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Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Hello! I’m writing this update from my phone, (because I forgot my laptop), as we are making our way back to Stone Lake in Frank the Tank this morning! Its July, my birthday month, and as my best friend puts it – my first morning as an engaged woman. 🥰

The day is already a swirl of emotions as we are also rushing back to check on our eldest Bengal cat Roscoe, as he’s suffering a tooth problem we unfortunately noticed the night before we came into town. He has a vet appointment in Hayward tomorrow (the soonest I could get in) and I’ve just been rattled with anxiety about him and if he’s eating and doing okay. I hate being away from my fur babies and not being able to tell them everything will be okay. More updates on him as soon as we can! Send all the positive vibes you have as he might have to have his tooth extracted and that’s really not something I’m excited to think about. 🌌🖤

‘See You Later’ Party Turned Surprise Engagement

Yesterday was absolutely a day for the memory books! We were in town in Woodbury all weekend for some last appointments (my last haircut 🦁), and a pre-celebratory birthday dinner with friends. Then we also had our long awaited “not goodbye” party with all our friends and family that could make it to join us.

Since day one, I wanted to ensure we went out with a bang and held some kind of party with all of our friends & family to celebrate with them before heading out west. I didn’t want it to come off as a ‘goodbye party’ or anything permanent sounding as we really don’t know what the future will hold and are remaining pretty open minded about the whole thing. So I came up with the idea that we should hold a “See You Later” Party and keep the lighthearted attitude with everyone while still sharing with them more about this exciting journey we are embarking on.

My longtime bestie Tasha prepped and planned and helped us make the day happen with decorations and party apps. Little did I know she also was in on a huge secret surprise too! After 9 years, my ‘other best friend’ got on one knee and asked me to marry him and all of our friends and family were there to see it! I really didn’t see this one coming, and was definitely wondering why Adam was so extra emotional all day. 😄

I was told we had to go outside on the patio for pictures with ‘better lighting’ (*eye roll*). But I was wondering why Adam cared so much about picture lighting … and then he turned towards me, all teary eyed and sentimental. He got on his knee and I started freaking out and more people started piling onto the patio. He pulled a ring out of his pocket, my unconventional Moonstone dream ring, and put it on my finger. It’s all a blur of emotion already but I know I said “you’re kidding me”, a time or two. I know I also asked him what he was doing when he first turned to face me. And then the moment was there and everyone was hugging and taking photos and it was all surreal – I just couldn’t even believe it really happened!

“I bet you didn’t think you’d get engaged at the 3rd Street Post today huh?” … I sure didn’t! #Wellplayed

Come to find out – my parents knew this was coming! He already consulted with them both (& his own parents) and a few of our other best friends too. You all did such a great job with such a big secret!! I’m so happy and grateful and thankful for this moment and that so many people that mean so much to us got to share it with us too.

It was a jam packed emotional weekend and bittersweet day. It’s hard to even say “see you later”, and even harder to continue to pursue an adventure as big as this one with so many firsts and unknowns… but its all worth it and we will see everyone we love again, soon!

I can’t even put into words how thankful I am for everyone that came out and celebrated with us. It was so wonderful to see so many lovely faces and catch up! I loved talking more about our journey and hearing everyone’s own journeys or future journey wishes in life. We have a truly outstanding group of friends and family in our life who are 1000% irreplaceable.

And a HUGE special thanks to Adam’s stepmom Dawn for coordinating this party, our location, the food, the setup and the whole works! We are SO thankful for her!!


Welcome to July

It’s hard to believe that I’m also just a few weeks away from my 30th Birthday. One of my hard stops going into this idea was that I did not want to leave before my birthday. Once we really got going with the idea we became so impatient and really wanted to move up the timeline, first being Fall 2019, and then even pushing for Spring … But with my birthday smack dab in the middle of summer it sort of posed a road block for me. Birthdays mean a lot to me, both mine and everyone else’s, and with this being a milestone year, and me being a total Cancer homebody, I wanted to be sure to spend it with family and friends.

As of now, we plan to spend Saturday July 13th in Sturgeon Lake, MN, with my Dad, Step mom, and some other family and friends. After completing my 30th trip around the Sun, we will spend some extended time in Sturgeon Lake, transitioning from one cabin to the next, until late July when we will slowly start crawling our way West.

Without setting a permanent date just yet, we will eventually start heading out to South Dakota, and possibly spending some extended time camping in the badlands and other various parts of SD. We will finally end up near Pine Ridge, Wall, and Rapid City where my grandparents and Aunt and her family live. It’s so messy right now as we are also in the midst of selling our townhome, which is currently pending, and would also have to coordinate a closing date around the end of July. Everything is a free flowing chaotic mess and we are just hanging on for the ride and doing our best to stay as positive and organizes and patient as we can.

But p.s. since my last update my car sold and that’s a HUGE plus for us and cleared roadblock out of the way of the future we are trying to create right now! We are SO happy with how it went down and you can read more about that on my recent Insta post here.

Looking ahead to the rest of Summer

After South Dakota the plan as of now is to head up north to Montana. The thing is with us, we are very flexible and open minded about the route we take and the length of time it will take us. We don’t want to set up any specific plans and we are keeping an open road mind, following it wherever it takes us! If we decide to get a workamping job we might head further south to camp out for a few months, or we might head up to the northern part of the country before diving down south for winter.

Who really knows, and that’s the beauty of it all! I would normally be super stressed out about not having concrete plans for something this huge in life, but I’m thankful I don’t and I’m ready to adjust and adapt to whatever may be.

My Moonstone! So in love with it!


Next week’s post will start to round out our time here in Stone Lake, WI and talk about the challenges we have encountered so far in our nomadic ways, and what we have done (or are thinking to do) to overcome those challenges! What has North Country Wisconsin taught us and what has this whole process taught us about ourselves!

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