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A&A Committing To Goals In 2020 & Leveling Up Before You're Ready

End of Week #32

Jamaica Beach RV Resort, Galveston TX > Mustang Island State Park, Corpus Christi TX

Miles traveled since last week's post = 230

Total miles traveled to date = 5,114 with trailer

We finally crossed over 5,000 miles! Woo-hoo!

It's a new year everyone, and a brand new shiny decade! The slate has been wiped clean and we can achieve anything we want to. I hope everyone reading this took time to celebrate in the best ways possible. For A&A, we had a very quiet NYE, and skipped the RV party and spent some time watching Netflix. I was not feeling the best (fighting a sinus infection) and we were gearing up to hit the road the next day too. We did turn on the TV to the ball drop about 11:50 PM (central) and watched that to feel like we celebrated though. It's crazy to think that we spent almost the entire last decade together! Adam and I started dating in May of 2010! I'm beyond excited to see what the next decade of life will have in store for us.

The island life continues for us into mid-January, as we spend the first two weeks of the year on Mustang Island near Corpus Christi. The weather is fantastic down here, and we are still within walking/biking distance to the ocean. We are also incredibly close to the Padre Island National Seashore and Port Aransas too.

As the year kicks off, I am already feeling a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for the months ahead. It's going to be a lot of work this year - traveling full-time, but I know we are going to see more amazing parts of the country and meet more incredible people along the way. I'm also super stoked for the next several months, the visitors we already have planned for Arizona & California and the friends we will see in New Mexico too!

2020 is going to be the best year yet!

A&A Goals & Intentions For 2020

We have a mighty big year ahead of us and I do not take any of our goals and intentions lightly! I'm stoked to make 2020 a truly unforgettable first year of a brand new decade. I've already spent hours journaling on all of my personal and joint A&A goals & intentions for us, and wanted to give you some examples to kick-start this post.


Travel to 20/+ new states in our RV. Go more places we have never been. Finish the west side of the country. Become completely financially sustained in our lifestyle & grow my online business to 5 fig months. Spend another 2 weeks back in SD with family.Spend a month/+ back in MN/WI the end of this summer. Attend the MN State Fair. Arrive to Florida by next December.Teach/coach/mentor other people how to be obtain more freedom in their life. Get married, or develop a solid plan for a wedding. Take professional engagement photos in Sedona, AZ.


Be more present in each moment. Pick up more trash & leave every place we go to cleaner than it was when we got there. Create more content than I consume online. Establish a stronger online presence.Reduce our own waste in the RV. Eliminate single use plastics. Wear less makeup.Drink (FAR) less alcohol. Get more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Steps To Turn Goals Into Realities In 2020

I like to think that we know a thing or two about making goals happen, but we are no experts. I am sharing with you advice I've experienced first hand, learned from others, read about, or feel strongly about.

Here is how you make a goal crushing game plan to stick with you the whole year, and the whole decade:

1. Write it all down - everything you want to accomplish this whole year, or break it down to smaller chunks like the first 6 months, or first 3 months. But get it all out there - for you to see, and the entire Universe. No dream is too big, and no dream is too small! It's your life, and you can set goals for anything you want! Health, fitness, travel, weight loss, quitting bad habits, entrepreneurship, getting a promotion, having a child, adopting a pet.... there is no limit!

2. Turn it into some sort of vision board - something that you can visually see someplace in your house. You can use pictures if that helps you, but words will do just fine too. You can hang it in your kitchen if you're real serious about it like we were, or you can hang it in your bedroom, a spare room, or wherever. But make sure it's visible. It will work better if it is someplace that you see every single day to remind you to stay on track.

3. Now you need to break things down further, into realistic chunks. If you did set your goals for the whole year now is the time to break them down into things that will take all year to accomplish, things that will only take a few months, and things you can start implementing now. I like to write out my goals by quarter, and even by month. I feel I can stick to them better when they are in smaller steps and within a 30 day reach. But at the same time I want to have goals to strive for all year long to keep my momentum going strong.

4. Start planning. Print blank calendars for a month, 6 months, or a year, or get out your calendar on your cell phone and start planning there. Set reminders and tasks to do each month, all year long, that directly relate to your goals and to keeping you on track. For example, we wanted to start our nomadic journey in the summer, so we planned to go to an RV show in February and try to buy an RV in March or April. Organization. Literally organize your goals so they make sense to you and what is realistic for you to accomplish.

5. Start doing. Even if it's something small, start now - don't wait. For us it meant we started doing our research. We started watching YouTube videos to learn about this lifestyle and how to make it happen, and what supplies we should stock up on. We started researching rigs to live in and the different styles. I made pro and con lists of the different RV types. I made lists of everything we needed to buy. I made lists of everything we needed to do to get our house ready to sell. I started researching the places I would want to go in the country. We started researching where we could go to look at RV's.... etc.

If your goal is related to weight loss then make a meal plan. In fact, start meal prepping every Sunday for your breakfast, lunches and snacks. You can even do dinner too. If you want to increase your fitness then set a plan for what classes you will take all week, or how many miles you will run, or what Beach Body workouts you will do...

