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A&A Amenities For Life On The Road & Optimal RV Living

End of Week #41

Verde Ranch RV Resort, Camp Verde AZ

Miles traveled since last week's post = 0

Total miles traveled to date = 6,909 with trailer

We are still here in Camp Verde, the geographical center of the state of Arizona. I am absolutely loving every minute of it and there is a never ending amount of things to do here. Yesterday we went for a few different short hikes around Sedona, and today we did a day trip into Phoenix. The weather has been trending mostly warm and we have been getting out to explore a few times a week. Thankfully there are a lot of really nice people in our RV park and we have also been getting to know some couples from various parts of the midwest, including Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Recently, we have also made a few changes to our travel plans and upcoming routes and decided it is best to stay here longer than originally planned and cut out a few stops on our route. We first booked this location until March 16th, then extending to March 21st, and now until April 3rd. The campground is super cost effective, with amazing amenities, and so central to a lot of activities in the surrounding cities. It's unfortunate to change our travel plans for the end of the month, cutting out 4 destinations, and especially since we will be postponing our venture to Santa Fe where our friends recently moved to. But I'm at least happy we will be staying longer somewhere as enjoyable as Camp Verde.

One thing's for sure, I am still getting used to NOT participating in daylight savings, and keep forgetting that we are now 2 hours behind our friends and family in Minnesota and an hour behind our friends and family in South Dakota and New Mexico. It's weird to just not change your clocks like everyone else, but it's nice to not have to adjust to the change either.


A&A Amenities For Life On The Road

I've wrote about supplies for RV life before, on some of my previous posts this past summer, but over time it seems to be that the most important supplies change. Some things prove to be more beneficial and other things we thought we would use more often end up not being used at all. The most important supplies for life on the road seem to also be dependent on how we are living life - are we boondocking in the middle of nowhere or are we put up in an RV park with amenities.

Verizon MiFi Jetpack

It might not be a lot, coming in at only 15 GB per month before they throttle us, but it does end up being a lifesaver at all the RV parks where they say they have internet but the quality is so poor it won't even load Google. Most recently when we weren't able to get the show we wanted to watch to load we switched from the RV WiFi to the MiFi Jetpack and were able to stream seamlessly. I also use the MiFi to connect my laptop and write blog posts such as this one or do any other research or online work.

The nice part is that it isn't a great fortune on top of our phone bill - through Verizon we have the MiFi added on for just $20 a month extra. I do believe we are in a contract for the MiFi for 2 years, but one year of that is almost already through so I don't see that being any problem for us. We also have a small antenna that connects to the MiFi to boost its signal and this has helped in places where the 4G is there but not the absolute strongest.

Medical Grade Water Ionizer

Not just beneficial to us on the road, but to anyone at all that lives in a home of any kind. Also known as Kangen Water, our medical grade water ionizer allows us to have the healthiest, cleanest drinking water anywhere we go. It can be weird drinking water in new cities all the time, as the quality of the water is not the same (not to mention the fact that tap water is filled with chemicals and disgusting medications, pesticides, sometimes sewage, and other terrible things). If we were still at 'home' in Woodbury, MN this is a machine I would have loved to purchase too as the quality of Woodbury's drinking water has dramatically declined from 3M over the years. But regardless, tap and bottled water are not safe, they are very acidic and they promote disease in our bodies. Bottled water is also not sustainable and is contributing to the plastic crisis here on earth - so we needed a different solution.

The best way to describe Kangen water is electronically reduced hydrogen-rich performance drinking water with a multitude of health and healing effects. The machines produce 7 different levels of PH water, 3 of which are used for drinking and cooking, and other variations that are used for hygiene, cleaning, and disinfecting - amongst many other things. We drink 9.5 water all day every day, and have already noticed improvements in my digestive system and our overall immune systems. We cook with 9.0 water, and we even give the bengal cats the 7.0 "clean" water. The machines also filter out bacteria, sediments, chlorine, and other contaminants, which we also still have paired with an RV filter on our water line, so our water becomes double filtered. The water is full of antioxidants and molecular hydrogen that restore the balance in our bodies.

