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A&A Review 8 Ways You Can Still Change Your Life In 2020

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Welcome to my 100th blog post on SparkFireSwan.com! :)

Over the weekend, Adam and I celebrated 10 years of life together! We went on our first official date on June 5th, 2010, and it's hard to believe an entire decade has already gone by, spent learning and growing with each other. To celebrate, we went on a group sunset hike Friday night, in search of the full moon, however it was a bit chilly for all of us so we came back a little early. But we continued on with shots Friday night, and a bonfire Saturday night. And on Sunday we explored a nearby oceanside park, Gualala Point Regional Park - which finally opened up about a week ago. The weather has not quite been as warm here in California as we have noticed it's been back in Minnesota, but we are still doing our best to make the most of it.

As we get into the month of June and head towards our halfway point for the year, I want to remind everyone that the year is not yet over and it's certainly not wasted!

8 Ways You Can Change Your Life In One Year... or even during the rest of 2020!

It might feel like 2020 has been a bit of a wash of a year so far, but don't give up - it's not over yet! It's June now, and what better time than the halfway point to make some adjustments and course correct anywhere that isn't living up to your goals and expectations. By now we have all survived whole continents & rainforests burning, the almost start of WWIII, a global pandemic, protests and rioters, social change, and so much more. But we made it. We are here in this moment and we are moving forward.

Some of us might feel like we are completely off track with our goals this year, but have no fear, there are still plenty of ways we can achieve what we want to achieve! Here are some helpful reminders of simple steps you can take to drastically change your circumstances over the course of the next 6 months or year of your life.

1. Stop complaining and appreciate how lucky you are every day. Gratitude journal.

You're living, you're breathing, you're reading this right now. Most of you are healthy. Most of you have everything you could need in this very moment. You have a roof over your head, you have food on the table and a lot of you still have your jobs too. It's extremely important to fixate on the good. Too often, especially this year, we are constantly fixating on the bad and without even realizing how detrimental that is to the quality of our mental health and overall happiness. We have become obsessed with breaking news updates and data and this constant flight or fight response is not good for our bodies or our brains.

It's important that we recognize the good and how lucky we really are. The biggest thing that has helped me with this realization is by expressing gratitude, daily. This can be written down in a journal or notepad, or even posted about on social media. You can meditate about the things you are grateful for and you can share appreciative messages with loved ones about how happy you are to have them in your life. Focusing on the good creates more good. And being grateful for what we have in turn attracts to us more things to be grateful for.

Try it out: Practice listing 3 things every single day that you are grateful for and notice how your perspective shifts. Complete this task daily in the morning when you wake up or just before bed.

2. Embrace loneliness and reinvent yourself in the process.

We have all had different journeys through what has been the year 2020, but that doesn't mean that we haven't gone through a lot of the same kind of emotional "stuff" together. In one way or another, we have all been struck by loneliness and uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, and we all must find new ways to learn and grow through the process. The biggest key point here is to not try to escape what we are feeling, and instead to allow ourselves the time and space to sit with feelings like loneliness and even learn how to embrace it. There is so much opportunity in discomfort and so much opportunity among low vibration feelings such as loneliness, to ultimately reinvent your whole being.

Time spent going inward is never wasted. Sitting alone with yourself, all of your thoughts, emotions and feelings, is a good way to do a self check in to analyze what areas need help and what areas need to change. Consider it self-care, and self-care is never selfish, but in fact it is necessary.

Try it out: Next time you are all alone, take some time to just sit with your thoughts. Consider it a form of meditation, but for at least 10 minutes try to refrain from grabbing your phone or turning on the TV. Notice how you feel. Notice your breathe. Write down all that comes up for you.

3. Say goodbye to the people that don't bring positive energy into your life.

This one is probably one of the hardest things to do, especially when it involves a good friend or even a family member. But this one is also one of the most important and worthwhile to really improve the quality of your own life! Some people do not bring us joy, and instead they suck the life and the energy right out of us with their toxic traits. So when that happens, when you realize you have an energy vampire on your hands, that means it's time to set stronger boundaries and possibly even cut your ties. I've encountered this myself before, and of course it is not easy, but sometimes the most necessary things for our own personal journey are not always the most easy things to navigate.

Try it out: Take a mental inventory of the 5-10 people you talk to or see the most. How are they affecting you? Do they bring you joy? Do they lift you up or do they bring you down? Do you always have to give to them without anything in return?

Sometimes you may be able to have a simple conversation with toxic people in your life to let them know what needs to change, but other times the only way they will realize it is if you distance yourself from them entirely. Regardless, in the end the toxic people in our lives contribute to holding us back from our ability to achieve our own greatness.

4. Turn off the TV and set internet controls and boundaries.

And not just because screen time is addictive... but nowadays because screen time is literally toxic to your mental health. Everything we are consuming in the past 3-4 months has been negative, traumatizing and even pretty violent too. It makes sense why we are not sleeping well lately, why our minds are spinning, why we don't feel the best, and our bodies are overstressed. Sure we have been in different versions of "quarantine", but that time has been spent absolutely addicted to our devices while we wait for the next update on the state of the world.

Even if 2020 wasn't going the way it was going I would still suggest this one to you. Setting TV, Netflix, streaming and other internet boundaries will change your entire life. At first, it can be something as simple as not having your phone in the bedroom with you at night, and from there you can build up to having set hours or times you check your phone or watch TV. You could even try it as an experiment and journal about how your mentality and your free time shifts over the course of a week or even a month.

Try it out: Go one week without having your phone in the bedroom with you at night, and instead keep it in the living room or kitchen when you go to sleep. If you're really brave, try setting a 'no phones after 8 PM' rule, and 'no phones before breakfast' rule. Journal about what changes you notice in your mental health and ability to focus on your goals.

