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A&A Intro To The Law Of Attraction & Creating The Life Of Your Dreams

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

End of Week #40

Verde Ranch RV Resort, Camp Verde AZ

Miles traveled since last week's post = 0

Total miles traveled to date = 6,909 with trailer

Cheers to another wild weekend with loved ones! We were fortunate enough to have our good friends Tom and Tania (& their dog Taco) drive almost 7 hours one way to come hang out with us for a long weekend in the Verde Valley. We had just 2 days in between my Dad & Step Mom visiting last weekend and T&T coming out here - so it feels like we have been on the go-go-go for awhile now! It was a much warmer weekend and we got to do some actual hiking, but we still kept the shuffleboard battles going in the Clubhouse at night.

Some highlights from the adventures of TATA's this weekend include: going to Prescott (& questioning everyone how to pronounce the word), making the drive into Jerome through the mountains of Prescott, walking around the shops in Jerome, hiking in Sedona, and playing some intense games of scrabble. We also formally introduced Roscoe and Taco to each other (Rahja wanted absolutely nothing to do with the experience), and the whole thing went really well. Overall it was a super wonderful time with our friends!

And now we are back to ourselves for a few weeks, before reuniting with TATA's again in Santa Fe at the end of the month. The next few weeks will involve more exploring, a lot of celebrating, and finalizing our plans for the month of April. I also will be running my first team call for my online business, and diving into some more things for my website.

I am also in the process of co-hosting a book club online where we just finished reading the book "Money and The Law of Attraction" by Esther & Jerry Hicks. I've been really into the Law of Attraction for years, and have also been listening to a lot of YouTube videos, podcasts and reading other materials on it as well. I am a firm believer that we are the creators of our own experience, that we actively attract everything into our life that is there - whether that be good or bad. For this week's post I want to dive into common Law of Attraction practises and how to implement more positivity and overall abundance into your life through simple steps to get you started. The Law of Attraction has played a huge role in creating our own nomadic life and in guiding us through this journey, and it's extremely important in every part of our existence.

A&A Intro To The Law Of Attraction

Every single component of your life experience is drawn to you by what is called The Law of Attraction. Most of the time, you may not even be the slightest bit aware of how this Universal law affects you and how it is taking shape in your everyday living. Most of the time you may not realize the very important personal role you play in your own story - and how the good, the bad, the ugly are all drawn to you, perceived by you, and are little pieces that make up your full story.

The only way you can be happy is to decide to be happy. You are the ultimate creator of your experience here on Earth. Every thought that you think vibrates. Every action you do vibrates. Every choice you make vibrates. You choose how you live, no one else does this for you. If you wish to do something different than what you are doing - work a different type of job, stay home more with your family, travel more, find a partner, whatever it may be - only you have the power to create this reality.

What is the LOA

"Law of the Universe: you cannot find a happy ending to an unhappy journey. That defies LAW." - Abraham Hicks

By natural definition, the Law of Attraction states that positive or negative beliefs create positive or negative experiences in one's life. It is the notion that our thoughts are like magnets to drawn new experiences to us - whether that be good or bad, it is all in our own perception.

The Law of Attraction responds to your current thoughts, not your current realities. The Law states that in which you think at any moment creates more thoughts that are like it. For example, whenever you are thinking about something you do not like, notice how more thoughts of more things you do not like immediately flood your brain. So when you change your thought you are also changing your current reality, and experiencing the Law of Attraction at it's finest.

Why is it important & how does it affect us

Most people naturally assume that when things aren't going the way they want it to in life that it must be something out of their control that is creating it that way. They forget that they are the masters of their own reality. They forget that they have the power and when you place blame on an outside source for your own level of success, or happiness or whatever - you are fully giving up that power.

Achieving success in life (in whatever way it is meaningful to us) is our natural birthright. Living a happy and fulfilling life is also our natural birthright. We were not put here to suffer. We did not sign up for this time-space reality to suffer. We are meant to live in fully expansive, liberating, exceptional ways.

"In every moment of time and beyond - there is that which is wanted and the lack of what is wanted pulsing there for you to choose between." - Abraham Hicks

Every single thing that is coming to you is in response to your own vibration that you are giving out. In this exact sense, we create our own realities and we are in control of our own destiny here on Earth. If you are not living in a current reality that you are pleased with this is your wake up call for change. This is your sign. Something needs to change in order to get you in vibrational alignment with your highest self and those things in which you desire the most out of life.

Creating the life of your dreams

There are so many ways in which the Law of Attraction has played an important role in our transition to full-time travel and living full-time in an RV, that I wouldn't even know where to begin in telling you the full story. From day one we made our lists, we hung them in our kitchen, and we thought about the things on those lists each and every single day - vibrating at their level, and drawing them into our experience. Down to the dollar amount our house and my car sold for, we drew these energetics to us. Every time something in our plans went wrong but we choose to stay on path anyway, to not give up, to only believe that everything happens for a reason, it always ended up working out better than we dreamt it to.

The Law of Attraction has guided us to people and places that match our own vibration. There have absolutely been times we have been in less than ideal situations or circumstances and we have only drawn more less than ideal situations to us, that is until we were able to pivot away from the thought of lack or discomfort and into that of which is abundant. Every bad travel day, every crappy RV park, every random RV situation that came up that we didn't know how to deal with, all ended up working out in the best way possible in the end because we never let those negative low vibrational thoughts consume us. We never let them win.

5 simple steps to implement more positive energy into your life

1. Pivot your thoughts. Pivot from feeling bad to feeling good. Everyone out there wants to be happy, but most people feel that everything in their life has to be a certain way before they can experience happiness - instead of the mentality of creating happiness now. You must learn to see the happiness in everything you are doing now, in order to be truly happy. The pivoting process involves deliberately looking for a more positive way, a better feeling approach to whatever you are focusing on. When you are facing something less than ideal, that you do not like in your life, you must state to yourself, "OK, I know what I don't want here... but what is it that I DO want?" Instead of saying something like, "I never have enough money", you want to pivot your thoughts to, "I look forward to having more money." This creates a different story. This shifts your vibration.

2. Recognize that every subject is really 2 subjects. It is the subject, and the absence of that subject. It is what is wanted, and what is not wanted. Recognize that wanting more money is also not having enough money. Wanting a new car is also having an old car. Wanting to feel good is currently not feeling good. It is all too common to only state the subject that is a fact and not the subject that is what you desire. But you have to begin telling a different story. Catch yourself in the act of stating what you don't want and take more time to tell the story of what you DO want. Instead of thinking, "I hate this ugly, old, unreliable car.", think, "I want a pretty, new, reliable car." This simple rewording will not make the item of desire appear out of thin air, but it will shift your vibration from negative to positive, therefore shifting your entire point of attraction from negative to positive too.

3. Focus on the solutions, not the problems. Easier said than done? Maybe, but that's no excuse not to do it. It's important to take your attention away from what is wrong, and to pivot to what you desire. When you shift your attention from the problem and onto the solution, your vibration actually shifts in the direction of what you want too. Start thinking about not only what you want, but why you want it - what will it bring you, what will it solve for you. Why will it help you?

4. Begin each day and end each night with good feeling thoughts. As you wake up each day, remind yourself that today you will look for reasons to feel good. Tell yourself that nothing is more important than feeling good or in choosing high vibrational thoughts all day long. At night, relive the most positive parts of your whole day, telling yourself, "the thing I liked most about today was...", or "my favorite part of that experience was...". Follow the positivity through every part of your day. As you go to sleep you often wake up on the same vibrational tone as you