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A&A Review 8 Fulltime RV Supplies We Should Have Bought Sooner

End of Week #90

Frog Creek RV Resort, Palmetto FL

Miles traveled since last week's post = 0 miles

Total miles traveled to date = 12,191 with trailer

Hello to you from warm, sunny Florida! I hope you are staying warm out there, whoever you are, and wherever you are at. It has been quite the cold front over the past week or so, across much of the country, and most heavily throughout the Midwest. Our home state of Minnesota has been a frigid tundra, below zero degrees with a horrible wind-chill, and I can't even express enough how happy and grateful we are to be in Florida right now! (Not trying to rub it in ya'll, I'm just stating facts.)

We are gearing up for the next few weeks of visits from family and friends, starting with the arrival of my mom and her friend Kae tomorrow! Today we have been doing lots of cleaning and organizing, and I am excited for people we love to see our home on wheels after so much time has passed. We have made some changes and adjustments along the way, and even gotten some new RV supplies too.

This week's post will review some of those new RV items we recently added, as many of them are things we probably should have gotten a long time ago - but never knew we needed until now!

A&A Review 8 Fulltime RV Supplies We Should Have Bought Sooner

The thing is, sometimes you just don't know what you need until you need it. Some things you might hear about or see other people with, but you can't yet understand a use for it or find a way to justify the purchase. Not to mention, every item you buy you have to still think about where you will store it when you aren't using it, how much space it will take up, and if it is really a priority or not to have. #Minimalism In our case, I think we get things as we need them and continue to make adjustments and upgrades as we go and as we see fit. I don't think there is any rush to get everything out there and if we would have started with everything out there, then we would have been a lot more overwhelmed in the beginning when we really didn't need the added stress.

With that being said, here are some of the recent items we decided to add to fulltime RV life.

1. RV Sewer Hose Support

Also known as, "the caterpillar thingy for the poop hose"... sewer hose support pieces are quite common in the RV world. Everyone has them to help elevate their hose during long term stays or when there is a sewer connection available. They are helpful to ensure proper flow from your holding tank to the sewer hole, and it is especially helpful if you are at any kind of slant or angle so that your "flow" does not have to go uphill. It only took us over a year and a half to dive into this one, but we finally have our very own support system!

Here is a link to what we purchased: Amazon

2. Shoe Rack + Coat Rack

I would like to give a special thanks to whoever's Instagram post I came across online a few weeks ago, that showed a nifty hack to increase space in your doorway, as well as a way to store shoes. This person purchased "coat racks" off of Amazon to them place on the wall and use to hang up shoes. Brilliant! I got a two pack online and am already overjoyed by the amount of extra space it appears to bring to the doorway. No more shoes scattered all over the mat to trip over or for the cats to trip over! And along with it, I went ahead and added a small coat rack too, to be used for long sleeves or other clothing items we would otherwise just toss around the living room. Now as long as they stay put on the wall with the double sided gorilla tape I used, then we are good to go!

Link to "shoe rack": Amazon

Link to coat rack: Amazon

3. Battery Cover (+ new batteries)

Our battery upgrades for the travel trailer actually came about last fall, and I believe I would have written about this around the time we purchased them in late September/early October. But it was something we felt was necessary to change over to in order to increase power flow to the trailer, especially during times without an electrical hookup. We made the switch from one 12 volt battery to two 6 volt batteries connected together. A lot of RVers will say this option will give you the longest lasting charge, and at the time we were also experiencing a lot of issues with our kitchen slide and figured the longer the power the better. We want to ensure we are still able to experience boondocking and not have to worry about if our slide will come back in or not!

Flash forward all these months and we still did not have a cover for the batteries or a proper way to strap them down - Adam had just rigged something together with ties and such to make it work for now. We recently came across the perfect battery cover on Amazon and decided to get that added right away! It even came with it's own straps.

Here is the link to our battery cover: Amazon

*Our batteries were purchased from Costco

4. Water Hose Elbow

I honestly didn't even know this was a thing, but after we started to notice our drinking water hose leaking in the storage compartment at the front of the trailer where the hose connects, we knew we had to explore some options. This was the first idea Adam had to see if it would stop the leak, as it helps support the way the water hose connects to our RV and allows the hose to not have any kink in it as it connects. Now that we have installed this I am starting to see other RVers with them as well, and I am happy to report we have not had any recent leaks!

This is the water hose elbow we have: Amazon

5. Portable Washing Machine

You may have heard me mention this purchase before as well, as it was something we decided to get right before we started our gig with Christmas Trees in south Florida. We knew we were not really going to have an easy way to complete laundry during those 5 weeks and figured this would also be something we would utilize a lot in the future too. And boy were we sure right! It is so handy to have your own washing system that allows you to complete laundry right in the comfort of your own rig, and saves you all the money from RV parks too! Sure it isn't always the most convenient to hang things to dry all over the inside of the RV, but almost everything dries in just a few hours or a day anyway, so it saves the cost of drying them as well.

While we aren't using the washer it fits conveniently in the back of our van without taking up too much space. When we are completing a wash load we bring it inside and put it in the shower and it works perfectly for access to fill it up and drain it. This is definitely a supply item that will end up saving us around $500 or more a year in laundry costs!

Link to our portable washing machine: Amazon