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A&A Celebrate 100 Weeks On The Road in Scranton, Pennsylvania

End of Week #100

Boondocker's Welcome host, Woodbine MD > Lums Pond State Park, Bear DE > Frances Slocum State Park, Wyoming PA > Sampson State Park, Romulus NY

Miles traveled since last week's post = 413

Total miles traveled to date = 14,263 with trailer

We have finally made it to New York! My what a whirlwind the past month and a half has been. Before we know it we are going to be creeping up on our TWO YEAR nomadiversary, and we will be starting our second campground workamping gig. Time is just flying by this year, and 2021 is already approaching half over. Now all we need is for the weather to start warming up in the east too...

A&A Celebrate 100 Weeks On The Road In Scranton, Pennsylvania

I feel like so much has happened in the past week, as this is the most amount of stops (& miles) we have had in one week in a long time! Since the last time we have spoke we have crossed off 3 (now 4) new states. We also spent a day exploring the Gettysburg Historical Site, and had our first snowfall in over a year in Delaware! (But don't worry, it didn't stick!) These are the times when I wake up and have absolutely no idea where I am until I open the shade and look out the window... but that's just what it's like when you are in the road!

& we have now been on the road for 100 weeks!

100 week statistics

Friday, April 23rd we hit our 100 week marker and are now officially in triple digits for our week by week counting. The 100 week marker also officially converted to 700 days living in the RV - 700! That's honestly so hard to believe, as it has gone by SO fast and SO much has happened for us, but here we are.

In those 100 weeks we have stayed at 81 different campsites across 23 different states. We have traveled over 14,000 miles now with our trailer and have visited 26 out of the 63 designated National Parks in the US.

Why Scranton?

You might be wondering why we chose to spend our 100 week marker in Scranton... Well, that's just how the cards fell, and there was no particular rhyme or reason as to why this destination was chosen. We needed a place to stay around this part of Pennsylvania, per our most recent route update, and Scranton was the winner. I was mostly in search of a good halfway point between Delaware and the Finger Lakes in New York, and wasn't finding any good Boondocker's Welcome options, which was my first preference.

So we eventually ended up searching for State Parks instead, and I wanted to either be by a city that would benefit us in terms of groceries - such as Costco and Trader Joes, or somewhere that could be utilized as a destination. We were able to go to Costco in Delaware and so a "destination" became my prime search. I personally was a big fan of the show, "The Office" - which made Scranton, PA famous, so I figured what the heck, why not!? It could be fun!

What did we do to celebrate?

On our actual 100 week nomadiversary we did have to travel, so much of the day was spent dealing with that. It was also a milestone birthday for Adam's dad, as he turned 60 years old. But once we were able to get ourselves situated in our new site, after a gruesome day traveling on Pennsylvania roads (some of the WORST in the country), we decided to hit up a local watering hole for happy hour. We found a place called the Tipsy Turtle that seriously would be my favorite if I were to live in this area - it had a great menu, great vegan selections, great drink lists, and martinis were on their happy hour! Plus they had good draft beer, and it was just a fun atmosphere.

On Saturday we continued our celebrations and did a self guided tour through Scranton to look at various locations that were featured in the show The Office. The show was primarily filmed in California, (eyeroll) but the shows intro and several outings that the cast participated in, were in fact filmed in Scranton.

We started the tour out downtown, near the Lackawanna County Courthouse, which basically was a huge castle in the middle of Scranton. We were worried about paying to park, but found out from several nice people that it was actually free to park on Saturdays. We also noticed right away that something odd was going on downtown, as there were groups of people, sometimes dressed in strange outfits, all glued to their phones and congregating around various parts of town. After a quick google search we learned there was an event that day, where you sign into a site to view clues and find a "killer" on the loose in town by following those various clues. Interesting!

On our self guided tour through town, first we viewed a beautiful Dwight Schrute mural in northern Scranton, and on the way there we drove past THE Dunder Mifflin, AKA the Pennsylvania Paper Company. It definitely was boarded up and does not appear to be in any kind of operation at all, but it was still pretty cool to see. While walking around downtown we also saw the mural for the "Electric City", as Scranton was also known for being the first city to make an electric street car, basically an electric trolley. We ended up walking to the town mall, which was a trip in itself as I can't remember the last time I was in a mall, and there we saw the famous "welcome to Scranton" sign.

