling full time like this can get really lonely – and I can totally see that and see how it is lonely. I had my own bout of loneliness creep over me yesterday in fact, but at the same time people also exhaust me. At work I would always absorb everyone’s anxious crazy energy and come home feeling so depeleated. I don’t feel that way anymore and I feel like I get to create my own energy every day! Plus we also do our best to talk to friends and family as much as possible, with video calls, regular calls and text messages. And we also frequently talk to the neighbors around us at campgrounds too! (I must sound like a total introvert? Well I swear that’s not entirely true, but it also gets worse before it gets better!)

7.) All the clothes I used to have

One of the hardest things for me was getting rid of over 2/3 of my 2 closets I used to have in our townhome. I thought this was going to be a lot bigger of an adjustment than it’s been and oftentimes I wear all the same things every day anyway. (#NoShame). Now I get to wear athletic-leisure wear everyday, my absolute favorite, and I don’t have to worry about impressing anyone. It’s wonderful! There are still a TON of clothes that I kept that I have yet to even wear at all, over 3 months into things, so I think I’m doing alright.

Things I AM Missing Lately, And HARD

  1. Friends, family.

  2. Friends and family’s pets

  3. Cats having more space to run around and chase each other.

  4. Couch potato nights binge watching Netflix shows and ordering take out.

  5. The MN State Fair. This is the FIRST time I’ve ever missed it!

  6. Making Halloween plans with friends.

  7. My Buick. Just the act of doing errands and driving around in it, preferably with the moonroof open!.

  8. Saturday night dinners at random or new places and nightcap drinks in Woodbury at Carmines.

  9. Sunday bloody marys. Specifically, build your own bloodies at Ray J’s in Woodbury.

  10. Football Sunday funday happy hour at Wild Bills in Woodbury.

  11. Stone Lake WI.

  12. Edelweiss at Sturgeon Lake.

  13. Spending money on things: online shopping, splurging on health products and new clothes. Having groceries delivered from Whole Foods. Not having to strictly budget food supplies or eating out or treats.

  14. Whole Foods in general.

  15. Walking around Target and looking at everything and trying not to buy it all.

  16. Grocery delivery services.

  17. Getting packages in the mail, getting actual mail.

  18. Spiritual time / self care / time to self.

  19. Morning podcast listening rituals before work.

  20. Evening music listening rituals while working out.