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A&A Discuss 11 Ways To Raise Your Vibration This Summer

End of Week #58

Gualala River Redwood Park, Gualala CA

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We hope everyone out there had themselves a wonderful extended weekend. I know a lot of our friends and family back in Minnesota found themselves at their cabins "up north" in MN or WI, and all of the photos have looked like a great time! Here at the park in Gualala, Adam and I worked all weekend, as our regular days off are Mondays and Tuesdays, but Saturday night we had a fun get together with the other workampers and managers. Delicious food, laughter, drinks, and deserts, and it was a great way to spend the evening. Adam and I closed out the weekend Sunday night with a campfire and some country tunes that reminded us of last summer in the woods of Northern Wisconsin. There are so many similarities to this part of California and Wisconsin, we find ourselves missing our areas "back home" quite often.

One week from today is my 31st birthday already, oofta! Since we will be off, we will plan to do a day adventure of our own and probably mingle with our coworkers in the evening to continue the celebrations. Serious benefits of being grid locked in the woods with workampers for the summer is the sense of community they bring and the way we can come together to celebrate holidays, birthdays and special occasions with one another. As we are all away from our family and loved ones, and we are all in this adventure together, it's one quick way to help lift each others spirits and collectively raise our group vibration.

No matter if you are workamping in the middle of the woods in Northern California like we are, or wherever else you are in this world, we could all use some extra ways to raise our vibrations this summer. This year, 2020, has been quite a doozy so far!

11 Ways To Raise Your Vibration This Summer

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are attracting energy to yourself all the time. So when you are vibrating at a low frequency (& feeling pessimistic, jealous, victimized, needy, shameful, ugly, worried) and are still expecting high frequency, really awesome experiences and things to come into your life, you will often be disappointed to not see them there. You need to raise your frequency to match the vibration of what you are trying to tune into. This is an energetic rule to life and the number one code for The Law of Attraction.

For some people it takes a crazy event in life for them to come to realization and really get it, and for others it is a natural way of being. But one thing is for sure, we could all use the reminders on ways we can easily tune in to our surroundings and make the best of these vibes 2020 has given us!

1. Connecting with nature

Nature is the most therapeutic of all the outlets available to us. Getting outside, going to the cabin, spending time by a river or a lake, or even the ocean, is a valuable tool to relieve stress and anxiety and allow your soul to ground with the earth. The physical act of grounding involves standing barefoot on the dirt, or in the water, and allowing the souls of your feet to really feel the earth beneath you. You body literally channels the energy from nature and allows you a way to calmly center your own mind and spirit.

Even just the act of getting outside and breathing in fresh air, unpolluted from a cities hustle and bustle will improve your mood and your overall state of wellbeing. Make note this summer 2020 to get outside and enjoy nature as often as you can! If you are up for it, go for a weekend camping excursion. Take a day drive to a place in your state you have never explored before. Walk barefoot in the woods. Hike. Lay in the sand. Connect with the nature around you!

2. Finding meaning in negative experiences

I like to believe that there are not really any negative experiences in life, but only lessons for us to learn to guide us to our higher selves. There is always a way to find bigger meaning in the negative things you are going through in life, no matter how challenging and emotional they may feel. Change is change and while it is uncomfortable it is absolutely necessary for growth. Negative experiences are simply just our perception of the way we are experiencing the situation and do not always equate to overall negativity.

At the end of the day there are a lot of things going on in the world that we have absolutely no control over. So instead of focusing all of our energy on these things that we can not change, and feeding into our displeasure for them, it's important we put our energy to good use instead. Be the change you wish to see. Focus on things you DO care about instead of things that drive you bonkers. Turn the TV off for a few days. Reduce the amount of time you spend on social media absorbing all the negative news around you.

3. Healing all parts of your heart

Sometimes all we need is the proper time and space to allow ourselves to fully feel the emotions that are overcoming us and give ourselves what we need to heal that part of us. It can be as simple as acknowledging what you are going through or intense as going off grid for a week or even a month to recharge. Sometimes it means we have to ask for help. Sometimes it means we have to get really uncomfortable and real with ourselves and demand something better.

We must let go of the way we thought anything in life should go and instead focus on what love and joy we can create from the very life we have right in front of us.

4. Allowing yourself to evolve

Don't resist the changes that be, but instead find a way to pursue them instead. Allowing yourself the ability to change, to flow, to adapt - and thus evolve, can be an extremely transformational opportunity in life that not everyone has the courage to follow.

