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A&A Review Of 'Island Life' In Texas

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

End of Week #33

Mustang Island State Park, Corpus Christi TX

Miles traveled since last week's post = 0

Total miles traveled to date = 5,114 with trailer

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Today is my half birthday! Ha. I grew up only being able to celebrate my half birthday in school, so it's something that is always on my radar come January. I'm now halfway through 30 and officially on my way to 31 - oofta! & silly me thought today would be my LAST post on this website, as I'm launching my new one - BUT I had no idea that it can take up to 48 hours for a domain to transfer... and well let's just say that I submitted the transfer at like 4 PM this afternoon... so now we wait again! But I did spend like a solid 12 out of 24 of the last hours working on my new website so my hope is when it is launched it will be amazing!

We are reaching our last few days at Mustang Island State Park, and our last few days of the 'island life' in Texas before we move inland and start really traveling for the next month. I'd say we are soaking up what's left of the ocean air and the beach life, but to be honest right now we are both quite ready to move on to what's next. :) The humidity has been killing us lately and I'm starting to go stir crazy in this parking lot set up we have. I'm ready to explore, move on, and maybe even go hiking again!

On Wednesday we move north, in between San Antonio and Austin to an area called New Braunfels. Funny story - we will be staying at another Yogi Bear Jellystone Park, as it was one of the best options left this time of year. (Apparently it's a very popular time to go to that area of Texas and I admittedly did not plan ahead here far enough.) I originally wanted to stay at one of the Texas State Parks a little closer to Austin but I am feeling a relieving sense of comfort to know we are going back to a Yogi Bear - a place we have been before and where we know what to expect.

In honor of us heading north, today's post reviews what the 'island life' has been like for us the past month and a half - going over the places we have been and what they have had to offer. Full honestly on my reviews - you'll know what I mean as you keep reading.

A&A Review 'Island Life' In Texas

What a change of pace it's been, to have reached the ocean just in time for Christmas and the closing out on what has been the most impactful year of our lives. After mountains, and deserts, and red rocks all fall it was really great to spend so much quality time down in the Gulf of Mexico, experiencing what coastal 'island life' in Texas is all about.

Our experiences have been incredible, but the islands we have traveled to have not all been created equal! Keep reading to find out more.

Galveston Island

The first stop on the island tour - the town of Galveston, TX, directly south of Houston. Galveston was not originally in our travel plans, but Houston was! Upon doing research one random day I realized we COULD add the island life to our travel history and I remember just how absolutely excited we were when we booked our RV park for the whole month of December.

Driving to the island was a fun experience, zig-zagging through areas that turned residential - first getting glimpses of the "bay" and then finally the coast itself. I was so awestruck by all the houses on stilts, everything on stilts - churches, restaurants, all of it. And they were beautiful with their pastel colors and huge mansions with windows and gates. It was wonderful! We drove through downtown Galveston to then get to our RV park further on the island and there are a lot of amenities you would need on the island life including grocery stores, fast food, restaurants, a MARSHALLS, UPS, ets. We had everything we needed.

The entire island was just SO CUTE, there were really no other words to describe it. So many different kinds of palm trees. SO many cute communities of colorful houses on stilts. Houses that were named fun paradise names, likely rented out as airbnb's. I loved driving along the main road anytime we would go somewhere just so I could gawk at everything!

The main road through downtown had the "city" on one side, and the ocean on the other side. The beach is broken into differently named sections and overall it is pretty expansive. Everyday there were a lot of people along the coastline, checking out the beach or just hanging out for the day. It was so nice to see the ocean again, even if there were a lot of oil rigs out there in eyesight...

Jamaica Beach

The section of Galveston island that we actually stayed at was called Jamaica Beach - an adorable beach vibe community with a few RV parks too. We stayed at Jamaica Beach RV Resort and found it to be the very best RV resort down there (as we drove through a few of the others to check them out). They had everything you could want in an entertaining place to stay - an indoor hot tub, mini golf, activities, a pool with a "shoreline", games, a clubhouse, a mini store, laundry, etc. We had palm trees in our site and we were happy as clams. It will likely go down as one of my top favorite RV parks we have stayed at!

Behind the park was a walkway to get to the bay area, a nice jaunt down but overall not much to look at. There were cows and horses on the land next door that I would admire from afar too.

Just across the street and down a block was our public access to the beach. We would drive there a time or two and then also take turns riding the bike down. It was always a popular place with a lot of people fishing and hanging out. At first it was weird to me to see so many cars on the beach but I quickly got used to it. I would ride for a few miles on the bike in an area that turns to residential beach and just admire the waves, the sun, and the surf.

Jamaica Beach is what turned me onto ocean trash and pollution though... as one of our first beach days I noticed how many cigarette butts, plastic water bottle caps, and chunks of plastic there were everywhere. I started going down there frequently to pick up trash - and I made a YouTube video of it to spread awareness, that you can find here. It really broke my heart and opened up my eyes to see firsthand what humanity is doing to this planet and how we are destroying it with trash and garbage.

Here is a link to a video I made at Jamaica Beach to show a tour of the campground + the beach.

Things to do & overall thoughts

There was always something to do here! You could go into town and grab a snack and drink at happy hour. You could go to a restaurant with an ocean pier and walk to take a look around. There were shops, and even a huge pier amusement park that would be great entertainment for kids. You could just walk and hang out along the miles and miles of beach. On the other side of the city itself, on the bay, you could get fresh seafood from markets right on the water, or watch the huge cruise ships and other big boats that come through that port.

At the RV park there was pretty much something going on every single day, whether it was a social gathering or an event or an outing. We participated in a handful of things and got to know a few people in the park. I really enjoyed all the interaction they had there and how comfortable and homey it felt like. The family that owns and runs the park could not have been more nice and welcoming and involved in everything they do there.

10/10 I would definitely return to Galveston Island and specifically Jamaica Beach RV Resort.

Mustang Island

The island life continued for the first 2 weeks of January! This was my way to avoid the winter cold longer, and basically postpone our movement inland. I was also not quite ready to say goodbye to the beach yet and wanted to check out one more coastal area of Texas before heading on.

The island itself isn't anything to write home about. It's pretty flat and "grassy" and you can't see the beach from the main road because the dunes near the beach are so high. The drive into the island from Corpus Christi is a bit more exciting and takes you on high bridges over the ocean where the water is a beautiful green-blue hue.

We have been camping at a state park on the island - Mustang Island State Park, which is basically a parking lot with water and electric and access to the beach. There is a very nice shower house facility onsite that we have been using to shower in and although it works, I'll be very excited to shower in the