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A&A 10 Things We Didn’t Know We Needed for Full Time RV Life

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

End of Week #16

Canyon View RV, Spanish Fork UT > East Zion Thunderbird Lodge RV Park, Mount Carmel UT

Miles traveled since last week’s post = 249

Total miles traveled to date =  2617

Did you catch my recent post a few days ago reviewing Bear Lake in Utah? If not, you can find it here! Be sure to “follow” the blog so you never miss an update. 

Utah has been … AMAZING. There is no other way to describe it. If you haven’t been to Utah you should get your butt out here ASAP! There is so much to explore it’s stressful, ha – there just isn’t enough time, even for a full time traveler. I have a lot of different travel reviews I’m going to do on this whole southern Utah area, and I’m going to stick to posting traveling reviews on off days, meaning not on blog day Monday. I will keep blog day Monday for other kind of updates since this is what I share consistently for family and friends. If you want to be sure to never miss one of my travel reviews you will want to ‘follow’ the blog!


Today’s end of week 16 post comes on September 16th – which is also Bengal boy Roscoe’s 7th Birthday! In cat years he is a 44 year old man today, and I can’t help but remind him of that all day long. As he had the trailer to himself all day with Rahja, I can only imagine he did a lot of sleeping and eating. He has had to go through so much in the last 6 months to get to this point of his life as an adventure cat, and I’m so proud of him (& Rahja) for all their adjusting … if you want to call it that.

It has been so nice to be parked in one spot for almost a week now – I love it! We have just one more week in Utah (SAD FACE), and then we will be moving onto Colorado – our first stop being Grand Junction. We are bringing our RV in to be looked at by a Grand Design dealer while we are there. There are some things we have noticed that are under warranty and we want looked at before they would cause any problems. We are always doing everything we can to improve this lifestyle and find new ways to make things easier and more manageable for us, our cats, and our mobile home on wheels.

10 Things We Didn’t Know We Needed for Full Time RV Life

I like to think we prepared pretty well for what it was going to be like full time living in an RV. We stocked up on supplies for months while still living in our townhome and working our full time jobs. We watched hundreds of videos, read tons of forums and looked into an exhaustive list of options to prepare us. But regardless of how much time you spend preparing for anything in life, other things always come up that you had never even thought of. In our case, I have a list of our top 10 things we never knew we even needed, until we were already on the road! Thank goodness for Amazon two-day delivery, and the ability to have things delivered to RV campgrounds.

1. Pool Noodle …. (Let me explain!)

It might come as a surprise to you, but a pool noodle came in quite handy for us, and not for reasons you would think! For some less than interesting reason, our awning on our travel trailer comes down onto the top of our slide in a less than fitting way, rubbing against the slide. It gave us a lot of fears that it would rip or puncture a hole in the awning, so we tried to brainstorm ideas as to how to cope with it. Hence the pool noodle! Cut to the right fit, taped in a special ‘l-shape’ form – and it’s the best tool we could possible have for this kind of problem! Adam even drew a fun face on it, and it sits in the house when we aren’t using it.


2. Mini Fan

We had fans in our “old life”, in fact I was always the one who NEEDED to sleep with a fan on every night, just for the white noise. I am completely conditioned to sleep with some sort of background noise (NOT TV), and the fan has always been my first choice. When we moved out of our townhome though we got rid of our fan, assuming we would move on without one. After the hot summer months in Wisconsin, we quickly realized we needed something to help cope with indoor heat, regardless if we were using the AC or not. We found a perfect miniature sized fan at Walmart for dirt cheap, and now keep it plugged in the bedroom when we have electrical hookups, to serve both for white noise and for added air flow in a tiny space!


3. Shower Head with On/Off Switch

Conserving water is super important in an RV – not just for environmental reasons, but because you either have a limited supply of water in your holding tank, OR you have a limited amount of room in your grey tank to hold all the water you do use (and that goes down the drain). Even more of an issue – when you go to take a shower you first have to get the water temperature right, then you have to get yourself wet, turn the water off, and then lather up with soap… Well the problem with that is that then when you go to turn the water on again to rinse the soap off, you’ve already lost the perfect water temperature and have to sit and adjust it again, thus wasting more water. It’s a whole process that is hard to explain or for you to truly understand unless you are doing it – but needless to say it was super amazing to get a new shower head that has both BETTER water pressure (also super important) and that has an on and off switch. Now when we “pause” the water to lather up, we don’t have to readjust temperature and pressure again when we turn it back on. Literally life changing!


4. 12V Portable Power Pack Battery Booster

I had never heard of these devices before, primarily used to jump start your vehicle should you need it – but also serve as a way to charge your laptop, cell phones, and sometimes even your refrigerator! A great invention for the world of boondocking and having no electrical hookups, that allows you to also not have to whip out your generator just for some extra charge. We have already used this device a few times and we each were able to get a full cell phone battery charge, more than once, before it died. Super handy for life on the road! I hope we never have to use it to jump start our van, but just in case – we are prepared!


5. Adhesive Toilet Paper Roll Holder

This might seem really silly to you, as it seemed silly to me at first too. The RV came with a toilet paper roll holder that you can install in the bathroom, but you would have to drill holes in the walls and that was something we were really trying to entirely avoid. We would just set the roll on the bathroom counter but then sometimes it would get wet from the sink or fall down or in general, it was just annoying to have it there. Then I found a super cheap adhesive holder on Amazon while we were staying in South Dakota with family and had it delivered to my grandma’s house – awesome! The little things you guys, they make the world of difference.


6. Adhesive Toothbrush Holder

Another possibly odd thing to consider here, but where else are you supposed to put your toothbrushes? We were keeping plastic holders from Target over them and just setting them willy nilly on the counter, and I really hate clutter if it can be avoided so I was looking into other options. I came across an adhesive COVERED toothbrush holder that allows them to stand upright and stay COVERED from germs in the bathroom. Score! (P.S. Please don’t ever just leave your toothbrush uncovered in the bathroom… SO many germs can get to it that way! Especially everytime you flush the toilet… gross!)


7. Paper Towel Roll Holder