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A&A Full-time RVing During The Coronavirus

End of Week #42

Verde Ranch RV Resort, Camp Verde AZ

Miles traveled since last week's post = 0

Total miles traveled to date = 6,909 with trailer

Today marks week #5 here in Camp Verde, and my gosh does it feel like the entire world has turned upside down since I wrote here last... I can't even really believe it, and it almost feels like we are living in a movie these days or something. Because of all the tension and anxiety going on right now with the #Coronavirus, I am going to keep this weeks post short and related to how this topic impacts our life on the road or as #FullTimeRVers.

It seems like a few times a day now there are new updates across the country (& the globe) related to the apparent #pandemic on our hands. Just today we learned that our home state of Minnesota announced they will close all bars and restaurants, impacting more people in our immediate life than we can count on both hands. We've also learned of the school closures, amount of people who are now working from home, and so many other things happening that are directly affecting our dearest friends and family.

Here in Arizona, we don't seem to be feeling the same rush of anxiety as other parts of the country, and we have only heard of a few schools extending their spring break and the Sedona visitor center closing. There were also a few events cancelled, such as this past weekends St. Patrick's Day parade, but other than that the city we are camping in, Camp Verde, and the surrounding cities of Cottonwood and Sedona are more or less 'business as usual' right now.

We have been out and about these past few days, on Saturday going into Sedona to walk around Uptown as it was the first day it had stopped raining all week long. The city was full of life and positive vibrations, and we didn't see or hear any panic or fear anywhere. On Sunday we went with some new friends in the RV park that are from Iowa, to an Irish bar in Sedona and the staff there could not have been more thankful and kind to us about coming out to visit them. Today we went for a hike in Sedona and we saw many people out and about on the trails, on the pink jeep tours and on the highways.

It is hard to understand how to feel or what to think during all that is going on. It's hard to know what is real information, what is fabricated by the media, and how much any of it really matters in the long run. I wake up in the morning and have to remind myself that this is our reality now and that all of this is really happening before our very eyes, and that it was not just a dream. We talk with our neighbors and they don't know what to make of it either - we are all just out here trying to do what we can to live our very best lives, but a lot of people do seem to feel that camping is one of the best things we could all be doing right now.

Full-time RVing During A Pandemic

Living full-time in a 32 foot travel trailer in a 400 spot RV park in the middle of Arizona is not really how I envisioned dealing with a pandemic, but hey there is a first time for everything, right?

I can honestly say that we already feel real adjusted to what quarantine life is like, as we have recently dealt with 4 straight days of rain that has caused us to be locked up inside making creative use of our time. Also, thankfully for us, stocking up at the grocery store is something we do regularly about once a month anyway, and we just so happened to make this month's run last week in Phoenix. We have already gone to Costco and grabbed all of our life essentials so we feel pretty secure in withstanding the idea of avoiding grocery stores for a few weeks. I had also already stocked up on a large 48 roll bundle of toilet paper from Amazon late last month and we haven't even tapped into it yet so we are good there too.

In a typical day I also don't feel like we necessarily interact with a lot of people, unless we are at the clubhouse here at the RV resort (which is now closed) or if we are exploring Uptown Sedona. We mostly partake in hiking activities in the area and do not really go out anymore or attend events or large gatherings. Sticking to a lifestyle like this right now is not going to be something that will be a big adjustment on our part.

For us, the bigger issue would be if one of us were to become really sick and need medical care. This might come as a surprise to you, but Adam and I do not have health insurance and we have not since May of 2019! We take care of our bodies, do our best to eat well, and we are as careful as we can be on hikes, but the rest has been up to the Universe. If one of us were to become violently ill it would be a big stretch for us financially to receive the proper care needed.

In terms of where we are staying, we do have to be conscious of closures with state parks, National parks, and with family owned and private RV campgrounds. Our current campground has no sign of future closure, but they have taken precautionary measure to close the clubhouse, the pool, and the fitness center here. The park we are at in Camp Verde now is pretty full with a lot of RVers, both full-timers and snowbirds alike, and if something were to happen to make the park close it would affect a lot of people on a pretty grand scale.

I have to say though, I like feeling removed from the noise. I like feeling removed from the chatter at work, the radio during my commute or the news during dinner. I feel so much more calm and at peace in our little wobbly box in the middle of Arizona than I know I ever would if we were going through this back in our day to day life in Woodbury, Minnesota.