Kangen machines are the only ionizers in the world with the WQA Gold Seal Standard for water quality, and unlike their competitors, Kangen machines have 7 medical grade titanium plates that produce electrolyzed PH water. The company that makes these machines is out of Japan, called Enagic, and they are a leader in the global health industry, implementing the machines in hospitals for over 40 years with multiple ISO awards.

Another extremely beneficial aspect to our Kangen Water machine is its ability to produce 2.5 PH disinfectant water, especially amongst all the scare and hype with Coronavirus. The 2.5 water is known to kill every virus and bacteria it's ever been put up against and essentially gives us a natural hand sanitizer (and RV disinfectant) right on tap for use whenever we want.

Here is a link to a list of the full uses of Kangen Water, coming in at over 68 uses.

You can find out more about how you can get your hands on a Kangen Water machine by sending me an email.

Mineral Spa Shower Filtration

Again, not something specific to RV life, but absolutely essential to life in general. The same company that makes our Kangen Water machine also makes a shower filtration spa called the Anespa. This machine also filters out chlorine and harmful sediments and chemicals so that they are not directly absorbed through your skin while you shower. In society we can become obsessed with the quality of the water we drink, but forget that our skin is our largest organ and anything we put on it we absorb right into our bloodstream. If we care about what we are putting into our bodies then we also need to care about what we are putting on our bodies.

Our Anespa is like having a home mineral spa right here in the RV. The water is clean and soft and hydrates our skin making it smooth and healthy. It is the only shower unit of its kind in the world, and is made with something called TUFA mineral stone that comes directly from a hot spring in Japan. If you have a skin issue in Japan the doctors will send you to this hot spring to heal yourself with the inside out with the Tufa stone.

You can find out more about how you can get your hands on a Anespa Mineral Spa by sending me an email!

Space Heater

I still don't understand why we waited as long as we did to purchase this bad boy, but it has been crucial to life for the past month. We have been saving so much in propane to not have to run the furnace at night and in the long run that is extremely beneficial. As long as we have electric hookups we can run the heater all night long and keep it positioned close to our bedroom for optimal heat. It does run 360 degrees around the whole heater though and still helps to keep the living room and kitchen warm too. There are also a few different heat settings and heat dial tones so we can adjust it as needed. I think on the coldest nights here we have had that going and the furnace maybe turned on one or two times over night, but for the most part when the space heater is running it's plenty enough heat generated and the furnace doesn't need to kick on at all.

We purchased ours from Walmart for just under $40.

Air Fryer

I feel like I've probably mentioned this one before, but it's so important it is worth mentioning again. We honestly use our air fryer like at least once a day, but sometimes even two or three times! We had originally gotten the air fryer for a gift the Christmas before we went nomad and hadn't known if it was going to be something we could keep or if we would have space for it, but it ended up being completely worthwhile. From chicken, to potatoes, to chicken sausages and even bread - we cook and toast so many things in there. Plus it is nice to be able to have something going in the air fryer and something else going on the stove. It has really helped to make cooking that much easier in an RV!

Other supplies worth mentioning:

XBOX - Can you say Netflix and Chill? Or currently HBO and 'binge-all-seasons-of-Game-Of-Thrones'? The XBOX is my true hero in times of need.

Essential oil diffuser - For energy, for vibes, and for smells too! So handy to make the entire trailer smell and feel so much different.

Handheld vacuum cleaner - For general upkeep and cleaning the trailer. Easy to story and empties well into the trash can. Charges quickly and picks up all the cat litter!

Dryer balls - You know, for doing laundry! I love being able to do like 5 loads at one time, but I hate how staticky the clothes get when they come out of the dryer and it definitely seems to be worse on the road than it ever was at home. Dryer balls for the win!

You can check out my other post regarding RV Supplies here:


I plan to do a review on Sedona, either just in general about the city, the history, and all there is to do here, or even more in depth about hikes and the vortexes too. We will be going to the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Sedona this coming Saturday and that should be a fun event and a good way to spend the next holiday on the road. Since we are here for so long this time around we are able to fully immerse ourselves into all that is the beautiful red rock country of Sedona.

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