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10 Ways To Show Up For Yourself In 2020

10 Ways To Show Up For Yourself In 2020

1. COMMIT to habits, practices, routines, and rituals that are good for your well being even when you don't want to.

2. ALLOW yourself permission to feel a multitude of feelings without labeling any of them as wrong, bad, or negative.

3. PRACTICE listening to your own needs and discover different ways of meeting those needs.

4. PRACTICE self-forgiveness; for not being perfect, for forgetting things, for your past, for what you don't know, and for falling off track sometimes.

5. LET yourself start over again, and over and over, as often as you need to.

6. PUT your basic needs first - stay hydrated, get enough sleep, move your body, and eat nutritional foods.

7. GIVE yourself permission to rest (without guilt), to take breaks and to have down time.

8. SPEND quality time with yourself: reading, writing, creating, and getting to know who you really are underneath who you've always been told to be.

9. USE a lens of curiosity and compassion with yourself as often as possible.

10. REMIND yourself that you are worthy. Always show up for your true self. Make yourself a damn priority in your own and only precious life!


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