The biggest way to evolve is to learn to release all attachment to outcomes, people, places and things. This is a practice that may take you your whole life to achieve, but it is one that will benefit you the most in terms of personal growth and evolution. And at the end of the day if we aren't here to try to better ourselves than what the hell are we doing anyway?

5. Meditation

There are endless benefits to daily meditation practices and taking time in the morning, at night, or both to rest, and turn inward with just the sounds of your own soul guidance system. Regular meditation is full of physical health benefits, mindset benefits and overall people who meditate regularly report increases in mood, productivity and ability to detach themselves from the noise and commotion of the world.

Meditation can be achieved in other ways than just sitting cross legged with your eyes closed in your living room too. Simply taking time to journal freely and let the words flow on the paper is another form of meditation that I like to implement in my life. Essentially you are dumping your brain onto the paper to allow the answers you are looking for to flow through you. Meditation can be anything that allows you the time and space you need to connect to your highest self.

6. Laughing

I'm sure you're familiar with the old saying, "laughter is the best medicine", but have you ever taken a moment to think about how much truth lies in that sentence? Have you ever realized how much happier and full of love and light you feel after you have had yourself a good laugh? Laughter literally lights up areas of our brain that are otherwise inactive and fills our bodies with endorphins too. Finding something to laugh about, or finding humor, can be an ultimate mood change, resulting in a positive raise in the frequency you are emitting around you. So find something to laugh about today!

7. Exercise

I've never met anyone who says they regret doing a workout or regrets getting outside for physical activity. Exercise literally floods your brain with dopamine and other mood enhancers, releases pent up energy and toxins from the body and gets your blood flowing in every which way. Sometimes all you need to increase the vibe of your day or to put yourself in a positive mood is to get outside and get moving! I find exercise to be the most beneficial in the morning before I start my day, as it puts me in a steller vibration for anything the rest of the day has in store for me.

8. Gratitude

There is no better way to raise the frequency of your own vibration and step into a place of positivity and abundance, then to recognize daily all that you have in your life to be grateful for. Creating daily practices around gratitude, such as a gratitude journal, daily lists, or daily conversations will absolutely shift your entire perspective and thus raise your vibration too! Gratitude is a mindset, it is discipline, just like eating clean is. It is a muscle and a tool that you must practice daily for it to stick. When you walk through life with the lens of being grateful for all that you have and all that you are, you will automatically attract more of those good things to you!

9. Creating

Channeling your energy into creative work is a really powerful way to raise your vibration and connect to your highest self. Creative work will look different for all of us, depending on what we are good at and what we are passionate about. Sometimes this means writing, drawing, or designing, and other times this means home improvement projects, starting a new business, making a website, or doing some good ole scrapbooking.

When you let your creative juices flow you are tapping into your full potential and your highest vibrational being. You are raw, unfiltered, and letting it all out into your muse of choice.

10. Connecting with someone close to you

Solitude can negatively affect us on so many levels, especially over time, and most especially throughout this year 2020. I feel this a lot firsthand with being so far away from my close friends and family and after too much time passes without talking to any of them I start to feel myself get a bit depressed. But consistently reaching out to connect with those you are close to, either in person, over the phone, email or video calls can dramatically raise your own personal vibration, as long as those connections are grounded from love and compassion of course.

Most human beings can pick up on the vibrations of others and channel that energy as their own. When you choose to interact in a positive connection with someone else you are raising their vibration too!

11. Processing old emotions and shifting old patterns

Release. Let go. Allow those stagnant emotions and trapped cycles of negative patterns to leave your body and your mind. It's never good to hold things inside and unprocessed emotions can represent themselves as dis-ease, anxiety, and other negative health concerns in the body. Ways to help shift your old emotions and reactionary patterns are by doing the deep inner work needed to release and let go, but also to simply cry when you feel you need to cry, to be angry when you feel you need to be angry, and to talk openly about your feelings and what you are going through. Leaving things unresolved in your heart and in your mind will manifest as unresolved, negative vibrations in your life. To live a high vibrational life it's important to release all of that in which is holding you down.

Look up at the moon and sing to the stars. Listen to the birds chirping at the tops of the trees. There is so much beauty around us, there to help elevate and raise our vibrational being, but sometimes we simply have our eyes closed off to it and all we need to do is open up our minds to see it.


Monday is my 31st Birthday! (And thankfully we have the day off!) Next week's post will be all things adventure, reflection and growth inspired, centered around completing another lap around the sun. Last year on my birthday we departed my moms land in Wisconsin and ventured over to my Dad & step Mom's campground in Minnesota, and this year we are workamping in the middle of the Redwoods of Northern California. You just never know what another year of life will bring you!

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