6. Hold yourself accountable, and if you need more help - get yourself an accountability partner. Daily, weekly or monthly check ins (or all of the above) are the best way to stay on track. In terms of creating our new lifestyle we had each other to hold accountable. If one of us was supposed to look something up or do something to prepare, then the other one could check in and make sure it got done. If your goal is something just for yourself then have a close friend check in on you and your progress. If you are wanting to workout more and lose weight then join a fitness accountability group online - there are plenty to find and choose from! (And there is no excuse to not find someone or some way to hold yourself accountable!)

7. Don't give up. It's okay to fall off track. It's okay to have off days, down days, and way off course days. But don't let it completely ruin you or take over you mentally. There is no such thing as failure, there is only what you do with each and every day. And some days your progress may be as small as only being aware that you're off your game. Other days your progress might be as big as 2 workouts, following your meal plan to a T, no alcohol, and cleaning the whole house. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum - it is okay, and every day will not and does not have to be perfect. What is important is that you keep trying and when you get off course you take the time to course correct and redirect yourself. Don't ever give up on your passions or your goals in life just so you can go back to a comfortable and mundane life.

8. Stay in your own lane. Stop yourself in your tracks whenever you try to compare yourself to others. This is your journey - not theirs. Focus on YOU and YOU only. Who cares what everyone else is up to. They do not have your life, they do not show you everything behind the scenes, and they are not you. You can't let yourself get envious about someone else's chapter 17 when you are only on your own chapter 3.

9. If you need help, ask for it. f you find yourself so far off track, and have absolutely no idea how to stay on course, then maybe it's time you invest in a Life Coach. Someone to help you. To guide you. Maybe it's time you invest in a Personal Trainer or group fitness classes. Maybe you hire a Financial Accountant. Or you seek help to quit your nicotine habit. It's okay to not be able to accomplish it all on your own. It's okay to want to achieve something so badly but not know how to get yourself to take the steps to get there. But what is most important is that when you need help you ask for it. (Hire me, I'll help you!)

10. Find yourself some Expanders. Essentially, find people who inspire you that are already doing the things you want to be doing, or already living the life you want to live. Expander is a term coined to someone who essentially already has what you have, but can serve as motivation for you to get there. They are the proof to you that it is possible. You can relate to them. They show you that your goals are possible and that you can achieve your dreams, because they did. Expanders can be in real life, or on the internet - they still serve the same overall purpose. At the end of the day you are the sum of the people you spend the most time around, so if no one in your own immediate life is inspiring you and motivating you to achieve more and do better than it might be time for you to take inventory. It might be time for you to seek more Expanders.

Having a plan is the most important thing

In order to stay on track and achieve your goals the main thing that you need is to plan. Plain and simple. Without a plan is where 99% of people fail and fall off course. The days I did not meal prep for work were the days I ended up getting shit food delivered and fell victim to the donuts in the break room. The weeks I did not have a fitness plan for which workouts I was going to do were the weeks I said no to my workouts and watched Netflix instead.

Are You Interested Or Committed To Your Goals?

This may be a triggering question or thought to think about, but it's a worthy one! Are you just doing what you can when it's convenient, or are you doing whatever it takes? It's too easy to get caught up in excuses and believe our own negative doubting stories when it comes to our goals and dreams. But in order to achieve your highest goals it's important to let go of all the reasons why you think you can't do something, and get out there and start doing it.

When you are just interested in your goals you can easily succumb to the victim mentality of whatever current reality you are caught up in or whatever circumstances you are dealing with. When you are committed to your goals you know you need to upgrade your knowledge and skills and you make an action plan and stick to it every single day.

It can be incredibly scary to stay committed to what you want most in life because it means you have to really FOCUS and let go of all the excuses you have.

Check in with yourself on your own goals and intentions you set for 2020... are you just interested or are you committed? Do you have your action plan ready? Don't let fear and illusions rule your life!

Leveling Up Before You're Ready

Here's a secret for you ... if you wait until you feel ready the time will never come, you will never feel ready, and you will never get it done. There is no such thing as feeling perfectly ready. It's an excuse. It's a way to buy extra time to procrastinate on your goals and dreams. More so than not, we are absolutely ready for whatever it is we are going after, but we let our own demons take over in our mind and fill us with self doubt on why we can't make it happen.

Take an inventory on your goals once more. Those goals that you have stipulations tied to, stating that you'll do x once z happens... in what ways can you do x now? In what ways can you level up before you think you are actually ready to?

If Adam and I would have waited until we felt ready to quit our jobs, sell our house, and move into the RV... it would have never happened. We would have kept putting it off for next fall, next summer, and so on and so forth. Sometimes when you really want something you need to push yourself to go for it. Here we go with the comfort zone talk again... you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Get out of your own damn way so you can create the magic you want to have in your life.


For next week's post, my first post shared on my NEW website, I will be doing a travel review of 'Island Life' in Texas. We will have spent a month and a half down on the Gulf of Mexico, island hopping in Texas, and I want to share with you more about our experiences, what we did, where we checked out, ate at, etc.! And this post will link you to my NEW WEBSITE. I will be leveling up before I am ready and making it go live in time for next week. :)

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