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A&A End of Week 6 Life Updates

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

End of Week #6

Yesterday Mercury, the messenger planet, went retrograde, as it does about 3-4 times every year – disrupting our communication, our travel plans, and any large contracts and negotiations in our life. This time is great for REflecting, REdoing, and anything at all with a RE prefix in front of it. Although I’ve been dreading July for this specific retrograde, amongst all the things I’m changing and trying to get done this month, I’m still thankful for the forceful push from the Universe to slooow things down and RE-adjust.

[If you have absolutely NO idea at all what I’m talking about, feel free to learn more about Mercury Retrograde here…]


All this REflection is making me feel so extremely grateful for the friends and family members I have in my life. It’s been just an absolute whirlwind of a past 2 weeks with our “See You Later” party and then a long weekend in Stone Lake for the 4th of July with some of our closest friends. We had such a great time pontooning and hanging out this past weekend, celebrating America and each other. I hope everyone reading this got to enjoy the holiday with their loved ones too!

I feel truly blessed with an amazing circle of people in my life, and it’s starting to get harder and harder to think that each time we see people we love these days, we aren’t necessarily sure when we will see them again for the next time. A lot of unknowns are going on right now, and we are doing our best to cherish each and every moment with everyone! (& not get too overly emotional throughout the process!)

Life Updates

A Little Under the Weather

I’m feeling a little tired and weak today, so this post will be more on the simple side of things. I am not someone that is usually prone to getting sick, but here I am with what I can only imagine is a sinus infection going on – struggling to breathe and sneezing about 150x a day. Usually, back in our “normal life”, I took a lot of precautionary wellness measures to help prevent these type of things from ever happening. I regularly went to the Chiropractor for ‘maintenance adjustments’, I took daily CBD oil, daily herbal supplements and vitamins, exercised every day, and carved out time every day for self care.

These days, in north country, the budget is a bit tighter for too many Chiropractor visits or herbal supplements (aside from what I’ve already stocked up on in each category and my go-to everyday CBD oil), and I’ve honestly been struggling a bit to get into a new self care routine. This is what I would describe as a challenge of tiny living, as I don’t feel I have a proper space to go to carved out yet, to do my own thing. I know I just have to continue to adjust to the new way of life and a routine will start to fall into place again. I’ve also been off my game a bit in the exercise department, as each weekend we have been traveling to the cities or welcoming friends and family up north for all kinds of shenanigans and it’s been hard to stick to my typically strict daily exercise rules. But I am not giving up on things and I’m continuing to start anew every day, as I know things will adjust to a new normalcy with time.



Some of you may have saw my post about Roscoe on Facebook last week, as we have discovered he has what’s called feline tooth resorption. He is scheduled to have one of his front bottom canines removed or shaved down (depending on severity and judgement of vet) this Wednesday July 10th. We will be taking him to a vet clinic in Hayward and wishing him a speedy recovery! He has been taking his antibiotics since last Wednesday night and seems to be feeling better, AND he’s still eating so that’s great news to me!

I have also purchased a sample of anxiety medication from the vet for Roscoe while traveling in the van, and my hope is that it will help ease his mind and become a solution for the future. It is not something I want to use long term and not something I really wanted to start to use at all, but CBD oil alone has not been cutting it for my poor Leopard cat. He has the hardest time ever with disruption to his routine and in being in and traveling in the van.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you all updated on him. I know everyone has been almost more concerned about the cats adjusting than they have been about us. 🙂 


Stone Lake > Sturgeon Lake

As of now, our plan is to depart Stone Lake, WI this Saturday July 13th (also known as my 30th Birthday!!) to move course back to MN to Sturgeon Lake. We will plan to stay there for about a week to spend time with my Dad and Step Mom, and soak up what could be the last of the ‘cabin life’ for some time to come.

From there, we still don’t know exactly what will be next, but we will either a.) start to head out West to South Dakota, departing Sunday July 21st, b.) stay in Sturgeon Lake an extended few days to wrap up our townhome sale, or c.) head back to Stone Lake and wait to wrap up our townhome sale. Hopefully by next week’s post we will know what is going on, but everything is just such a waiting game right now! (And it’s teaching me a lot of patience I never had before.)  


30th Trip Around the Sun

Holy crap it really is only 5 more days until I turn 30 years old! 5 more days in Stone Lake Wisconsin, and 5 more days of 29 years young. WOW. This has been such an intense last quarter of my 20’s and I can’t wait to see what is in store for the next decade ahead. I love to think that I’ll be starting out 30 strong in my travel trailer, with my new fiance, my 2 Bengal fur babies, and a new location in Minnesota – our true first stop out ‘west’.

I’m feeling very ready to welcome in this new chapter and this new era in my life. My 20’s have been powerful, but I know it’s nothing compared to what my 30’s will bring me!

Loose Ends

I think in my last post I updated you all that my Buick had finally sold, so we were down to just our van and travel trailer AT LAST. Now we are just waiting on one final loose end to tie itself up, and that one is a big one – our townhome. I haven’t talked about it too much on here, but we are currently in the pending stage and have survived a round of intensive inspection negotiations without too many battle wounds to show for it. At this point of things we are waiting on final paperwork and financing to go through, with a tentative closing date of July 25th.


It’s such a scary and vulnerable process to be selling your home and having that entire sale basically weigh in on everything you are doing and planning in your life. I mean, this is absolutely HUGE for us, we need this to go through and we need this door to close before we can really fully open the next one. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was super stressful and it’s been sort of hard to get really genuinely excited about the next phase of our journey while this boulder is still looming over us. It’s also super scary to think about the fact that anything can happen here and ultimately house deals can fall through all the way up until the day of closing, for any number of different reasons at all.

I’ve been doing my absolute best to stay positive and channel all the good energy I can, as I know what is meant to be will be. I know we will get through this and life on the other side will be totally worth it in every way. I know the end of our loose ends is near!

Last Minute Prep

Other than that we have been trying to do any last prep, with the idea in mind that we might be heading off on our own in the next few weeks. We are thinking about any last tools or items we need to buy for ourselves or the travel trailer and are in the process of getting a surge protector and bike rack to put on the roof of the van. It’s quite the process to now think about what the van is going to look like while traveling, versus what it was like packing it to move up to Wisconsin over 6 weeks ago. We will also have to prepare to dump our tanks again and think about where and how we will fill them up with water before arriving to our next destination. The real test and learning curve really starts this month when we are finally out of the comfort and proximity of being near my mom’s cabin!

The wild road awaits us, and we are getting overly anxious for it!



What did Stone Lake Wisconsin teach us? What have been the pros and cons of tiny living and how have we dealt with the challenges we have had to overcome thus far?

It will also officially be time to welcome in the Next Chapter – as we will both finally be in our 30’s and ready to start strong in a new state, a new place, and as new versions of ourselves.

Nomadic Newsletter Coming in July…. August!

Due to Mercury Retrograde, and all the chaos that is the month of July, I am pushing the launch of our Nomadic Newsletter to August. This will allow me more time to prepare, and less of a chance to encounter too many digital disruptions from the cosmos above. 

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