5. Pick one skill you want to cultivate and put all your effort into developing it.

It doesn't matter if you were already super productive during "quarantine" or if you were working on spending extra time on taking care of yourself instead. There is still time to make something happen the rest of the year, or even for the next year of your life! It is never too late to start again or even start over in general. Each new day is a completely new opportunity to make it anything you want it to be. Each new day is 100% a fresh new start, and it doesn't have to be anything more or anything less than that.

I've always been a goal oriented person but sometimes my energy levels struggle to complete the day to day tasks. I find it can be easier to fully write out what steps it will take to achieve an end action, skill or goal, and then break up those steps into daily tasks, weekly actions or even things you want to accomplish month by month. There is no time limit for how long it should take you to achieve what you want to achieve in life. This is your journey and no one else's, so you will always have to do what works best for you! But if you are feeling too overwhelmed from all that you are trying to do, it might be easier to just stick to one thing at a time until you can slowly check multiple things off your list. Sometimes what is holding you back is the fact that you have your attention spread too thin across multiple efforts instead of using all your focus on just one thing.

Try it out: Pick one thing you want to learn or try doing this year and just START. Tomorrow. no excuses. Make at least one baby step in the direction of something NEW.

6. Commit to the goals you set and never look back.

If you want to achieve your goals you have to focus. You have to fully commit to getting to the end result, no matter what. You have to create a plan and understand that not every day will you stick to the plan, but that doesn't mean you can't make things happen. I'm still amazed every day at all that we created and made happen with completely switching our entire lifestyles, when we only prepared for this for about 8 months time. You can do anything in a year, or even in 6 months. You can make your dreams come true.

But you can't give up. You can't spend your time dwelling in the past or fixating on the times in life when you did give up or didn't accomplish what you set out to do. The past is the past and it doesn't serve your future anymore so there is no sense in looking back at it. Each day is one foot in front of the other in the direction of the life you want to live. Each day you have to actively choose and pursue that life that you want to have and promise yourself that you will not settle for anything else until you get there. Each day, little by little, your action steps will add up in a grand way and before you know it you will have made complete transformations.

Try it out: Spend the first 15 minutes of your morning working on your goals for a week straight. It can be as simple as writing down lists or journaling about how you envision the future to go. But you have to start somewhere and you have to start today!

7. Sweat every day to boost your mood.

Even on the days when you don't feel like doing it, it's still really freaking important that you move your body! Most of the time the only thing you need to clear your mind and make your day better is a good walk around the block, a good jog, a good weights session or some other form of physical exercise to get your blood flowing through your body. I've learned this lesson the hard way time and time again while living in the RV, and of course in my 'old life' too. When I'm having a really off day or when I can't seem to focus on the tasks at hand, but yet I've been cooped up inside all day and haven't properly moved my body at all, I know exactly what needs to be done to get back on track. That doesn't make the process of starting the physical exercise any easier per say, but it serves as good motivation to get through to the other side. Just keep telling yourself how much better you are going to feel! Especially if you are facing a creative or mental block with your own work or while you are even at work. Just by going for a simple walk or stepping out to soak up the sunshine for a few minutes can be the gamechanger you are looking for to get back on track.

The best thing to remember is that you will never ever regret the decision to move your body for the day. Nobody gets back from a walk in nature or done with a really hard workout and then tells themself they regret doing that... so let that sink in!

Try it out: Commit to going for a 10 minute walk every time you are feeling unfocused or too depleted to continue working or completing a task. If you're feeling really brave, you can also commit to working out for at least a half hour 3-5 days a week for a month straight. You can do it!

8. Fail forward. Learn from every mistake you make.

The way I see it, we really don't make mistakes in life (unless we make them twice), every 'mistake' is just a new lesson we are experiencing. If we experience a pattern with our mistakes or mishaps in life than it simply means that we did not learn our lesson and we are set to repeat that event until we do. But if we are constantly searching for the greater meaning in the mishaps we experience then there is no way we can fail. Instead we are choosing to fail forward and gain valuable growth from every opportunity in our life. There is always a silver lining to anything that doesn't 'go our way' and for me personally I like to look to the stars for explanations, look inward at my own blocks and triggers, and reach for a grander perspective on the whole picture each time I think I am 'failing'.

Life isn't meant to be negative. Life is meant to be filled with valuable lessons that help us achieve a greater sense of awareness and true awakening. Life is meant to be filled with purpose and passion. And if you can't see the experiences you are having in this way, then it might mean you are due for a total shift in perspective.

Try it out: Next time something doesn't go the way you planned it to, or you feel like you have failed, commit to seeing the lesson behind what is going on. Journal about what happened and what you could learn from it. Shift your perspective from the negative to the positive.

It's never too late to decide how you want to live your life.

Ultimately, our lives are what we make them out to be. We can choose to be however we want to be, and if we aren't able to find the strength to do so then it's important we recognize this and ask for help. Specifically, this year has looked a hell of a lot different for all of us than how we went into the year anticipating it to be, but that doesn't mean that there isn't hope for a better outcome. It doesn't mean that we have to abandon or give up on our goals or intentions we set back in January when we were still oblivious to what was to come. And it also doesn't mean that we have to beat ourselves up for the time spent mentally dealing with all that has been 2020 so far either. But now that things are starting to move forward in the world, it's a great time for us to find the ability to push ourselves forward too!


Let's do an end of week 55 life update! I will plan to report on everything, including the status of our job and our campground here in Gualala, CA. And I will also add in updates on our summer plans, how the state of California is doing, the bengal babes, our workamping coworkers/neighbors, what we have been doing here... and anything else I can think of!

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