CBD is one of the hottest new health & wellness products on the market these days and can be found in the form of oils, vapes, tinctures, coffee, pills, and even things like mascara, lotions, hair products, and so many other things you won't even believe. 

The CBD specific market of Cannabis is a growing one - rising over 700% in just the last few years. 

Have you tried CBD products before?

There are many benefits to using CBD products, but most specifically oils can be invested for relief from anxiety, pain, inflammation, some chronic illness, and it can also help you fall asleep at night. 

I have been an avid CBD fan since April of 2018, and have dabbled in a lot of different products. In 2019 I was interviewed by a local MN news station about my use of CBD and I have written about CBD for an online lifestyle magazine. Check out my posts below to learn more about CBD in general and what products I use!