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23 Reasons Why Living In An RV Is Better Than Living In A House

For 30 years of my life I lived just like most other people in the world, in a house, and throughout a lot of my adult life in a townhouse specifically. For at least 29 of those years, I never really imagined living any other way, not full-time anyway. In the fall of 2018 when my then boyfriend, now fiance suggested that we sell everything we own and move into an RV, even then high on the idea, I could not ultimately imagine what it would be like in the long run or how much it would ultimately differ from my comfortable townhome living. And here we are approaching our 1 year anniversary in our home on wheels and now I can't imagine things any other way. At this point, it's hard to imagine going back!

Mobile living, and tiny home living at that, are a lot different than your typical 2 or more story, multiple bedroom, multiple living room, garage, deck, and backyard spaces. You have less stuff. It is on wheels. It wobbles. It's fragile. It can be affected by weather, it can break, it's scary and uncomfortable at times, and it can get cramped too. But what about all the good things? What about all the reasons why it's actually better than a sticks and bricks home? What about all the reasons why I would prefer not to go back to living in a house...

Let's talk about it.

23 Reasons Why Living In An RV Is Better Than Living In A House

1. It moves so you can go almost anywhere you can drive to.

2. It's cheaper than a house. You pay minimal bills and you don't have to pay rent.

3. There are fewer house projects.

4. There are less spaces to clean. (And you can clean it faster too!)

5. You have fewer things in general, because guess what - you don't have a lot of space.

6. If you don't like your neighbors you can easily move.

7. You meet so many new people from all over the place.

8. You'll make some pretty cool new friends from all over the country.

9. You get to live like a local wherever you go, and stay there as long as you'd like.

10. There is no yard work. (Unless you're a #workamper like us right now)

11. Your backyard can be a National Park. Or a State Park. Or any park!

12. You can have amazing views from your front door without buying real estate.

13. You can harness the sun for electricity.

14. You learn to reduce the amount of water and waste you use and create in the world.

15. The temptation to buying things you don't need is gone because there is no room for it.

16. You always have a conversation starter... "I live full-time in an RV"...

17. Your pets have somewhere new to explore all the time. (& believe me, the cats LOVE it)

18. You get to spend a lot of time with the one you love...

19. You get to visit amazing places you wouldn't normally vacation to, or haven't heard of.

20. You can watch the sunset while sitting on your roof.

21. There is no better way to see the country than driving through it.

22. You get to try craft beer, local wine, and coffee from all sorts of new places. (Food too!)

23. You grow a lot when you totally uproot your life and live on the road.

"Life is meant for spectacular adventures.
Let your feet wander.
Your eyes marvel.
& your soul ignite."

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