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5 Crystals for Beginners

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Crystals. You’ve absolutely heard of them by now, and seen them around – everywhere. Dating back through all of history, crystals have been used as a form of healing and a source of energetic power. Throughout the whole world, ancient cultures have found ways to use this energy in both spiritual and physical ways.

These magical gemstones are oftentimes formed when liquids in nature start to harden. As the molecules in the liquid begin to stabilize, they form certain patterns that ultimately form crystals. The beauty of it all is that crystals can be made from just about anything. Most minerals out there naturally occur in a crystalized form.

Everything in the entire Universe is made up of some kind of energy. Even the couch in your living room has vibrational energetic properties. When crystal minerals are extracted from the Earth, their vibrational energy is used for healing in a variety of ways. Crystal healing is, simply put, a pseudoscientific technique in alternative medicine that uses different crystal for different healing potential. Crystals harness different forms of energy and elemental forces and can have very powerful vibrations in manifesting, setting intentions, healing, and so much more! Fact: Crystal power is even used in various forms of technology such as watches and computers.

What Crystal should I choose?

Choosing the right crystal for you isn’t a game, and there isn’t a manual on how to do this. Picking the next gemstones to add to your collection should, more times than not, be based on what you are ultimately drawn to. Sure you can scope out and pick ones that focus on different areas of need in your life, but honestly if you go with your gut vibe and pick what you are drawn to, you will most likely pick something with those same healing properties anyway. That is how the Universe works. 🙂

Regardless of what you choose, I’ve put together a list of the top 5 crystals I would recommend for beginners, with some information on the properties of each one.

5 Crystals for Beginners

1. Amethyst*

She’s the ‘intuitive eye” – brilliant, and one beautiful bitch. Arguably one of the most powerful gemstones out there, even though she’s also one of the most commonly found amongst many countries. Dudes, amethyst does not fuck around. I am just drawn to her, in every way. Acting as a Wonder Woman for the crystal world, amethyst really does it all. She’s known for: purifying the mind and clearing negative thoughts, overall protection, clearing stress and anxiety, promoting abundance, facilitated intuition and communication and so on.

My favorite crystal I own is a hunky amethyst chunk from Uruguay that I found in a small crystal shop in a town of Colorado called Evergreen. Stopping in crystal shops while I’m traveling is my new favorite hobby and an awesome way to add to my collection. I typically go with whatever speaks to me and is in within my budget, and this trip my eyes were only on that radiant amethyst. I find myself just sitting and holding my hunk from time to time because it just makes me feel so relaxed.

Chakra: Third Eye & Crown

2. Rose Quartz*

The “love stone”, simple, and pure. Rose quartz is an incredibly easy way to incorporate your life with so much more love. It is known as the stone of unconditional love, and holds so many valuable romantic properties. This stone holds the power to help you attract more love into your life, and also helps to open up your heart to receiving more love. From self-love, to love from your family, friends, or romances … Really, like what more could you ask for?

Rose quartz will help you in attracting more harmonious love into your life and also help you clear out any negative love emotions you may be experiencing such as: jealousy, anger, and resentment.

Experience the world through a beautiful rose tint with a rose quartz of your own! My personal rose quartz came from a kit of crystals I actually bought off Amazon. My favorite times to have my rose quartz near and dear are when I know I’m going to be going to family functions or having stressful days at work. I even have a rose quartz necklace I love to wear to I can double up on power!

Chakra: Heart

3. Smoky Quartz*

Smoky quartz is like that best friend that helps you see the clarity in a situation and gives you strength to clear something out that no longer serves you. This stone is a really magical grounding and balancing tool that will help elevate your mood and overcome any negative emotions you may be experiencing. Smoky quartz only wants the best for you and can help you see the light, bring the truth forward, and leave all your baggage behind.

I purchased my first smoky quartz while exploring in a crystal shop in Sedona, Arizona. I came across a small circular one, perched on a stand, and just couldn’t leave AZ without it. I’ll never forget, while checking out at the counter, the woman at the register told me that she “could feel me before she saw me” and that I exerted good vibes. I’m pretty sure I want nothing more than for everyone I ever meet to say that same thing about me!

Fun Fact: Smoky quartz is the national gem of Scotland.

Chakra: All chakras, but specifically root and solar-plexus

*There are so many different kinds of Quartz crystals out there, just be sure to find at least one that resonates highly with you. Quartz is such a valuable addition to have in your life. You can definitely benefit from all of the energies in this stone group! Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Smoky Quartz are all a part of the broader Quartz family.

4. Selenite

Selenite is a variety of the mineral gypsum, and oftentimes referred to as ‘liquid light’. It is an extremely soft crystal (breaks easy) but also one with a lot of power. Named after the Greek Goddess of the moon, Selene, I think one of the most beneficial aspects of this crystal is its ability to help balance your emotional body. Selenite’s power has the ability to dispel negative energy and clear the body, mind and spirit – allowing for a greater sense of peace and calm all through you. Selenite wands are a great tool to purify energy fields of all kinds!

I also love Selenite for its ability to stimulate my creative senses in ways I need it most. I always like to hold or lay my selenite near me when I’m focusing on any creative project, but especially my writing. I have several selenite wands, of varying sizes, and one large tower – currently my largest crystal!

Pro tip: Selenite can also be used to help you charge your OTHER crystals. You can get ‘selenite charging plates’ that can be used to set your other crystals on for maximized energy clearing.

Chakra: Crown

5. Black Tourmaline

Lo and behold, the first crystal I ever purchased! That’s right, my first crystal was a black tourmaline necklace from Rebecca Clark at Ezzy to Eden. I can’t recall at all how I came across it, but as soon as I saw it I knew I needed it at that time in my life.

Black tourmaline is the best force field you could possibly ask for when it comes to blocking and clearing negative vibes from your life. I was going through a particularly dark time at work and needed an extra layer of power to mentally bring me through my days, and that is how I came about black tourmaline.

As an incredibly powerful grounding tool, electric in nature, black tourmaline helps connect the human spirit to Mother Earth. This crystal is a big time energy healer and basically a disinfectant for your Soul – clearing out all of the negativity!

Chakra: Root

What are some ways you can incorporate crystals into your everyday life?

Basically ANY way you want, but let me give you some common ideas:

  1. Yoga & Meditation routine

  2. Creativity – whatever that looks like for you: writing, drawing, creating!

  3. Mix with essential oils for healing properties

  4. Paired with sage or oils to help clear the energy of spaces you live and work in

  5. Crystal water bottles for a highly energetic burst of H2O

  6. Wear them – Jewelry & other accessories

  7. Place them directly on your body for healing properties

  8. Use a crystal healing grid for manifestation

  9. Just pick a pocket stone that calls to you and carry it in your pocket for a secret power of protection that lasts all day

Crystals are energy of the Earth and are very healing, transformative, and they are always evolving! Regardless where you are starting on your crystal journey, there are so many different ways you can slowly incorporate magical gemstones into your life. Crystals are helpful in any mindful or spiritual activity, but especially when meditating, doing yoga, or manifesting/setting intentions. You can even wear your crystals on jewelry and take that magical power with you all day like an added layer of power. (By the way, this is my favorite way to incorporate crystals into my life.)

Be sure to check out my crystal collection on my Instagram story – featured on 10/29/18!


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