The 'A&A Destination Unknown' Journey  

He asked me if I wanted to quit my job, sell our house & all our belongings, and take off roaming the country together in a travel trailer …

I said, you’re *bleeping* kidding me right?! … LET’S FREAKING DO IT.  😄🖤

This is our story, & our journey through the United States, hiking & RVing our way across the country. I post weekly blog updates on Mondays and travel reviews after we have gone through a new experience or location. 

We also have a monthly Nomadic Newsletter that goes into greater detail about this lifestyle and tips and tricks to make a life of total freedom happen for you too. [ANY kind of freedom, not just the travel kind.] You can sign up for the newsletter below!

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About Me

Hi, I’m Amanda. Thanks for visiting my page!

I was born & raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. I lived there for 30 years of my life, and always dreamed of warmer winters, mountains & palm trees, and life outside of what I always knew. 

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