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A&A List 13 Reminders For Optimal Living In 2020

End of Week #63

Gualala River Redwood Park, Gualala CA

Miles traveled since last week's post = 0

Total miles traveled to date = 7,955 with trailer

There is just about 6 weeks left in the Redwood forest of northern California before we begin again on our journey - destination unknown. I have started reaching out to RV parks in Florida (and other southern coastal states/cities) to inquire about potential winter workamping experiences for us. I am also starting to take a look at cities and places I would ideally want to travel to en route, depending on where exactly our route takes us.

The world still feels pretty heavy these days, and it's difficult not to let yourself get caught up in it all (even without a TV). When the energy gets tumultuous, I like to spend more time reflecting on ways to center myself so my emotions don't start to spiral out of control. But it's not always easy to do so on your own, and sometimes you need help from books, podcasts, friends, Instagram posts, or random lists someone blogs about... :)

A&A List 13 Reminders For Optimal Living In 2020

At the end of each day, our lives are what we make of them. We create our own realities. We shape our own existence. But when the world is as upside down and backwards as it has been this year, we could all benefit from some friendly reminders on how to continue to live optimally, and not let the weight of the world pull us down.

Here are 13 reminders I like to focus on when I'm having a tough time dealing with the energies of the Universe:

1. The past is in the past, focus on the future.

Ultimately, we have no control over what has already happened - it is done and over with, so there is no sense in dwelling over it. It does not benefit us to carry it around on our backs any longer - set it down. Feel the relief as you release what no longer is and instead focus your energies on what is to come. When we think forward, we face forward, and our entire outlook becomes goal oriented instead of pulled down by past experiences and worrying about how they could have went, or should have went. Instead we must focus on what is yet to be, and how do we want that yet to be to manifest. The more we think about the things we DO want to happen next, the more we are attracted to and pulled to experiences that match that frequency. #CreateYourOwnReality

2. Opinions do not define reality.

I once read somewhere that an opinion is the lowest form of intelligence because it involves zero research or life experience in order to be formed. We are living in a time this year where we are being impacted by more varying opinions than ever before. Opinions are being thrown in our faces on social media, on TV, on the radio, by friends and family, and in any businesses we go into. We must be able to detach ourselves from the swirling opinions of others and realize that no one else's opinion can define our own reality. We are the only ones in charge of our reality and when everything and everyone else around us is trying to program us, we must be able to center ourselves enough to detach from that in which is not our own thought. Letting go of thoughts and opinions that are not your own is an extremely gratifying experience and allows you to see your life for what it really is.

3. Everyone's journey is different.

I've seen this analogy a lot to explain how we are all dealing with covid - that we are all in the same storm together but each one of us is in a different boat. Essentially, we are all on a different journey in life and have different paths we have to take to get us to our end goals (which again are all different). The biggest thing here is to honor that difference, and acknowledge that what the road looks like for us will not be the same for someone else. We can accept and support someone's different journey and still strive toward our own. Our differences are what make us all so special - just imagine if we were all striving to do the exact same things all the time? Gross.

4. Time is the essence of healing.

We have all been riding the rollercoaster of life this year, and we have collectively been trampled with one new societal mess after another. Months have gone by, but the madness has continued along the way too. Only time will shift us into a state of healing from the trauma we have all experienced on small and large scales this year. We must give ourselves time to process our feelings, to heal our bodies, to make positive changes in our lives - all of it involves the illusive measure of time. As time goes on, we move on and are able to clear the chaos of what was while we focus on what we need to feel whole. Everything in life feels the most intense during the moment we are experiencing it, but as time goes on that feeling of intensity will fade and shed light into lessons, opportunities for growth, and hidden meanings we weren't able to see before.

5. Judgement is a confession of character.

When someone judges us it is not a reflection of us, but instead a reflection of them. It is a reflection of what they are dealing with in life and where they need to put in more work. When we take time to look at where we are judging others, our own selves, our friends and family - we can start to see in what areas of our lives we need to stop and reflect on what needs to change. Think of each piece of judgement as a low vibrational mirror that pulls us further into a dark hole of negativity and low being. Our judgements are direct indicators of our own personal character and what kind of demons we are working through on the inside of who we are. The more we can look to others with openness and compassion, the more our character will start to shift into a more positively aligned space.

6. Overthinking will lead to paralysis/sadness.

I know without a doubt I am guilty of this, especially this year - as it's been quite a doozy. I have spent countless hours overthinking every single situation we have gone through collectively, and that I've dealt with personally. And you know what happens every single time I do that? I feel extreme sadness. I feel quite literally overwhelmed by the heaviness of my sadness and oftentimes have no clear outlet for release. (Not to mention a lot of times when this has happened, Adam and I have been completely alone). The best way to stop putting unnecessary amounts of sadness onto ourselves is to let go of and release attachment to our thoughts. Freeing your mind through exercise or meditation helps a lot too!