As we continued on in our tour, it was time to check out some of the famous places The Office ate (and drank) at - first up was Poor Richards Pub. I had completely forgotten that this was in a bowling alley, and it oddly reminded us a lot of the Stillwater Bowl in Minnesota or even the Hudson Bowl in Wisconsin. The pub itself was quite small, but had wonderful tap beer options and surprisingly pretty much no reference to The Office at all, even though this was their primary hang out outside of work. Close by to the Pub, was the "place with the good pizza", called Alfredo's Pizza Café. We dined in here and got a pizza off the menu and some happy hour beers. This place was quite entertaining for us, as there was a lot of "work drama" going on with the owners and the staff while we were there. It kind of reminded me of some of our old watering holes in Woodbury, MN! Lastly, we stopped by a seafood house that also happened to have a gift store for The Office memorabilia. It wasn't as intense as I was thinking it would be, but I still found a fun shot glass for our memories.

Here is a link to show how I found all of The Office stops in Scranton.

Now if only I could find a way to re-watch The Office episodes since Netflix took them down...

What's ahead?

For most of the rest of the week we will be exploring a region called the Finger Lakes, in western upstate New York - also known as New York's wine country. This area came highly recommended to us, and honestly appeared in conversation for me 3 times in one day, before I finally took it as a sign that we should stop here on our way. This area is known for wineries, lakes of course, waterfalls, gorges, and cute little towns. I hope we will be able to do a little bit of it all, as well as make one last stop at a Trader Joe's before we go without one for awhile!

Come Friday we will start making our way straight east to get closer to the greater Albany area. The current plan is to spend Friday night at a Boondocker's Welcome host location, and then head to our new campground by midday on Saturday. We were given the option to arrive to our new campground between May 1-3, and we feel it would be best to arrive right away, in case it affects the spot assigned to us, and to give us more time to get adjusted to the managers, the campground, our new "home", and such - before we are to begin working again.

We don't yet know what our schedules will be, what hours we will be working, what day we start training, or what day we open. So there will definitely be a lot to learn right away upon arriving to the Lake George area, in eastern upstate New York.

It's crazy to think that we have already made it to New York... from Florida, and have already went to just about all of our stops along the way of our month and half travel journey north. It's SO much different traveling out east than it is in the west, everything is so much closer together! I'm not going to lie, of course we miss Florida already - but we are sill very excited to explore the greater New York region, and hopefully even New England. It is already extremely beautiful up here, with many lakes, mountains, and greenery. There is so much to see and this area really has so much to offer!

P.S. In case you were wondering..

I also wanted to let you know, in case it was on your mind at all, that both of the Bengals have been doing good - all things considered. They absolutely hate travel days, no matter how many things are done to make them more comfortable, but they have recently gotten very smart and now know how to open their crate when we are in the van. I also just noticed today that Rahja has ripped two wonderful holes in the crate, that could easily be stretched to allow her to fit through, so I do have some sewing to do this week! The good news though is that Roscoe has not coughed in over TWO WEEKS now, and Rahja has not had any new recent episodes with the litter box and frequently going in and out of it. Both Bengals are hanging in there and waiting for their next moment to go outside, eat grass, climb trees, and sniff new things.


By this time next week we will be all settled in our new campground for the summer, and will hopefully have a better feel for what our lives will be like for our second campground workamping gig. I will either talk more about that experience, and what it will be like, or I will do a travel review of our time spent here in the Finger Lakes... or a mixture of both!

Amazon Storefront

I have recently become affiliated with Amazon, through the set up of my own storefront page. Here I am able to list and link all of the items I have purchased through Amazon and would recommend for various needs. I have lists set up for fulltime RVing, camping in general, traveling with cats, health and wellness, and even curly hair! Plus, as an added bonus, I will make a small commission on any items purchased through my link.

If you want to check out more of my storefront page, here is the link: Spark Fire Swan's Amazon

I will continue to add items as time goes on, as we are always finding something new on there that becomes quite useful to our lifestyle or for our feline friends. As a rule of thumb, I only ever link things we have actually purchased, kept, and use on a frequent basis!


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