Creating A High Vibration Amongst Coronavirus

There is so much fear and panic being spread around humanity right now, it's important more than ever before that we maintain a strong sense of self and continue to elevate ourselves to a higher vibration. Adam and I are not personally letting the fear mongering by the media get to us, but it is not necessarily easy to prevent yourself from getting caught in the tornado of #Covid19. The biggest thing is staying aware - of how you're feeling at all times, of what you are consuming mentally and physically, and in what things you can do to help make yourself feel better from the inside out.

Here are some ways we recommend to do to help create a high vibration during these times.

Ways to stay centered each day:

  • Practice gratitude, even for the smallest things. Keep a gratitude journal.

  • Limit your time on media sources and/or social media and reduce the amount of times per day you are checking in for updates. Staying informed and staying overwhelmed are two VERY different things...

  • Take time to tap into nature; ground yourself. Go for a walk, hang out barefoot in the grass, get away for the weekend, go for a run, take your kids to the park, or go for a bike ride.

  • Listen to 528 hertz and meditate for 10 minutes each day, or once in the morning and once before you go to bed. This is a great way to cleanse anxiety and stop overthinking, worrying or stressing.

  • Give yourself space to process what is going on in the world. Just sit still and do nothing for little while.

  • Allow yourself time to sit with and process all of your emotions that arise during this time, even if they are scary or uncomfortable to deal with.

  • Connect with all your loved ones and friends and family. Facetime or video call them if you can, to check in.

  • Read a book, take a bath, or do another form of self care each day and anytime you start to feel stressed or overwhelmed.

Ways to naturally boost your immune system:

  • Spend time in the sunlight each day, raise your vitamin D levels.

  • Eat raw garlic.

  • Take Tumeric, Elderberry, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) supplements to boost your body.

  • Move daily, and work out at home or in nature.

  • Eat more vegetables and less meat.

  • Drink plenty of water each day to hydrate, preferably filtered, alkaline sources.

  • Get 8 hours of sleep each night.

  • Take CBD to help combat anxiety and help you fall asleep, as well as to act as a natural adaptogen.

  • Get regular chiropractic adjustments to remove subluxations in your body and boost your immune system response by up to 200%.

Looking Into The Future

I understand that this is a new situation for all of us to be dealing with and no one really knows what is going to happen because of it. None of us know yet how this will impact our day to day lives or what is to come with our jobs, our economy, our health, or our future. Its scary to see and hear how this is impacting people around the globe - in Italy with their singing in the streets through their own windows, to rapid closures all across the USA.

Regardless of what is going on around us, I feel confident that this will all start to trickle away in the coming weeks and months and collectively we will all rise out stronger at the other end of it. During times of struggle, personally or collectively, I am someone that turns inward to self reflect and to resort to my faith in spirituality for answers. I have to believe that there is a lesson in all of this madness, a lesson for all of us to go through together. Across the globe this is an awakening, an activation of our senses in ways they have never been activated before. There are reports of pollution levels lowering in places that are going through quarantine right now. People are, and I can't believe I am going to say this, washing their hands more and caring more about their hygiene and sanitation. We are focusing more on our immune systems, our bodies, and our faith to get us through this. And in a lot of ways we are coming together as community to help each other and to figure out solutions to the crisis we are dealing with.

In terms of our future regarding full-time travel, and life on the road - we are currently taking things day by day and sticking to the plan. As of now we are scheduled to leave Camp Verde and head to Lake Mead, NV just outside of Las Vegas on Friday April 3rd. (We have recently heard about all the casinos closing in Las Vegas, but don't worry we weren't going there to gamble anyway.) If things were to progress rapidly and in a negative direction we still have options - we can extend our stay here longer and ride it all out, we can head to another state or city and post up on some free BLM land (public land), or in an absolutely worst case scenario we can head back up to Stone Lake, Wisconsin where we have family land too.

Personally, we aren't rushing to any conclusions or letting fear take over our RV living. By this time, almost 10 months into things, we feel quite used to being out of our comfort zone and conquering various fears and life and this just feels like another piece of the puzzle to be honest. Only time will tell how it will all go down, but for now we are worrying about only what we have control over in our lives and letting the rest take place as it may.


Our 300 day marker is coming up and it is time for another 'Challenges of Mobile Living' post update! It is time to go over what challenges we face, what new things have come up in the last 60 days, and any updates on how we are navigating previous challenges too.

FYI: I had mentioned last week that I wanted to do a post about Sedona and still will be completing that review for you soon.

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