7. Happiness is an inside job, found within.

You can not buy happiness, no matter how hard you try. (In fact there are research studies that prove that after a certain threshold of income your happiness actually decreases.) Happiness is not a destination, it is not a certain milestone you hit as an adult when you've reached a certain level of commitments, debt, or a career status. Happiness seems to come few and far between people I know these days because they are all looking for it in all the wrong places. You can't find happiness, you can only become it. You have to create your own things to be happy about every single day, and it might come off as work in the beginning, but after enough time you feel happy all on your own. Happiness will not come from another person, or any object in life, it will only come from your own perspective and outlook, and in feeling grateful and appreciative of all that you are and all that you have.

8. Positive thoughts, create positive actions.

Have you ever heard the term that what you think about you bring about? The #LawOfAttraction is real and it can be proven just simply in shifting the way you think and the way you view life. Changing your perspective quite literally changes everything around you. When you are thinking positively and clearly you are able to accomplish more, and turn your goals into real life achievements. Positive people create more of their own happiness (refer back to above item number) and end up finding more to love out of life. Our time here on earth is precious, and very limited, so there is no sense wasting any of it living in a low vibration, negative energetic field.

9. Smiles are contagious.

I think we underestimate the true power of a smile and how much it can improve our own mood, and make someone else's day too. Smiling just feels good you guys, and we all should do more of it. It takes like some couple hundreds of extra muscles to sit around and frown all day than it does if we just relaxed our face and smiled a bit more. I'm not saying we should be fake smiling or implying that this is at all similar to when men tell women to smile more ... I'm simply implying that we should find more reasons to smile naturally. We should find more things in our lives to smile about. And when we do, without even trying, we will spread more smiles to those around us and it will create a ripple effect that is unstoppable.

10. Sprinkle kindness, it's free.

In a world filled with so much anger, frustration, stress, violence, lies and corruption - we should all find more ways to be kind. Our kindness to one another does not cost us a thing. It is free, and very easy to give out wherever we go. We can take it with us always. And the best part is that it is usually quite contagious too (just like smiles), so it continues to spread and spread throughout our day, and throughout the world. The more we give it the more that will find its way back to us in return too. It feels good to be kind. It feels good when you are kind to people and they return that same level of kindness right back to you. Spread more kindness to those around you!

11. You only fail if you quit/do not try.

The way I see it, it is impossible for you to fail anything that you've tried in life, because simply by giving an effort to try in the first place makes you a winner. But if you have all of these lists, goals, ambitions in life, and you simply just don't even give them a try in the first place, that is where the real failure sets in. Having a list of goals and ambitions that never become more than a dusty list in your notebook is far worse than striving to complete one of those goals and not seeing it through. If you aren't able to see a goal through than it may not be meant for you in the first place, but having gone through the motion to try, you end up learning so much along the way that you never would have known before.

12. What goes around, comes around.

Karma, spirit, astrology, God, inner knowing - whatever you want to call it, it is all the same. Every single one has a simple rule of physics, a law of nature, and it states that what goes around, comes back around again. History repeats itself. Lessons repeat in different forms. Weather has patterns. The planets have orbits. Energy is reciprocated. And karma always works herself back out to equilibrium again. The best thing we can do to arm ourselves for the return of anything in this world is to go through each situation to the best of our ability and continue to seek new opportunities to learn and grow. The energy we put out into the world is the same energy we will receive in return!

13. The quicker you choose to move forward, the quicker the internal suffering ends.

One foot in front of the other, we must keep moving forward - to every new day, new week, new month, and soon enough a new year. Dwelling on what has already happened this year, or on things out of our control from this spring, this summer, or in past years entirely will not help end our pain from them. Beating ourselves up over lost vacations, lost jobs, or lost money will not help alleviate the thoughts and feelings that come up from each of those experiences. Only once we choose to accept what has happened, and to move on, will we then finally become free. Take inventory of what you are holding on to that is ultimately holding you back in life right now... how free will it feel to release it instead of holding onto the pain?

The takeaway I want to leave you with this week is this.... a beautiful day begins first with a beautiful mindset. When you wake up in the morning each day, take a second to think about what an absolutely privilege it is to simply be alive and well. The moment you start acting like your life is nothing but one big blessing, is the exact moment it will start to feel like one. Time you spend appreciating life is time that is really worth living.


All about that full-time RV living, yo! We are getting closer and closer to hitting the road again, so next week's post will focus on more insight into RV life. Before we know it we will be finalizing our own repairs from earlier this spring, and slapping brand new tires on our old Imagine, and hopefully getting her a few new batteries too. Stay tuned for more. :)

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